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These magic mushroom grow kits by Zamnesia - with a content of 1200 ml - contain perlite, vermiculite, and substrate that has been colonized by Psilocybe Cubensis. A massive harvest of fresh magic mushrooms is guaranteed. Together with the grow kit you will receive a filter bag to obtain the ultimate growing conditions. Zamnesia offers five different strains and a handy three-strain variety pack for when you are having trouble making up your mind. So why not try them all and find your personal favorite? Growing your own magic mushrooms has never been this easy!

Manual Zamnesia Grow Kits

Magic Mushrooms Zamnesia Manual

Have you always wanted to grow your own mushrooms? With the Mushroom grow kits from Zamnesia it is very easy to grow your own magic mushrooms. Check out our Grow Kit Instruction Manual before you start.

Mushroom Heat Mat

Mushroom Heat Mat

Temperature is an important factor when growing mushrooms. Get the temperature right with our Mushroom Heat Mat!