Microdosing LSD May Alleviate Depression

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Microdosing LSD May Alleviate Depression

Microdosing LSD is still not fully understood, yet it has been shown to have all kinds of positive effects. The latest suggested is the ability to help fight against depression.

There is a current trend of research exploring the relationship between psychedelics and depression, and how the former can help treat the latter. You only need to look back at our blog posts over the last couple of months to notice an increasing number of new studies finding positive results in the battle against this mental health problem.

It is something also noted by James Fadiman, a psychologist with a reputation for exploring the therapeutic potentials of psychedelic drugs. In his book, The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide he outlines how microdosing LSD could be the answer we have been looking for.


Microdosing LSD involves taking a dose that is around a tenth of the usual, so roughly ten micrograms. This is not enough to trip on, and users should not notice any psychedelic changes in perception. However, there certainly are subtle changes. Microdosing has been attributed with increased physical performance, enhanced problem solving, improved learning, and a better sense of overall wellbeing. Fadiman explains it well:

“People do it and they're eating better, sleeping better, they're often returning to exercise or yoga or meditation. It's as if messages are passing through their body more easily.”

And this at its essence appears to be the benefit. Everything just seems to function more smoothly when microdosing.

To investigate the area further, Fadiman reached out to the psychonaut community. He sent out microdosing instructions to those who were interested and asked them to document how it affected their lives. Obviously, he did not supply the LSD - that was on the volunteers to acquire. To much delight, Fadiman received hundreds of responses, and while they took a long time to analyse, he concluded the impact of microdosing on such conditions as depression was overwhelmingly positive.

“This is total guesswork, but so many different conditions that I've seen are improved, it looks like it rebalances those pistons which are not in balance. […] This may be in your central nervous system, it may be the brain stem, it may be that it's improving function of mitochondria.”

Of the hundreds of reports returned, only five outlined a negative experience of any kind.


To start, we must stress that this work is not considered scientific evidence, and is neither clinical or peer reviewed in nature. As such, self-medicating is still considered risky, and is not encouraged. However, the findings of the research show a need to explore how microdosing LSD affects the brain. As Fadiman said, he isn’t sure what is being affected, only that something is. We need to find out what. Of course, other scientists are already on it, and peer reviewed research is being conducted. A great example is the Beckley Foundation, who are actively exploring the medical potential of psychedelics.

What is really interesting is just how much of a general booster microdosed LSD seems to be. Now that research into the area has started, we are sure it won’t be long before more light is shed on the potentials.



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