Prickly Poppy (Argemone mexicana)


Little is known about the effects of the Mexican prickly poppy but the seeds are said to have a similar effect as cannabis. The dried herb, flowers and the latex juice from the plant are also reputed to have narcotic effects. In Mexico, the dried plant is sometimes used for its aphrodisiac and euphoriant effects.

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The Mexican prickly poppy (flowering thistle, cardo or cardosanto as the Spanish call it) is a plant that is native to the American tropics but is now found throughout the world. It also grows in tropical Africa as well as in India and Nepal. The extremely hardy plant develops bright yellow flowers and produces yellow latex.


It is very easy to grow the Mexican prickly poppy from seed. Simply disperse some seeds onto soil or plant them into flowerpots in the spring. While the Mexican prickly poppy is not a particular picky plant, it prefers a light, well-draining soil. However, when the plant gets sufficient sunlight, it can adapt to almost any type of growing environment. It grows well in tropical, moist and hot climates as well as in dry, subtropical or moderate conditions.

Shredded: 80 grams


Reviews (8)

    très bon produit!!! j'attend le retour de se produit dans les stock de commande pour ma futur l'livraison. Merci de renouvelait se produit dans stock prochainement.


    argemone mexicana
    prodotto niente male, piacevole come ingrediente herbal blend anche se dagli effetti blandi. Ne ho usato una parte per fare una tintura (al momento ancora in fase di macerazione)


    Subtil mais très agréable !
    C'est sur que si vous êtes habitué au cannabis et que vous recherchez des effets similaires ce produit vous décevra certainement. Par contre c'est un très bon produit . Personnellement je le trouve très relaxant ,assez subtil et léger quand même mais efficace . Je ne l'ai pas acheter pour la défonce mais pour me détendre et c'est parfait . Souvent les personnes déçues cherchent à prendre une claque avec un produit . Moi il marche bien , j'avais presque envie de dormir en l'essayant Ayant une addictions aux médicaments antalgiques ( antidouleurs ,morphiniques ) à très fortes doses et ne supportant pas le cannabis qui me fait des montées d'angoisse ce produit à l'air très bien.Du peut que j'ai essayé je suis assez satisfaite. Je pense que ça peut être un bon traitement pour les insomnies . Après ça dépend de l'expérience de chaque personne . Puis j'aime beaucoup le goût aussi que je trouve délicieux


    non mi piace
    ho provato a fumarlo ma non lo trovo di mio gradimento


    Good quality material - but not safe to smoke as it's 'prickly'
    I bought this as I'd heard it was a good smoking alternative to cannabis. It is!! the effects smoked are very relaxing physically. It also tastes amazing. However it is full have sharp prickly spines. You do not want to inhale these they will damage your lungs. So then that leaves making a tea - but the tiny spines get through most filters.... So to use this you need to make an extract and then filter through a coffee filter. More work than I was expecting, - but the clue is in the name I guess. Top quality material however. A fairly small amount smoked (1 dynavap cap-worth) had the effect I was looking for, but don't smoke this stuff.


    Aucun effet !
    J'ai essayé ce produit en le fumant mais aucun effet, je suis déçu car je pensais que ça ressemblerait au cannabis... Je ne recommande donc pas...


    It stings when you touch it
    I tried smoking these leafs but not much effect, my friend also smoked them and had no effects


    As a tea it did not work for me, but letting it ripe in high procentage alcohol for a few weeks it has a nice relxing and sleeping deeping efeekt on , wish i could make more Thanks for the offer

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Prickly Poppy (Argemone mexicana)
Prickly Poppy (Argemone mexicana)