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With our Magic Mushroom Grow Kits from Supa Gro (100% Mycelium Kits) you'll be able to grow Fresh Magic Mushrooms at home within just a few weeks. Currently we offer 18 different Magic Mushroom Grow Kits of the Psilocybe cubensis mushroom (also known as 'The Mexican') from Supa Gro. These 100% mycelium magic mushroom grow kits of the Psilocybe cubensis contain 1.2 liter of 100% pure mycelium and will guarantee an enormous harvest of fresh magic mushrooms. Together with the Mycelium Kit you will receive a 'Supa Gro Bag' for the ultimate growing conditions. We’re not sure what coloured fingers you need (probably not green), but anyone can get a fantastic harvest of Magic Mushrooms with these grow kits. The kits contain everything you need – just add water and wait...

Supa Gro Magic Mushroom Grow Kits

Supa Gro Kits

Cultivating magic mushrooms at home has always been somewhat of a challenge. Even the "easy" do-it-yourself mushroom kits required a filtration system, incubator and a ton of patience. As our understanding of magic mushrooms and the science behind their cultivation has grown, so has our ability to craft them at home, without the complicated set-ups we once depended on.

Supa Gro is the very first and only company to offer 100% Pure Mycelium grow kits that are as easy as set-it-and-forget-it. Supa Gro magic mushroom grow kits are made from the finest quality grains and mineral rich lake water. By using only high quality natural ingredients, Supa Gro mycelium kits produce the highest quality magic mushrooms, without the hassle of complicated filters or a terrarium. With a Supa Gro 100% Mycelium magic mushroom grow kit, all you need is the growbox, the included ventilated bag and two paperclips. Cultivating mushrooms has never been this simple.


Penis Envy Supa Gro

Mankind's use of magic mushrooms goes back over 10,000 years. The use of magic mushrooms was depicted on cave paintings first found in northern Africa and then throughout Central and South America. They have been used in spiritual ceremonies and for inner reflection in various cultures on nearly every continent. Magic mushrooms are an intrinsic part of our human history. But over time, they have fallen out of favor and become harder to obtain than during previous historic eras when they were deemed more socially acceptable.

Magic mushrooms were thrust back into the public consciousness, however, in the 1950s when they were introduced to western society by mycologist R. Gordon Wasson. Wasson participated in a shamanistic ritual involving the consumption of psychedelic spores. His experience culminated in an article, 'Seeking the Magic Mushroom' which sparked widespread interest in this mysterious new phenomenon. This interest led to a new psychedelic revolution, fundamentally changing the way many people approached their own lives.

Prohibition in the 1970s criminalized possession of magic mushrooms and other psychedelics, forcing what was left of the revolution underground. The study of mushrooms and psychedelic spores was technically allowed, however, it took more than thirty years for universities and researchers to shake the stigma and really begin to understand what makes magic mushrooms so special. Today, the interest in exploring one's own consciousness through magic mushrooms has been renewed. Thankfully our understanding of how to produce high quality mushrooms at home has reached a point that now anyone who wants to grow their own can do just that.


Healthy Mycelium

The secret of Supa Gro's success is their use of extremely high quality mycelium. Mycelium is derived from the Greek, which means “more than one.” It is a reference to the individual thread-like body of a fungus. It is this fungal spore that grows into magic mushrooms. The cap formation that is usually associated with mushrooms is actually the blooming flower of the organism. Much like plants, mushroom blooms are seasonal. When the mushroom flowers, the underside of the cap is rich with fungal spores that are dropped, picked up by the wind, and spread to new environments. This is the mushroom's cycle of life.

To grow the best quality mushrooms, you need to start with quality mycelium whose growth is fostered in the best substrate possible. Mycelium require a medium to thrive, much like the root system of a plant requires soil. Supa Gro uses a blend of the highest quality grains available which provides a solid nutrient base. Depending on the season, Supa Gro uses a different mixture of grains to simulate the natural environment of the mycelium all year round. While other mushroom grow kits utilize complicated filters and other components to protect the mycelium from outside contaminants, Supa Gro decided to take a different approach. Supa Gro developed a simple system that focused on creating healthy mycelium that have the ability to fight off unnecessary contaminants and protect itself naturally. This approach resulted in a simple technique of cultivation that yields big harvests without any unwanted hassles.


