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Outdoor Magic Mushroom CultivationThere is 1 product.

Zamnesia presents a unique product that many dabblers in mycology will get excited about - The Zamnesia Outdoor Cultivation Kit. With this kit, you are able to grow your own patch of magic mushrooms, outdoors, as nature intended! Cultivate your own Psilocybe Azurescens and discover its monstrous potency. Keep in mind that outdoor cultivation comes with a plethora of external factors and that success levels may therefore vary. Set up your personal patch, and let nature run its course!

Manual Outdoor Kit

Outdoor Cultivation Kit Instructions

Turn that unloved corner of your garden into a thriving magic mushroom patch with the Zamnesia Outdoor Cultivation Kit – with the potent Psilocybe azurescens included! It is a straightforward process, but we highly recommend giving our tailored Outdoor Cultivation Kit Instructions a read before you start, ensuring your patch has the best chance possible to create its magical harvest.