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These magic mushroom grow kits by Zamnesia - with a content of 1200 ml - contain perlite, vermiculite, and substrate that has been colonized by Psilocybe Cubensis. A massive harvest of fresh magic mushrooms is guaranteed. Together with the grow kit you will receive a filter bag to obtain the ultimate growing conditions. Zamnesia offers many different strains and a handy three-strain variety pack for when you are having trouble making up your mind. So why not try them all and find your personal favorite? Growing your own magic mushrooms has never been this easy!

MushMush: The Guys Behind The Zamnesia Kits

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At Zamnesia, we’re passionate about helping people like you grow high-quality mushrooms in the comfort in the comfort of their homes.

Our shroom shop features a wide variety of products, including everything from professional grow kits for mushrooms and truffles to accessories, all of which are sourced from trusted brands with big reputations in the industry.

Today, we’re proud to announce the arrival of two new mushroom grow kits. To celebrate, we’ll highlight the two kits in more detail below and also take a brief look at Mush Mush, the company responsible for making these kits as well as some others available through our store.

So, read on and get ready to get your hands one some awesome new grow kits by Mush Mush. For more information about magic mushrooms and all the necessary tools to start growing them in your own home, visit the Zamnesia Shroom Shop today


The guys at Mush Mush have been growing mushrooms since 1997. Back then, they were simply hobby growers cultivating and drying shrooms in their homes alongside their studies.

In 2001 they officially founded Mush Mush and have since produced a wide variety of magic mushroom grow kits as well as sclerotia and substrate for magic truffle growers.

Arguably one of the biggest factors setting Mush Mush apart from other grow kit producers is their attention to detail.

Their process for producing a grow kit takes roughly 4-5 weeks. They start by growing mycelium in a liquid medium and grafting/growing the sterilized substrate for the kits.

Both the mycelium and the substrate are then added to individual trays and ripened before they are ready to be shipped out to customers.

This entire process has to take place under completely sterile conditions, as the tiniest leak in a bag or unsterile surface could lead to contamination and wipe out an entire batch of grow kits.

The team is also constantly working to produce new hybrid strains to eventually include in their grow kits in the future. They also take extra care to rejuvenate all of their existing lines of mushrooms to ensure the quality of their kits.

Mush Mush currently produce grow kits with 7 different strains, all of which have been selected for their ability to grow well in a home environment.


To keep up with our promise to provide mushroom cultivators with the best grow kits and accessories, we’re glad to announce that we’ll soon be adding two new Mush Mush grow kits to our Shroom Shop.

Here’s a quick rundown of the new kits we’ll be adding to our store:


Moby Big

Moby Big is a powerful cross between Moby Dick and B+, two iconic mushroom strains that are extremely popular among home growers and shroom connoisseurs.

These mushrooms grow huge and are easily recognisable by their pointy heads and pale colour. They produce a strong, euphoric “high” and have been expertly bred to flourish in a home growing environment.

As with all Mush Mush kits, this strain has been crossed, backcrossed and stabilized to ensure high-quality shrooms that produce reliable results.


McKennaii Zamnesia Kit

McKennaii is one of Mush Mush’s latest creations. It is an extremely strong strain that produces big yields in very short growth times.

The individual mushrooms have unusual caps with a beautiful dark brown colour similar to leather. They produce very strong effects that any psychonaut will surely treasure.

Some online rumors link this strain to Terence McKenna, a renowned psychonaut, lecturer, and author from the US. However, these rumours are NOT TRUE; McKennaii is a unique strain and these rumours have likely been created as a marketing stunt by other grow kit producers.

Again, as with all Mush Mush kits, this strain has been expertly crossed, backcrossed, and stabilized to ensure the quality and reliability of each individual McKennaii grow kit.


Both the Moby Big and McKennaii kits are being added to our Shroom shop as we speak.

All Mush Mush kits are made weekly to guarantee the freshness of their products. All kits also come with a grow bag complete with a micro filter which practically eliminates any issues with infections or insects.

Each kit contains mycelium as well as a mix of perlite and vermiculite, both of which are extremely important for drainage and the formation of mushrooms, despite some companies describing them as “filler” products.

So, if you’re looking to add some new strains to your home shroom garden, get your hands on the new Mush Mush kits today.

Mush Mush have close to 20 years of growing experience and have fast become one of the most reputable and reliable brands in the industry.

To browse their products, check out the Zamnesia Shroom Shop now and place your order today.

Manual Zamnesia Grow Kits

Magic Mushrooms Zamnesia Manual

Have you always wanted to grow your own mushrooms? With the Mushroom grow kits from Zamnesia it is very easy to grow your own magic mushrooms. Check out our Grow Kit Instruction Manual before you start.

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