All of Supa Gro's 100% mycelium mushroom grow kits are prepared in the same manner. When you receive your kit, it will include your growbox with mycelium, one venting holes growbag, and two paperclips. That's all you will need to grow quality magic mushrooms at home. Before you get started, make sure your preparation area is clean and you are gloved up to avoid contamination. Take the lid off of the growbox. There's no need to add any water. Supa Gro mushroom do not need to be soaked before your first flush.

Next you're going to place the growbox into the ventilated bag with the venting holes up. Fold the top of the bag over and clasp the fold in place with the two paperclips. Make sure the venting holes are unobstructed for maximum ventilation. All you have to do now is place the closed bag into a clean bright space, avoiding direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will push your temperatures outside the desired range of 18 to 28 degrees C. If you can, keep your growbox temperatures as close to 23 degrees C as you can.

Mushrooms will begin to appear within a few days. When they do, you'll want to start spraying clean water onto the inside the bag, making sure to avoid wetting your mushrooms or substrate. Within one to two weeks, your mushroom's will open their hats, indicating they are ready for harvest. Pick your mushrooms as soon as you can. Waiting too long will cause your substrate to turn black. Once you've harvested your mushrooms, fill your growbox with water and place the lid back on it. Store it in your refrigerator for 12 hours before taking the lid back off and pouring out the excess water. Once you've done that you're free to repeat the process until the substrate runs out.


Supa Gro offers over 20 varieties of 100% pure mycelium, all cultivated using the same simple method. Supa Gro magic mushroom grow kits ship worldwide and can provide as many as five flushes per growbox. All of Supa Gro's grow kits are made from the same high quality ingredients including fresh mineral rich water and high quality seasonal grains. Supa Gro believes that everything maters when it comes to production, including the quality of the air at their manufacturing facility which lies 1200 meters above sea level in a clean ecological environment. While all of Supa Gro's products benefit from care that goes into manufacturing, some of their products are hard for them to keep in stock. Some of their best sellers include:

Supa Gro Magic Mushroom

Super Gro Hawaiian – Also known as PES Hawaiian, known to produce large fleshy caps. Often this grow kit will produce fruits larger than 30cm. Supa Gro Hawaiian is definitely a favorite among cultivators everywhere.

Supa Gro Mexican – The Mexican grow kit is the most famous and widely known exotic mushroom kit. Known as the “Flesh of the Gods” by the ancient South American shaman who first consumed these in rituals, this Mexican variety of magic mushroom will take you on a journey to the highest heights.

Supa Gro Albino A+ - Albino A+, aka AA+is a mutation of the original A strain that has reduced pigment as opposed to being a true albino. Albino A+ grow best in a sub-tropical climate. These take a little longer to for caps to bloom, so it is recommended that these kits be used by experienced growers only.

Supa Gro Golden Teacher - Golden Teacher has been popular since its inception in the late 1980s. Dubbed Golden Teacher for the color of the its caps, your kit comes with 1200ml mycelium that will produce four to five batches of magic mushrooms.

Supa Gro Cambodian - The Cambodian mycelium grow kit is perfect for for those new to mushroom cultivation. These mushrooms were first found near the Angkor Wat temple, a short distance from the Mekong Delta in Southeast Asia.

Other strains from Supa Gro include Extreme XL, McKenaii, White Lightning, Koh Samui, and Panama. Each strain crafted by Supa Gro is made from the same high quality components and are specifically designed to induce a different experience.

Supa Gro has been producing high quality, easy to use 100% mycelium since 2009 and have garnered a reputation for quality and reliability. No longer do you need to mess with complicated grow kits that are not designed for ease of use. Supa Gro's mushroom grow kits have replaced traditional style kits on store shelves and at online retailers, making those older more complex systems obsolete. If growing the best magic mushrooms from quality ingredients is your goal, there's only one brand you need to know: Supa Gro.

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Magic Mushrooms

Grow your own Magic Mushrooms with these 100% Mycelium Kits by Supa Gro. All kits are filled with mycelium only and will guarantee a large harvest of fresh mushrooms. These kits are very easy to grow, but check out our Supa Gro 100% Instructions before you start.

Mushroom Heat Mat

Mushroom Heat Mat

Temperature is an important factor when growing mushrooms. Get the temperature right with our Mushroom Heat Mat!