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Want to put a stylish spin on your smoking sessions? Zamnesia's range of wooden grinders is definitely up to the task. As one of the most used accessories in a smoker's toolkit, it's worth going for a grinder that's going to serve both you and your herb well.

These stylish grinders are available in a wide range of designs, constructed from various types of hardwood. Typically, these grinders feature a wooden shell housing metal teeth, which are sure to make short work of your favourite strains.

Wooden grinders have a smooth rotating action that's perfect for rendering your buds to a perfect size both at home and on the go. They are robust and easy to look after too; a quick brush or wipe-down after use will keep your wooden grinder in good working condition for many smoking sessions to come.

Whether you're a casual weekend smoker or enjoy a daily vape, our range of sturdy wooden grinders is sure to offer just what you're looking for; a reliable and stylish way to grind your herb, with minimal fuss.

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Hexagonal Recycled Skateboard Grinder (Boardthing)

Looking for a unique grinder that'll tear through the densest nugs while helping you do your part for the environment? Look no further. Boardthing's Recycled Hexagonal Grinder is among the few recycled weed grinders on the market, made from 100% Canadian maple skateboards.

€ 79,00
In stock

Recycled Skateboard Grinder (Boardthing)

Cannabis and skateboarding have long been interconnected. Now, you can carry your passion for weed and skating in your pocket in the form of a grinder! Made from 100% recycled maple skateboards, these grinders are really something else. Not only are they a huge win for the environment, but they also do a great job of grinding up even the toughest, stickiest buds.

€ 79,00
In stock

GR8TR Wooden Grinder With Jar (RYOT)

The GR8TR Wooden Grinder With Jar ups the ante when it comes to quality grinders. A sleek and streamlined design with fine milling action—thanks to premium wooden teeth—makes processing easy, and a connected jar makes short-term storage a breeze. On the go or at home, this grinder makes clean and easy work of preparing your buds for action.

€ 49,95
In stock

Small Grinder (Marley Natural)

The task of finding a reliable grinder you can take on the go can be an exhaustive search—but it needn't be! The Small Grinder from the team at Marley Natural is a great option. While the device is indeed small, it only lends to greater portability and ease of use. Don't let the size fool you; this grinder will no doubt be the one you reach for when you want that fine mill.

€ 80,00
In stock

Wooden Grinder (Greengo)

This Wooden Grinder by the team at Greengo is absolutely ideal for all. It's easy to use and will create a fine mill of even the heartiest of strains. A simple twist is all it takes to get finely ground herb that's ready to use. The Wooden Grinder is robust and will easily slip into your pocket or bag for easy transportation. Perfect for any situation or setting. Pick up yours today.

€ 29,95
In stock

Aluminium/Wooden Grinder (Black Leaf)

This Aluminium/Wooden Grinder from Black Leaf has everything you need to grind your weed, catch your crystals, and then spoon them out. It also looks elegant and sleek. If you're in need of a new grinder, look no further!

€ 45,00
In stock

Large Grinder (Marley Natural)

Not just cashing in on the legacy of the late musician and cannabis icon Bob Marley, Marley Natural is truly at the forefront of all things premium when it comes to smoking accessories. Their Large Grinder is set to carry on this tradition. By using sustainably sourced components, this is a device that's not only stylish, but also delivers where it counts. Effortless grinding awaits.

€ 140,00
In stock

Ashwood Grinder (Canamix)

If you want to know you're grinding your weed sustainably, then this ashwood grinder from Canamix will suit you well. Made in Germany from locally sourced ash, they know exactly where their materials are coming from. Precisely made, it twists and turns perfectly and without resistance. The pins are carefully placed and made from stainless steel, offering powerful grinding capabilities.

€ 33,00
In stock

Champ High Aluminium/Wood Grinder

Adding this 4-piece grinder to your collection will enhance the appearance and functionality of your smoking equipment. Gone are the days of plastic, single-chamber models.

€ 39,95
Out of stock

Recycled Grinder (Royal Queen Seeds)

We could all use a little more sustainability in our lives. Why not start with your smoking accessories? The Recycled Grinder from Royal Queen Seeds utilises recovered materials to create a device that's bound to impress. Expect a high-quality mill that's perfect for smoking at home or on the go. Make the change to a sustainable grinder, and don't look back!

€ 3,95
Out of stock

RQS Krush Grinder

While it may look like a puzzle box, there's nothing tricky about the Kube Krush. This square grinder is easy to use and a stylish way to grind up your herbs. With a variety of unique designs, the Kube Krush by Royal Queen Seeds offers superb quality, and will surely put a smile on your face as soon as you give it that first twist. Expect a smooth grind that will make short work of any...

€ 45,00
Out of stock

Rosewood Soapstone Grinder

This is truly a gorgeous bit of kit. Made from rosewood, these grinders have a mahogany-like shine and look very rich. A stone inlay in the top has a cannabis leaf (what else?) carved into it, and into the wood surrounding it are swirling floral patterns. Inside, to get the job done, it has metal teeth that will make fine work of your herb of choice. One for the tasteful smoker.

€ 18,50
Out of stock

Beechwood Grinder (Canamix)

Made in Germany, this simple and tasteful beechwood grinder doesn't bother with unnecessary ornamentation or carving; it just lets the fine grain and sheen of the wood speak for itself. Able to slip away into the background, but also look beautiful when the time calls for it, this is the perfect grinder for the classy minimalist.

€ 25,00
Out of stock

Gold Aluminium Wooden Grinder (Black Leaf)

Those looking for a high-class grinding experience will no doubt want to get their hands on this device. With a premium-quality wooden shell, the inside houses a gold aluminium aesthetic that is bound to appeal to many cannabis enthusiasts. Easy to use, this device has a smooth milling action that's perfect for all kinds of dry herbs. This grinder really is as good as gold.

€ 45,00
Out of stock

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