Talk to anyone about how to relieve a hangover and you'll be open to all sorts of myths, old wives' tales and hit and miss homemade remedies. Save yourself the hassle and pick up Recover-E. Designed by the team at Happy Caps, these capsules are full of everything to get you back on your feet in no time at all. Keep them nearby and benefit from their effects at the time you need it most.

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Happy Caps - Recover-E: Effortless Hangover Relief When You Need It Most

Maybe had a couple too many last night? Not feeling your usual self after a heavy evening of partying? We've all been there; waking up in the morning after overindulging can be a rough experience. However, the days of over-suffering from a hangover are soon to be a thing of the past, as there's a potential boost to be found in Recover-E. From the team at Happy Caps comes a discreet and easy way to give yourself a little “pick me up” and get yourself back on track for the day.

Easy to swallow, each packet contains 4 capsules. This is enough for 1 dose teeming with all the right things to get you back on your feet the morning after the night before. Recover-E contains high choline levels, a beneficial nutrient that promotes liver function—hugely important after a night of drinking. Recover-E also combines calcium and magnesium, two minerals that have the potential ability to not only relieve a headache but also regulate fluid levels in the body, allowing you to feel a little more hydrated as you begin to recover. Lastly, with the addition of dandelion root, Betula pendula and l-ornithine, as well as some further helpings of vitamins C, D and B12, Recover-E will make your hangover more manageable in no time at all.

Taking Recover-E is easy. Simply take two capsules with a glass of water before your night of partying, and 2 after the night is over. Your hangover symptoms should be a lot less or maybe even non-existing the next morning. The potential relief will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. No need to wallow under the covers any more!

Of course, Recover-E should be taken alongside maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. Those taking additional supplements or medication may wish to consult a medical professional before taking. Store your capsules in a cool, dark place to ensure that they'll be ready when you feel the need to reach for them.

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Reviews (23)
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    Les lendemain des soirées sont vraiment moins cool avec ce produit. Je recommande

    S. H.

    Sorprendente eficaz
    Tomé una al volver de una larga tarde de cerveceo y únicamente tuve algo de acidez de estómago durante la noche.

    I. A.

    Sehr gut, wenn man keinen Kater will
    Die Dinger tun genau das, was sie sollen. Wenn man sie brav gemäß der Anleitung nimmt, dann gehört der nächste Tag dir und nicht dem Alkohol Kater

    P. T.

    Good for recovery

    B. S.

    Post sbornia
    Non fa i miracoli ma ti riprende davvero, non pensavo!

    M. T.

    I'm happy these exist, they work so well.

    H. B.


    A. D.

    nice product
    liked this one

    J. B.

    Nice efekt

    S. S.

    Felt great after my party-e

    M. C.

    Quoi dire de plus? Ça marche! A prendre des les premiers symptômes ^^

    S. C.

    Concept is good
    New year, did not drink much, but never know. Good to have.

    J. J.

    Great option !
    Very good option for hangovers. No more headaches and stomachache

    J. O.

    Kein Hangover
    Was soll ich sagen, man weiß nicht wie es ohne gewäsen wäre, aber mit gab es keinen Kater und konnte gleich wieder nachlegen

    R. A.

    good deal
    Works great and healthy product

    C. G.

    I was a bit skeptic, but they do work!
    very satisfied with these capsules, they helped me to recover almost instantly from a long music festival. will get them again soon.

    C. L.

    Good products
    I worked well for me

    A. P.

    Very good
    Treats hangovers quite nicely

    T. E.

    Funktioniert - Allerdings relativ teuer!
    Im Vergleich zu "After-D" ziemlich überteuert

    J. K.

    Fixes my hangover quite quickly

    J. D.
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