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How to relax

In this small guide we'll show you ways to relax and restore passion and joy in your life. Relaxation is equal to health and the feeling of well-being and if you know how to relax, you can avoid depression, illness and weight gain (or loss!). And not to forget - a relaxed mind is fearless.

While some stress is good for us - it helps focus on something, increases excitement and motivation - it is important to find the right balance. Recognize bad stress and avoid it - don't jam-pack your daily agenda and if something goes wrong, be easy about it.

Reserve the right to have time to relax - you know the daily in and out puts you under stress, so take your time to mentally "rinse off" the 9-to-5 routine and all those busy things you do.

Eat healthy - a well balanced nutrition makes you feel healthy and balanced, plus, it avoids fluctuations of the blood sugar and hence prevents stress and anxiety.

Move your body regularly - frequent exercise is a scientifically proven way to reduce and overcome stress much easier.

Be positive, think positive - find something good about the situation you are in and make the best of it instead of tossing bad thoughts.

Organize your day - write down what's on the agenda for the day and sort the tasks by priority. The more productively your day, the more time you'll have to relax.

Meditate - close your eyes and let all thoughts and emotions fade into no-where while you concentrate on breathing. Focus on your whole body and try to relax the whole human rig. We are not saying it is easy, but once you got into it you'll realize the value of meditation.

Enjoy animal company - animals know no guilt and never judge you by your look; a brilliant way to avoid stress. Cuddling and playing with your pet is a genuine therapy and is perfect for relaxing your mind. Another good idea is learning how your pet relaxes.

Dissociate from stressed folks - mentally shield yourself with a visualization technique, in which you imagine that you are immune to the negative vibes of the stressed people around you. Watch and realize how their attitudes and behavior distresses them, but refuse to join them in their wrong-doing.

Disconnect from anger - shut down the PC, put the phone down, take a walk. Stress and anger are no good counselors and decisions made in anger are usually the wrong ones. So, before you make an instantaneous reply or wrongful decision, relax and sleep over it.

Hugs are free and relaxing - welcome and say goodbye to your friends with a hug. Hugs are a very positive way to provide a caring touch and both hugging and being hugged reduces stress and promotes relaxation. Reaching out to someone who looks down can save a life!

Seperate from stressy friends - friends should not tap your energy but help you refill your fuel tank. It can be challenging to find the right ones but people who constantly steal your nerves or are always late will put you under stress. Sometimes it is better to move on...

Connect to the right people - positively-thinking and joyous people that are on your wave-length can broaden your capacities enormously and will make you feel more happy and relaxed.

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