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Top 10 Reasons To Quit Tobacco And Smoke Pure Marijuana

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Smoking cannabis with tobacco is an extremely popular method of use, especially in certain European countries. Whilst some purists may balk at the idea of tainting their experience with tobacco, many seem to enjoy the flavour and/or the longevity it can add to your roll up. However, smoking tobacco with your weed has a lot of drawbacks, all of which are easily avoidable without its use.

Mixing marijuana with tobacco has a long tradition in Europe. In the 60's and 70's it was almost impossible to get something different than hashish in European countries, so smokers crumbled it in their cigarettes, otherwise it would not burn well. This would go on to become the famous spliff (a joint with tobacco and weed in it) everyone in Europe seems to smoke.

On the other hand, users in the U.S. or Canada always had a great supply of high-grade flowers to smoke in a pure joint. These instances remain a reality to this point in time, with the difference that Europe now has a much greater supply with good marijuana, yet still mixing tobacco with it. But what are the arguments that make the European consumers - even the medical ones - keeping such a bad habit? What could be said to have them change their mind? Why is it possibly a risk on a vaster scale?

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Our Top 10 Reasons To Get Rid Of Your Tobacco And Smoke Pure Marijuana

Using tobacco is a nasty habit, here are 10 good reason to stop.

10. Get Your Mojo Back

This first point only really applies men. One of the powerful messages you can send men, especially younger men, is that smoking tobacco greatly increases the risk of impotence. Smoking tobacco affects the blood vessels, making it harder for them to dilate - including those responsible for causing an erection. This, understandably, makes it hard for the body to get it up and maintain it. If this sounds like a struggle you have, and you use tobacco with your weed, giving it up can put that spring back into your step (and your unmentionables).

9. Your Skin Will Thank You

Reasons To Quit Tobacco: Your Skin

Smoking tobacco regularly, whether it is alone or with cannabis, changes the very biochemical nature of your skin. For example, using tobacco can deprive the cells in your skin of the oxygen they need to perform their processes efficiently. This causes the aging process to speed up, leaving smokers with unhealthy, and often wrinkly leathery skin well before their time. If you stop using tobacco, this ceases to be an issue. 

8. You Will Sleep Better

Research1 from John Hopkins University found that people who used tobacco were four times more likely to have a bad night’s sleep compared to a non-tobacco user. It was thought that this was likely a result of nicotine withdrawals. Quitting tobacco use when smoking cannabis, and getting over the nicotine withdrawals, will leave your body in a much better condition to get a good night’s sleep, as cannabis doesn’t contain nicotine.

 Quitting tobacco use when smoking cannabis will leave your body in a much better condition to get a good night’s sleep.

7. Your Sense Of Taste And Smell Will Improve

Reasons To Quit Tobacco: Your Sense Of Taste And Smell

Smoking gradually worsens sense of smell, and through it, taste. This makes it hard to pick up on for tobacco users, but they may eventually notice that food becomes lacklustre, missing the flavours and aromas they remember it having. Whilst this onset is gradual, once tobacco use is properly halted, this sense of taste and smell comes back in one go!

6. No More Stained Teeth (Or Hands)

Tobacco smoke is full of shit. There is no dispute about this. One side effects of such smoke is yellow staining – usually the teeth, hands and fingernails. Whilst quitting the use of tobacco with your weed won’t be an immediate fix, it will allow the build up to stop. This will help the skin and nails to go back to normal with time, as well as your teeth with more time and possible intervention. This is not a problem with pure weed, as it does not contain the plethora of chemicals and toxins that are responsible.

5. You Will Stop Smelling Like An Ashtray

Reasons To Quit Tobacco: Smelling Like An Ashtray

People who use tobacco often tend to have that distinct ashtray smell about them. It is horrible. This is because the chemicals tobacco contains linger in its smoke, causing it to seep into your hair and clothing.

4. Drop The Addiction

Tobacco causes addiction, and we mean proper full-on physiological addiction. This is thanks to nicotine, a stimulant that digs its claws into your body. Cannabis on the other hand, despite fearmongering, is not physiologically addictive. In some cases it is possible to form a mild psychological dependence on cannabis, but this is nowhere near the same thing, and is extremely rare. 

By dropping tobacco out of your high, you can get rid of the constant need and unhealthy reliance tobacco creates.

3. A Much Lower Risk Of Lung Cancer

It is well established that tobacco smoke greatly increases the risk of lung cancer, often being a direct cause. This risk still persists whilst used in conjunction with cannabis, so you are best just not using it. You may think that smoking is smoking, and that you still run a risk with pure cannabis. But the difference in risk is staggering. There is even research to suggest that potential protective properties of cannabis prevent it from increasing the risk of lung cancer, and that it there is no link between long term cannabis use and adverse lung heath.

2. Leaving Tobacco Behind Could Save You Money

Reasons To Quit Tobacco: Save Money

This point is more for those who also smoke pure tobacco. Thanks to the addiction, smoking tobacco can be a costly habit.  It is not unusual for a regular tobacco smoker to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day (or the equivalent). Depending on where you live in the EU, this can be quite expensive! Just think of the money you could save if you stopped using it. This money could be used elsewhere… like getting more weed!

1. You Will Live Longer

Despite being extremely obvious, this has got to be the best point. Tobacco smoke hurts your health in so many ways (more than listed here). By halting its use whenever you roll up your weed, you save your entire body all kinds of stress, disease, and potential problems. If you stop using tobacco, you stop cutting your life short. Simple.

Please, it is never too late to ditch the tobacco in your joints (or other consumption methods)! Like we saw, you put your own health in great hazard. Don't make this wrong decision anymore and embrace a plant that can do wonders on its own! 


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