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As an essential smoking accessory, where would we be without the humble grinder? Better still is the metal grinder. Sure, we could cut corners and go for the cheapest option available, but we'd only be doing ourselves and our herb a disservice. Available in a wide variety of styles, these grinders are guaranteed to make short work of your chosen strain. Zamnesia has some of the finest metal grinders around, created by some of the best cannabis accessory companies.

Metal grinders are robust, resilient, and can be transported with all of your other smoking accessories. With interlocking sections, metal grinders are easy to upkeep and maintain, as a simple brush will keep your grinder looking brand new for a long time to come. Stylish, efficient, and easy to use, metal grinders are ready to purchase in an array of configurations and functional designs to suit all needs. All come with plenty of distinct features to achieve the finest ground herb around.

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Metal Grinder Thorinder (50mm)

The Thorinder is made from super-strong anodized aluminum and stainless steel and comes in a casket. Its transparent top allows you to see exactly how finely you grind your herb. Cleaning tool included Available colors: Blue, green, orange, silver Size: 50mm

€ 34,95
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Metal Grinder 24K Gold

The Metal Grinder 24K Gold with an ornate “gold bar” design might seem ostentatious, but this solid grinder with sieve and crystal catcher will help you turn even the most mundane bud into a luxurious treat. Simply twist the top to grind and never lose precious weed particles. Note to pirates: It's not real gold. Aarrr!

€ 17,95
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Metal Grinder RQS (2 parts)

This Royal Queen Seeds Metal Grinder is a sturdy heavy duty herb grinder that comes apart in 2 parts. This top-notch aluminium grinder sure won’t have troubles if you want to grind even tough pieces to the finest powder. The lid comes in three available colours, red, green and blue.

€ 8,50
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Metal Grinder RQS Pollinator (4 parts)

The Royal Queen Seeds Metal Grinder Pollinator is a top-quality 4-part grinder with excellent performance so you can grind any type of herb with ease. This heavy-duty grinder includes a practical filter and kief catcher so you can collect the best parts of your herb. Made from sturdy aluminium, the grinder comes in a polished silver design and features the Royal Queen Seeds logo on its lid.

€ 15,00
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Grenade Grinder (3 parts)

Grenade Grinder- With Pin. This "rechargeable" hand grenade serves three purposes: grinding, sifting and stashing. This three parts metal grinder looks so innocent, no-one would think it's a grinder (or stash). It comes apart in the middle and reveals it's sharp teeth, making weed grinding an ease. The part below is a pollen chamber which collects the most precious part of your herbs.

€ 12,95
In stock

Kube 3.0 Grinder (Krush)

Ditch your old, plastic grinder and step into the big leagues with the Kube 3.0 by Krush Grinders. With its 3-piece aluminium construction and sleek design, the Kube 3.0 is the only grinder you'll ever need.

€ 79,95
In stock

King Skull Grinder (3 parts)

Sitting on the shelf, this will look like a bronze sculpture, but the inside reveals its real purpose. When you take the 3 parts apart, the grinding part becomes visible. It's also equipped with a pollen mesh to filter the most precious ingredients of your buds.

€ 12,95
In stock

Metal Grinder Dutch Passion Pollinator

A 4-piece metal pollinator grinder by Dutch Passion. Just as with their cannabis seeds, Dutch Passion doesn't fool around with quality. This grinder is made from the best quality aluminium and will last a lifetime. The fine screen in the middle will sieve your cannabis, so your precious pollen are collected and saved.

€ 22,50
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Metal Grinder Black Leaf XXL

Size does matter! This out-sized four-parts CNC machined grinder by Black Leaf is the perfect choice if you want to prepare a "little" more weed. The lid slides on a nylon friction ring to allow for easy operation. It is anodized and has an etched "BL" logo on the lid. Comes with a velvet bag.

€ 54,95
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Metal Grinder Thorinder Large

The Thorinder is built to last. It is precision-milled from super-strong aluminum and stainless steel and the anodized surface provides a high scratch resistance. Its clear lid allows you to see exactly how finely you grind your herb. Comes in a casket. Cleaning tool included Available colors: Blue, green, orange, silver

€ 49,50
In stock

Metal Grinder Black Leaf THC (4 parts)

This precision-machined 4-part anodized grinder has diamond-shaped sharp teeth to grind your buds. The nylon friction ring and knurled lid facilitate turning of the parts. The screen filters pollen dust which is collected in the bottom chamber. On top of the lid you will find the chemical formula of THC and Black Leaf’s logo on a white background. Height: 40mm - Diameter: 50mm - Color:...

