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Transform your firm, fat buds into smokable, fine-sifted herb material. We stock all the leading weed grinders in metal, acrylic, wood, and novelty varieties. Typically a two-section gizmo, a set of interconnecting teeth shred the bud when the top section is twisted. But grinders also come with 3 and even 4 compartments for an increasingly fine texture. Some grinders contain a crystal catcher for collecting resinous THC powder or "kief", which is traditionally pressed into hashish.

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Acrylic Grinder X (Zamnesia)

Are you in the market for a simple herb grinder that's durable and effective but won't break the bank? To celebrate 10 years of serving the community, we're launching this brand-new Acrylic Grinder, designed to be portable, reliable, and affordable, and featuring a sleek black design to celebrate our 10-year anniversary.

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Zamnesia Premium Grinder

The Premium Grinder By Zamnesia uses metal blades to swiftly process buds. The three-chamber piece features two collection chambers; one for flower and the other for kief.

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Metal Grinder Thorinder (50mm)

The Thorinder is made from super-strong anodized aluminum and stainless steel and comes in a casket. Its transparent top allows you to see exactly how finely you grind your herb. Cleaning tool included Available colors: Blue, green, orange, silver Size: 50mm

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Metal Grinder 24K Gold

The Metal Grinder 24K Gold with an ornate “gold bar” design might seem ostentatious, but this solid grinder with sieve and crystal catcher will help you turn even the most mundane bud into a luxurious treat. Simply twist the top to grind and never lose precious weed particles. Note to pirates: It's not real gold. Aarrr!

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Metal Grinder Klip (HØJ)

Looking for a herb grinder that perfectly slices your bud while preserving as many trichomes as possible? Then look no further. The Klip by HØJ might look like your average grinder, but it features a completely re-imagined cutting mechanism tailored to preserve the aromas, flavours, and effects unique to cannabis.

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Metal Grinder RQS (2 parts)

This Royal Queen Seeds Metal Grinder is a sturdy heavy duty herb grinder that comes apart in 2 parts. This top-notch aluminium grinder sure won’t have troubles if you want to grind even tough pieces to the finest powder. The lid comes in three available colours, red, green and blue.

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Metal Grinder Death Star

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away ... some genius had the idea to turn a regular metal grinder into a death star. The enlarged surface gives the user a better grip and thereby facilitates shredding of the herb of your choice or dried mushrooms. It has the shape of an ellipsoid. These grinders are selling faster than drinks at the Mos Eisley Cantina, so act fast!

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Metal Grinder RQS Pollinator (4 parts)

The Royal Queen Seeds Metal Grinder Pollinator is a top-quality 4-part grinder with excellent performance so you can grind any type of herb with ease. This heavy-duty grinder includes a practical filter and kief catcher so you can collect the best parts of your herb. Made from sturdy aluminium, the grinder comes in a polished silver design and features the Royal Queen Seeds logo on its lid.

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Grenade Grinder (3 parts)

Grenade Grinder- With Pin. This "rechargeable" hand grenade serves three purposes: grinding, sifting and stashing. This three parts metal grinder looks so innocent, no-one would think it's a grinder (or stash). It comes apart in the middle and reveals it's sharp teeth, making weed grinding an ease. The part below is a pollen chamber which collects the most precious part of your herbs.

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Kube 3.0 Grinder (Krush)

Ditch your old, plastic grinder and step into the big leagues with the Kube 3.0 by Krush Grinders. With its 3-piece aluminium construction and sleek design, the Kube 3.0 is the only grinder you'll ever need.

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OCB x Wakit Electric Grinder

Get your hands on the OCB x Wakit Electric Grinder, and completely change up your grinding game. Say "goodbye" to stiff manual milling devices and "hello" to a new breed of grinder. This electric grinder will make short work of any herb you place inside, thanks to patented ball and chain technology. All it takes is just a couple of taps on the cap, and you'll be met with some perfectly diced...

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King Skull Grinder (3 parts)

Sitting on the shelf, this will look like a bronze sculpture, but the inside reveals its real purpose. When you take the 3 parts apart, the grinding part becomes visible. It's also equipped with a pollen mesh to filter the most precious ingredients of your buds.

