Rapé Guayusa


Guayusa (or Huayusa) is a plant that is native to the rainforest. It can be found in the Amazonian basin and in Peru and in Ecuador. The powdered leaves are used as a snuff in Rapé preparations by shamans and healers of the rain forest. Guayusa has an energizing effect and induces lucid dreaming. The “Watchman’s Plant” keeps you aware that you are in a dream even when you are sleeping!

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Rapé Guayusa: Sacred Medicine From The Amazon

Guayusa leaves are sold in markets in Colombia and Ecuador. A tea made from the leaves is said to have aphrodisiac properties. The use of Guayusa leaves for shamanistic and ritual purposes goes back for thousands of years. Leaves have been discovered in ancient burial sites indicating the importance of this plant even in ancient times. Shamans of the rain forest are using the Guayusa leaves for rapé, which is a mind-altering mix of plants that is used as a snuff in ceremonies. It is also used with Ayahuasca to help ease bitterness and because it helps to stay awake during the ceremony and prevents hangover effects.

Guayusa powder is great for those people interested in shamanic dreaming. The effect is physical, energizing and helps induce lucid dreams. This explains the nickname for Guayusa, which is “Watchman’s Plant”: When you’re asleep and dreaming you are fully aware that you are in a dream!


The traditional way to take Rapé is the soplada where another person blows the powder into your nose. However, you can also take Rapé by yourself when you use a special wooden pipe called kuripe. For most people, the kuripe is probably the better option since they will then have better control over the dosage.


With the palm of your hand, take about a pea sized amount of the powdered Rapé Guayusa mix and put it into the nose end of the kuripe pipe. Tap the other end of the pipe on a hard surface to remove any air pockets or stuck Rapé powder.

Put the mouth end of the kuripe pipe into your mouth and the nose end of the pipe into one nostril. Close your eyes, lean forward a bit, and carefully blow the mixture into your nose.

If you want a higher dosage, simply refill the kuripe and then use your other nostril for the next dose. You can minimize the back dripping of the mixture when you slightly lean forward during and right after use.

Contains: Rapé Guayusa (5 grams) Ecuadorian Guayusa Powder

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Reviews (34)

    Livraison rapide, produit de qualité
    Livraison rapide, produit de qualité. La boite de 5 g fait 4 cm de diamètre. A ne pas confondre avec la taille d'une boite de cirage (lol).


    Excellent - but a little too expensive
    Excellent to clear your head, assist your exercise, enjoy after dinner. A great alternative to smoking.


    Muy bueno
    Muy bueno, la verdad.


    Va de maravilla
    Es un buen shot de silencio para la mente. Tómalo antes de dormir, soñarás lucido y por la mañana sus chackras terrenales están muy activos. Cada vez que lo tomé, al otro día mi pene estaba cargado de energía.


    Bon produit
    J'utilise ce rapé le soir (le kanna le matin) pour me détendre. Livraison discrète et rapide ! Merci Zamnesia !


    I didnt really like it the first time, it made me tear up, snot came out of my nose. It felt like it cleaned my head. The times after that it was very cleansing. Still with some tears but the feeling you get is very calm and clear. I would recommand.


    Very good
    If you like Kanna Rapé, you should try this for sure.


    Very good and intense snuff
    This snuff is really good quality and letting go of thoughts keeping you busy for a while. I like it and recommend buying.


    Ça va mais c était pas trop mon truc.mais ok


    el producte es perfecto

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Rapé Guayusa
Rapé Guayusa
Rapé Guayusa
Rapé Guayusa