€ 18,50
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Metal Grinder Black Leaf Stacked

This stacked precision-machined 4-part aluminum grinder from Black Leaf has sharp, diamond-shaped teeth to tear through your buds. The nylon friction ring facilitates turning of the lid. The screen filters pollen dust which is collected in the bottom part. The engraved Black Leaf logo equals a seal of quality. Height: 40mm - Diameter: 50mm - Color: Grey

€ 23,95
In stock

Original Quick Grinder V3

With so many grinders available on the market today, it's easy to think that there's nothing new out there. However, the Original Quick Grinder V3 breaks the mould in so many great ways. From a button release system to a friction-free milling experience, this is a grinder that improves and changes everything you know about grinding herb.

€ 34,95
In stock

SLX BFG Non-stick Grinder (4-part - Ø88mm)

Ever wanted to grind all your buds in one go? It's time to supersize your expectations with the BFG 88mm from SLX. Proving that size does matter, the BFG chews up buds—no matter their size—to give you fine, evenly ground weed every time. Forget trying to break up buds by hand, and enjoy the finer things in life, courtesy of the Big F#%*!ng Grinder.

€ 159,00
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SLX 2.5 Non-stick Grinder (4-part - Ø62mm)

You won’t ever need another grinder once you get your hands on the SLX 2.5 Non-Stick Grinder. This “Mother of all Grinders” 4-part grinder is manufactured to precision from extra strong aerospace-grade aluminium and will last a lifetime! Nothing will ever stick with the SLX 2.5’s non-stick ceramic coating inside and outside which is 100% non-toxic with no harmful Teflon or PTFE.

€ 70,00
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SLX 2.5 Non-stick Grinder (4-part - Ø50mm)

The SLX 2.5 4-piece dry herb grinder sure won’t let you down. This high quality herb grinder is precision-engineered from tough aerospace-grade aluminium and may well last a lifetime! The SLX 2.5 features a 100% non-toxic non-stick ceramic coating and doesn’t contain any Teflon or other harmful substances.

€ 60,00
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Metal Grinder Solinder

The Solinder Metal Grinder by After Grow is a top-grade metal grinder that can take on even the toughest pieces. This sturdy 4-part grinder features a pollen sieve and a strong magnetic lid. Comes complete with original Solinder case and a scraper.

€ 49,00
In stock

Concave Grinder (4-Part - Ø63mm)

This grey 4-part metal grinder features a unique concave magnetic lid, as well as a concave grinding chamber. This way, you can use the top of the grinder as a mixing bowl. With the included scraper tool, you can easily remove your ground material. Razor-sharp, diamond-cut teeth ensure that you can grind even the sturdiest of pieces.

€ 13,99
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Non-Stick Card Grinder (V Syndicate)

Low-profile, discreet, and most of all, easy to use, the Non-Stick Card Grinder from the team at V Syndicate is perfect for taking on the move. Simply slip into your wallet alongside your bank cards, and you've got yourself an excellent grinding solution as and when you need it. Available in a wide range of unique designs, it's easy to get paired up with a grinder that suits your personal...

€ 6,50
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Aerospaced Metal Grinder 63mm (Higher Standards)

Just like his smaller brother, the Aerospaced 63mm Grinder by Higher Standards is built to last. Made from aircraft-grade aluminium, this 4-piece grinder is bound to last a lifetime (as long as you don't lose it).

€ 29,95
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KLIP Funnel (HØJ)

Forget about spilling your weed the next time you pack a pipe bowl. This funnel is specially designed by the team at HØJ to fit perfectly onto the bottom of the innovative KLIP grinder. Plus, the funnel is also shaped to fit KØL by HØJ pipes to make packing bowls easier than ever before.

€ 25,00
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Stainless Steel Deluxe Grinder (Black Leaf)

We know that grinders come in all shapes, sizes, and budgets to match. However, there's nothing like using a premium-quality device to mill your herb. The Stainless Steel Deluxe Grinder from Black Leaf showcases top build quality and will finely mill any herb you place inside. Give your stash the level of love it deserves, and don't settle for anything less!

€ 120,00
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Aluminium Mini Grinder (Black Leaf)

The 4-part Aluminium Mini Grinder makes for the perfect pocket-sized milling solution. Whether you're on the move or looking to buy a "backup" device, this grinder has got you covered. Its diamond-cut teeth are ideal for making short work of even the stickiest of strains, and the kief catcher below will ensure nothing goes to waste. So load it up and give it a good turn. You'll be blown...

€ 13,50
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Aluminium Grinder (Black Leaf)

This 4-part Aluminium Grinder from Black Leaf is one of the finest ways to mill your favourite herbs. Separated into different sections, the top section contains diamond-shaped shredding teeth that work to smoothly and evenly grind your bud. At the bottom is a kief catcher that ensures no leftovers are wasted. There are even magnets in place to keep everything together when you're on the...

€ 20,00
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