Combating Cluster Headaches With Tryptamines
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Combating Cluster Headaches With Tryptamines

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The utilization of tryptamines to fight cluster headache may seem extreme, but extreme problems require extreme solutions and the agony induced by cluster headache IS extreme and some "clusterheads" c

Before we get to the article, a word of precaution; please be advised that tryptamines are very powerful and can, at higher doses, cause hallucinations and other altered sensory feedback signals and should be approached with caution. Do not use tryptamines if you are pregnant or nursing, if you suffer from mental predisposition(s) or have cases of mental illness running in the family or if you are taking other medications. Tryptamines have both physiological and psychological effects and should never be taken without consulting a doctor (we are no doctors and can not offer any medical advice) prior to use. And sadly, tryptamines are banned in almost any country around the globe - we do not encourage illegal activities, but ... there are natural sources of tryptamines, e.g. magic mushrooms (psilocin, psilocybin) and Hawaiian woodrose (LSA).

The utilization of tryptamines to fight cluster headache may seem extreme, but extreme problems require extreme solutions and the agony induced by cluster headache IS extreme and some "clusterheads" call this unbearable pain "the Beast" (it is also called suicide headache and is the worst headache or pain of any kind, known to medicine - just to give you an idea what kind of degree of pain we are talking about).

Many cluster headache sufferers have found out that small (subliminal, not intended to induce hallucinations) doses of the hallucinogenic tryptamine psilocybin can prevent or end an attack or cycle of the Beast. Other treatments to prevent attacks, such as Steroids, Lithium and Verapamil, vary in effectiveness and side effects and although tryptamines have their dangers too, the Clusterbusters organization believes that they are better than those prescription pharmaceuticals, because tryptamines appear to be more effective for preventive use and rival the safety and effectiveness of oxygen in ending attacks while causing fewer side effects. LSD is also very effective and a non-hallucinogenic relative of it is currently undergoing further and already promising research.


Unfortunately, some cluster medications can increase the effects of the tryptamines in an unpredictable way while many others can interfere with the effectiveness of tryptamines, such as triptans (e.g. Imitrex) and steroids (e.g. Prednisone), which makes it necessary to undergo a period of detoxification to cleanse the body from those substances prior to the tryptamine therapy. Again, consult your doctor and get professional medical advice before considering such steps. He will help you find an alternative and will very likely recommend various effective treatments for attacks during this period, as there are physical coping techniques (ice cold shower, hot showers, extensive hard exercise or ice packs) and other emergency treatments such as large amounts of coffee or energy drinks with taurine or caffeine or inhaling high levels of oxygen through a non-rebreather mask.


The goal of using tryptamines is to achieve the maximum relief from the cluster headache with a minimum of psychedelic side-effects. Cluster headache sufferers use them for both ending an attack or cycle and for preventing (expected) attacks or cycles. Some have found out they can combat the Beast by taking a few small doses before it is unleashed; this can completely stop a cycle before it starts or at least greatly lessen the pain. Others take small doses of LSA or psilocybin every five days to stop a cycle that has already begun.


The effect of tryptamines can be surprisingly fast and complete at first, but it is not over until it is over. Many feel an immediate relief within a few hours or a day or two, but the cluster headache returns and those "slap-backs" can be more severe or lighter attacks in regards to both the pain level and length. This can happen for a few times but finally they fade. You can refer to the alternative treatments to cope with these slap-backs. If the symptoms continue or gradually return another dose is needed; some need only two or three doses to end a cycle whereas others may need to repeat a dose every week or two, while gradually stretching the time between the cycles. Again, people are different and one may be painless for years after a few or just one dose while the other feels no relief even after a strong dose.


Small doses of tryptamines can achieve maximum relief with little to none side-effects at all. But tryptamines are very potent and a moderate dose can induce a high as if you had a couple of beers, but with different effects than an alcohol high. Some cluster headache sufferers reported drowsiness when using LSA to fight back the Beast (while some reported no side-effects). Every person is different and natural sources of tryptamines vary in potency, so always approach these substances with extra precaution.


So far no-one knows how and why tryptamines, taken in such small doses and in weekly intervals, can overcome such massive pain. It is speculated that their blood vessel constricting characteristic or how their indole-ring molecule of tryptamines fits into the serontonin receptors play a role in combating the Beast, but this is serious neurology and there is still much to be learned and further research is in the works.


Reports from users in Internet discussion groups and information collected from Internet survey forms show that over 80% of them experienced significant relief from their pain. These anecdotal reports have been reviewed and reported to the National Headache Foundation Research Summit by Dr. John Halpern and Dr. Andrew Sewell in 2006. Their case review study was later published in the magazine "Neurology" and shows that 75% of the episodic sufferers and 67% of the chronic cluster headache sufferers reported a significant relief.


As already mentioned in the introduction, tryptamines are illegal in almost any country around the globe, no matter for what purpose you may use them. LSD is an illicit substance everywhere and for anything. Ayahuasca and other DMT concoctions are illegal as well, except you belong to certain religions. Buying from a drug dealer in the street is no real option because it is not only illegal, but also dangerous because you never know the quality and/or potency of the acquired product (besides, drug dealers are not the most trustworthy people and might rip you off). There are other ways to obtain tryptamines, e.g. by purchasing LSA seeds or magic mushrooms grow kits, but those are illegal to eat, respectively to grow, too. Bottom-line: You are better off using them wisely and in all secrecy and never without consulting your doctor first.


Written by: Zamnesia
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