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Electric Herb Grinder Easyleaf

The hand-held electric herb grinder by Easyleaf uses a patented blade technology to separate the pollen material from the herb. Unscrew the lower cap (without rabbets), remove the blade-head and fill the grinder with your herb before putting the blade-head back in. Now screw the cap back on and point it downwards before turning the cap with the rabbets to turn the grinder on.

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Hexagonal Recycled Skateboard Grinder (Boardthing)

Looking for a unique grinder that'll tear through the densest nugs while helping you do your part for the environment? Look no further. Boardthing's Recycled Hexagonal Grinder is among the few recycled weed grinders on the market, made from 100% Canadian maple skateboards.

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Recycled Skateboard Grinder (Boardthing)

Cannabis and skateboarding have long been interconnected. Now, you can carry your passion for weed and skating in your pocket in the form of a grinder! Made from 100% recycled maple skateboards, these grinders are really something else. Not only are they a huge win for the environment, but they also do a great job of grinding up even the toughest, stickiest buds.

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Metal Grinder Classic Medium

Classic design; simple, milled steel available in a range of anodized finishes. Twist-operated, no nonsense, impossible to break – hell, it would probably stop a bullet. Not that you’ll be anywhere near bullets after smoking some of the powder-fine bud this grinder produces.

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Champ High Aluminium/Wood Grinder

Adding this 4-piece grinder to your collection will enhance the appearance and functionality of your smoking equipment. Gone are the days of plastic, single-chamber models.

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GR8TR Wooden Grinder With Jar (RYOT)

The GR8TR Wooden Grinder With Jar ups the ante when it comes to quality grinders. A sleek and streamlined design with fine milling action—thanks to premium wooden teeth—makes processing easy, and a connected jar makes short-term storage a breeze. On the go or at home, this grinder makes clean and easy work of preparing your buds for action.

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Metal Grinder Dutch Passion Pollinator

A 4-piece metal pollinator grinder by Dutch Passion. Just as with their cannabis seeds, Dutch Passion doesn't fool around with quality. This grinder is made from the best quality aluminium and will last a lifetime. The fine screen in the middle will sieve your cannabis, so your precious pollen are collected and saved.

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Zamnesia Acrylic Grinder

Our acrylic grinder is durable, lightweight, and simple to operate. It's ideal for use at home and on the road, and fellow Zamnesia growers will recognise our classic logo.

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Recycled Grinder (Royal Queen Seeds)

We could all use a little more sustainability in our lives. Why not start with your smoking accessories? The Recycled Grinder from Royal Queen Seeds utilises recovered materials to create a device that's bound to impress. Expect a high-quality mill that's perfect for smoking at home or on the go. Make the change to a sustainable grinder, and don't look back!

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Metal Grinder Black Leaf XXL

Size does matter! This out-sized four-parts CNC machined grinder by Black Leaf is the perfect choice if you want to prepare a "little" more weed. The lid slides on a nylon friction ring to allow for easy operation. It is anodized and has an etched "BL" logo on the lid. Comes with a velvet bag.

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Metal Grinder Thorinder Large

The Thorinder is built to last. It is precision-milled from super-strong aluminum and stainless steel and the anodized surface provides a high scratch resistance. Its clear lid allows you to see exactly how finely you grind your herb. Comes in a casket. Cleaning tool included Available colors: Blue, green, orange, silver

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The Grindervac combines a superbly performing grinder with a vacuum sealed container so you can keep your herbs fresh for a long time. It comes with an air-tight storage compartment in the cap and includes a TightPac poker so you can easily get all the grinds out. Made from super strong military grade plastic, the Grindervac grinds just about everything including herbs, spices, nuts and...

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Buy your perfect weed grinder at Zamnesia

Buy your perfect weed grinder at Zamnesia

As one of the main accessories in a stoner's toolbox, the grinder allows smokers and vape enthusiasts to mill their favourite strains to perfection. Grinders come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, and some are much more elaborate than others. Luckily, we're here to break it down so you can make an informed decision during your next grinder purchase.

