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100% mycelium Grow kits grow Instructions

Magic Mushroom grow kit  

Follow these instructions carefully and you will be rewarded with an amazing amount of mushrooms.

These kits are 100% pure mycelium for the biggest possible yields. And these kits need no soaking to produce the first flush - they are 100% ready to grow and all you need to add is a little patience and maybe mist the kit once per day. The holes in the grow bag ensure better air circulation and a healthy grow - love is like oxygen ...

Take the Supa Gro box out of the cardboard package. First steps (again, do NOT submerge the kit or do anything else with it - the Supa Gro kits are 100% ready to grow).

We highly recommend NOT to use any aluminium foil to grow your mushrooms. This isn't necessary at all.

Deksel Grow kit  


Remove the lid and wash the lid under running water and save it. You will need it for the later flushes.

Magic Mushroom groei zak  


Put the Supa Gro box in the “Supa Bag”. Make sure the bag is standing straight up and that the opening of the bag is pointing upwards. The bag serves as a micro climate container and does not need any air filters because the Supa Gro kits actually really need to breathe to achieve the best results!

Paperclip Magic Mushroom grow kit  


Close the Supa Bag with the paperclips.

Magic Mushroom placing  


Place in daylight 18°C -28°C. Don’t place in direct sunlight!
Now put the complete kit inside the bag in a bright place - in daylight, but never in direct sunlight.Choose a warm place for the kit. 18°C is absolutely the minimum and 28°C is the absolute maximum. 23 degrees Celsius is the perfect temperature. Indirect sunlight is the ideal lighting to grow mushrooms.

Spray Magic Mushroom grow kit  


Mushrooms contain a high amount of water and to produce their fruits, the mushrooms need an ample amount of water, so it is a very good idea to use your spray bottle to provide some humidity - do NOT spray on the cake or developing mushrooms directly, but spray the inner side of the grow bag with a few sprays every day.

Mushrooms are very robust creatures, but we highly recommend to start the growing process instantly after receiving your kit. If you need to store a kit (not recommended), you can put it in the refrigerator - at 4-8°C. The box can be preserved for a maximum of 3 to 4 weeks. Important: store the box in an air sealed plastic bag to prevent contamination.

Fruiting process

These grow kits are unusually fast and the first pinheads will start to show up after only 5-16 days. Very low/high temperatures slow down the fruiting process and the first flush could take up to four weeks to develop. Once the first caps have shown up, it takes about a week for the mushrooms to fully develop.


Working with mushroom kits requires cleanliness, so always wash your hands (and forearms, you never know) before plucking the crop - be meticulous, use soap, disinfectant gel and sterile gloves to prevent contamination. The best moment to pick the mushrooms is just a second before the veil tears - grab them at the very bottom and gently twist and pull to detach the fruit from the cake, do not pull it out as that would only cause harm to the mycelium and slow down the next flush. Treat these heavenly ambassadors with respect. After picking, the stems of the mushrooms will show a bluish hue - that is the first sign of oxidizing Psilocybin and evidence of the potency of the Flesh of the Gods.

But that’s not all

These kits produce several flushes. After the first flush, the substrate is not exhausted, but needs fresh water to produce the next flush. In order to provide it, fill the cultivation box with water (very cold, from the tap - this is called “cold-shock” and stimulates the mycelium) and put the lid back on (we told you to keep it). Keep the brick submersed for 12 hours and then open one corner of the lid to pour out the excess water - after the pouring, give it another 10 seconds to really drain. And then you start over ... put the box in the bag, spray daily etc until the next flush and then repeat the steps for flush 3 and 4 and so on.

Scope of delivery


You need

  • Supa Gro 100% mycelium kit with 1200ml of 100% colonized substrate.
  • Special plastic “Supa Bag” with ventilation holes for superb grow results.
  • Paperclips.
  • Spray bottle.
  • Clean tap water or mineral water.
  • A bright place or fluorescent or luminescent light to put the kit (not in direct sunlight).
  • A temperature between 18°C and 28°C (23°C is optimal).
  • Relative humidity of between 85% to 95%.
  • A little patience.


Do NOT breathe into the bag and always wash your hands thoroughly before you work with your kits - mold is everywhere and you don’t want to lose your heavenly crop to a malicious and demonic intruder - green mold will ruin the whole kitMagic Mushroom heat mat