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When bred under certain conditions, a cannabis plant will produce only female seeds, providing a batch of 100% feminized cannabis seeds. All marijuana growers are familiar with the fact that male plants don’t yield any smokable bud, and have to be removed from the grow area ASAP. What some marijuana growers don’t know, however, is that they never have to remove or grow a male plant again! Among our hard-hitting feminized picks are White Widow and Royal Haze, both High Times Cannabis Cup winners, and countless other favourites like Royal Cheese, OG Kush, Bruce Banner #3, and Jack Herer. Take a look around; you’ll be surprised at some of the feminized finds in our fully-stocked catalogue!

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AMG - Amnesia Mac Ganja (Royal Queen Seeds) feminized

Blast off to space with this sativa-dominant goddess with out-of-this-world THC levels and a spectacular cerebral high that will free your mind. AMG by Royal Queen Seeds didn’t win just one, but four cannabis cups in a row. Then again, this shouldn't be too surprising seeing that she was created by “the Ganja Man” himself!


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Godzilla Glue (Dr. Underground) feminized

Godzilla Glue is a strain for growers who like to build up large stashes. With harvests of approximately 1500g per plant, she offers more than enough for a huge personal supply—just make sure you have a stash jar big enough for the task.


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Gorilla Ghost (BSF Seeds) feminized

Gorilla Ghost concentrates the best traits of two cup-winning strains, Ghost OG and Gorilla Glue #4, for one of the strongest feminized seeds to date. THC has been measured at a full 29%, a power rating that's on par with some extracts. It's a great choice for beginner growers, but not novice smokers.

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Red Mandarine F1 Fast Version (Sweet Seeds) feminized

Sweet Seeds’ first red-flowered photoperiod strain Red Mandarine F1 Fast Version is an outright gorgeous cannabis plant. Yet, she has more to offer than just looking great; she is incredibly aromatic, and her reddish resin makes for extracts of extraordinary quality! Extra bonus: this strain flowers super-fast!

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Meringue (Dutch Passion) feminized

Not only is Meringue one of the smoothest smokes you'll find in the Dutch Passion catalogue, she's one of the sweetest too. This indica-dominant Wedding Cake x Animal Cookies cross offers massive yields of dense, crystal-coated buds that spiral to form gigantic, spear-shaped colas that swallow the sugar leaves whole. The 3-hour high certainly puts the icing on the cake!

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9 Pound Hammer x NL1 (Philosopher Seeds) feminized

Philosopher Seeds’ latest F1 hybrid doesn’t carry her name for nothing: This massively potent indica hybrid hits even seasoned cannabis smokers like a hammer, thanks to her 25% THC. Her potency is only topped by her awesome flavour, excellent growth qualities, and yield. She does well under any growing conditions, so you don't need to be an expert to achieve great results!

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Wifi 43 x Do-Si-Dos (Philosopher Seeds x Zamnesia) feminized

In an exclusive partnership, Zamnesia is delighted to offer this limited edition hybrid from the expert breeders at Philosopher Seeds. Known only as "Wifi #43 x Do-Si-Dos", this strain is one of a kind—and once it's gone, it's gone. With only 400 numbered packs available, grab a strain that has incredible potency, and buds literally dripping in resin, while you can!


40,00 32,00
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Blueberry Cheesecake (Dawg Star) Feminized

Dawg Star went all out with Blueberry Cheesecake. They crossed DJ Short Blueberry with Big Buddha Cheese to create an intense indica with a taste and smell that matches the name perfectly. Its buds display beautiful colours of lime green with splashes of deep purple. These flowers really stand out whether they're viewed through a baggie or a jar.

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Pure Gelato (Vision Seeds) Feminized

Do you want something to smoke in the summertime at the beach or a sweet dessert strain that you could enjoy after dinner with a cocktail in one hand? Then you should definitely check out Pure Gelato from Vision Seeds. This cross of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies delights with a fruity, sweet flavour and hits you hard, but still lets you stay productive.

30,00 25,50
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Gorilla SFV OG (Expert Seeds) Feminized

The popular Gorilla Glue #4 teams up with an OG Kush relative from California’s San Fernando Valley. SFV OG, also called sneaky weed as she hits you when you least expect it, may just be the perfect partner for GG #4. Out comes an incredibly potent indica-dominant strain, whose powerful smoke may surprise even seasoned cannabis aficionados. What’s more, she offers excellent therapeutic...

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WiFi (Phat Panda) feminized

WiFi is a cannabis strain ready to connect us with each other and ourselves. This strain delivers energetic and kaleidoscopic highs, coupled with superb aromas and flavours. The yields are abundant, and buds look absolutely stunning.

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Pineapple X (Phat Panda) feminized

Pineapple X develops flowers that are loaded with flavour, making her a great addition to edibles for a hardcore sativa high.

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Purple Punch x Watermelon Zkittlez (Purple City Genetics) feminized

Those who love fruity flavours won't want to miss out on this top blend of US genetics by Purple City Genetics. Purple Punch x Watermelon Zkittlez harnesses the talents of two extra-delicious cannabis classics—one of them a powerful indica, and the other a fun, flirty sativa. The result? A superbly balanced high and an endless waterfall of flavour.

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Blue 2.0 (Kannabia x Zamnesia) feminized

Blue 2.0 not only represents a masterful blend of premium cannabis genetics―it signifies a flourishing collaboration between Zamnesia and Kannabia Seeds. A dream to create, grow, and smoke, Blue 2.0 is an exceptional hybrid that balances exquisite taste, intoxicating aroma, and explosive yields into 500 limited edition packages—get it while you can!


40,00 32,00
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Godzilla Glue (BSF Seeds) feminized

BSF Seeds set out to create one of the most potent cultivars on the modern market. And boy, did they accomplish their goal! Godzilla Glue rules the potency realm with up to 30% THC, crushing even the most experienced cannabis smokers. But if you take it easy with this strain, you will be surprised by her amazing cookie flavour and aroma.

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Banana Bomb (Bomb Seeds) Feminized

Banana Bomb is an indica-dominant hybrid that offers a physically sedating yet mentally stimulating effect. Her sweet and sugary tastes make her an ideal strain when cooking up edibles. All with 7-9 weeks flowering and yields of up to 550g/m²!

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Watermelon Zkittlez (Pyramid Seeds) feminized

Every hit of Watermelon Zkittlez is infused with tastes of sugary fruits. Her balanced genetic profile encourages a high that targets both the body and mind.

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