Advantages of using a weed grinder

While you can sit and pull apart bud with your fingers, grinders make short work of the task, and they make for a more consistent and enjoyable smoke to boot. Not only are grinders completely portable and take just seconds to use, but many devices come with “pollen screens” to catch any kief that falls through. This can later be used to sprinkle atop bowls or joints, or to create hash. Nothing goes to waste!

Types of weed grinders

There are many different types of grinders available on the market. Typically, manual devices are favoured due to their long history and proven consistency. However, it's entirely possible to purchase electronic grinders that, with a simple press of a button, instantly mill your herb without the need for any physical input. 

Grinders can range from simple single-chamber devices to more advanced multi-chamber units. From here, they can vary dramatically in size, type of grinding “teeth”, and material. Everything from metal and wood to acrylic and hemp fibre is available, with pricing to suit.

The best cannabis grinder brands

Several prominent companies dominate the grinder game, including Marley Natural, which harnesses all-natural wood to create their grinders, and SLX, which utilises a non-stick coating on their devices to stop any wayward herb from clutching to the inside of the grinder. However, there are many unique and ergonomic offerings available from a wide variety of other top brands, such as Royal Queen Seeds and EHLE.

Weed grinders: questions & answers

❓ What is a weed grinder?
A weed grinder is a device used to mill cannabis buds into smaller, consistent grains that burn or vaporize evenly when added to bowls, wrapped up in joints or blunts, or vaped. Grinders are typically manual, but electronic versions also exist.
💯 What makes a good weed grinder?
While this is largely down to personal preference, a good weed grinder will be sturdy, portable, have a smooth action, and provide fine, evenly milled herb.
🧐 How to use a weed grinder?
Remove the lid of the grinder, exposing the teeth inside. Tear apart one or two buds and place the pieces inside the device. Place the lid back on top, and twist to grind. This will mill the herb inside; then, it'll be ready to use.
🪥 How to clean a weed grinder?
Be sure to keep your grinder clean after each use by brushing away the weed remnants and cleaning the teeth. A toothbrush should do the trick. For deep cleaning isopropyl alcohol will come in handy.
⬇️ Does weed lose potency after grinding?
No, grinding your weed doesn’t make it less potent. How your weed is stored has the greatest effect on its potency. Although, if you don’t have a kief catcher, you may miss out on some of the trichomes that become dislodged during the grinding process.
🔪 How fine should you grind weed?
You want to mill the herb small enough that it will distribute evenly throughout a joint or bowl, but not so small that air will struggle to move through. Conversely, large pieces will cause your joint to canoe, and take longer to heat in a vaporizer.
💰 How much is a grinder for weed?
Grinders vary in price from quite inexpensive, for the most basic devices, to somewhat pricey for more elaborate models. It's entirely possible to pick up a device that does the job well and won't break the bank, though if you want a grinder with a pollen screen and kief chamber, this may cost a bit extra.
🤢 Does weed go bad in a grinder?
Cannabis should be stored in an airtight container when not in use. If left in a grinder over an extended period, it may lose some potency and flavour, and it will become dry and harsh to smoke. And if, for whatever reason, it gets wet, there's the possibility it will grow mould. Try to avoid this at all costs!
⚖️ Is it illegal to have a weed grinder?
It is not illegal to own a weed grinder. In fact, grinders can also be used for tobacco or herbs and spices. Obviously, each country's laws differ, but as a rule of thumb, if your grinder doesn't have any weed in it, it doesn't run the risk of being “illegal”.
✈️ Can you take a weed grinder on the plane?
As mentioned above, as long as it is free from any cannabis remnants, you can safely travel with a grinder in your baggage. Just be sure to give it a thorough clean. However, it's undoubtedly worth carrying out research on the individual policies of the countries you're visiting so you're not caught out by stringent laws.

Get your perfect weed grinder at Zamnesia

Now that you know all there is about weed grinders, the only thing left to do is pick one up yourself. Whether you’re looking to buy a premium weed grinder for home use or something more inexpensive and portable, Zamnesia has multiple options to suit all preferences and budgets. These grinders will make short work of even the stickiest bud, and will support many smoking sessions to come.