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Much European knowledge of medicinal plants has been stamped out in the last century—but not all of it. When you’re looking to swap your thrills for chills, these traditional herbal relaxants will shift you down a few gears, without leaving you feeling chemically lobotomised.

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Palo Santo Incense Sticks (Wild Berry)

This 2oz pack of sustainably harvested Palo Santo (Holy Wood) incense sticks is the perfect way to give your home a delicious, calming scent. Whether you want to use them ritualistically or just like the smell, these sticks from Wild Berry should be your go-to! One pack should last even the most voracious Palo Santo lovers a good deal of time, so buy them now.

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Kava Extract 30% (Nine Mile Botanicals)

Made from the tropical Piper methysticum plant native to the South Pacific, Kava Extract 30% has ties to traditional social rituals. In more modern times, it has been harnessed for a variety of purposes. Kava Extract 30% is available in capsule form and is easy to slot into your everyday life.

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KFusion - Kratom & Kava Drink (Zion Herbals)

Stay cool, calm, and collected with this blend of kava and kratom. Carefully crafted by Zion Herbals, KFusion combines 40mg of mytraginine and 60mg of kavalactones in a delicious 2 fl oz drink. Perfect for soothing the body and mind without feeling lethargic or intoxicated, KFusion can be enjoyed at all times of the day and is all-natural, alcohol-free, and extra tasty.

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