Mondo Vial 'Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher'


Mondo Vial Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher - This Psilocybe cubensis wears a golden cap and will teach you a new point of view. At least that is where its name originates from; the origin of this strain is actually unknown, but it is very popular because of its big fruit-bodies with caps of up to 5cm diameter. Delve deeper into the reproduction process of fungi or become a breeder.

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Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher: Teaching you a new world

Mondo Vial Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher - This Psilocybe cubensis will teach you a new point of view and wears a golden hat. And that sums up where it got its name from; the true origin of this variety is unknown, but it is widely known and very popular because of its big fruit-bodies with caps of up to 5cm in diameter. The optimal temperature for colonization is 28-30°C; the best working mediums for Golden Teacher are compost, grain, pasteurized dung and straw. To achieve the best results in the cropping time, keep the temperature at 22-25°C.

This is your opportunity to become a researcher and to delve deeper into the matter of fungal reproduction or to make your way as a magic mushroom breeder (provided it is legal to grow magic mushrooms where you live).

Scope of delivery:

  • A vial containing 10 ml of spore suspension
  • Empty and sterile syringe
  • 2 alcohol swabs

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Reviews (17)

    La commande est arrivée extrêmement vite! (Un énorme + pour la discrétion du colis). Les spores ont été utilisés en culture liquide et pour inoculer directement le substrat, le mycélium s'est très vite développé. (Une très petite quantité suffit pour inoculer une dizaine de substrats!) Comme d'habitude avec Zamnesia, c'est un produit de qualité! ;)


    They took much longer to germinate, than the McKennai. 12 days instead of 5 and also only 1 jar germinated out of 2 at 1 inoculation point out of 4. I suspect the spores weren't evenly distributed through batches in this case, I shook the vial like a maniac, and got very different results with 2 different spore vials using the same method. I guess this vial just did not get as many spores as it should have or they were maybe a bit old. I choose to believe the first option. In any case, all in all I am happy with it, otherwise they are a very easy to use and stress-free actually sterile solution of spores stored in a small glass vial, so that the spores don't stick to the inside and it has a very nice self-sealing patch.


    I’ve bought this product 2 times, first time as a syringe second time as a vial, unfortunately none of them work and I found mold in both I’m experienced in this ground for sure the problem was on the product side Zambesia was my favorite but unfortunately i need to look for another website.


    Mycelium en formation
    Tout est ok, le produit fonctionne correctement.


    It arrived perfectly in time, and in a discrete manner


    Las esporas no germinan
    Dos honey tek diferentes ingredientes nada de nada ninguno. Probaré inocular grano si funciona cambio la calificación. El envío normal.


    100% clean
    I've bought it about amonth ago. Shipping time wasn't bad or good, just normal. I've tried using them for inoculation and agar colture. Inoculating was very successfull. In agar i've got a clean dish at first attempt! The myc is very resistent to contamination, but it is not so aggressive in clonizating


    5 out of 5 stars
    Simply the Best! Zamneisa is the Best site, Hope it never Will close!


    the spores have began colonizing well with 1cc per jar, let's see how it goes.


    Spores worked very well, colonised fairly fast in all honesty! i used a 1ml syringe and colonised 35 250ml cakes using one vial. trip was very pleasant, spiritual and very powerful. i was able to use mental thoughts unlike some strains and concentrate on myself and what was happening around me. the world became a pattern that moved and formed into other patterns, the indepth detail of these patterns where amazing! the deeper you look the more you notice the patterns are made up of patterns. i managed to control my trips with this strain and the only time i couldnt pull myself together was due to the laughing fits that are very hard to come out of the end. amazing strain, vial and vendor! thank you for the service!

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Questions (1)
Eric Fischer 2013-09-09 13:17:04

Werden diese auch nach Deutschland versand? Sie enthalten ja kein Psylocibin.


Genau. Diese Produkte wird in der Tat nach Deutschland versandt.

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Mondo Vial 'Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher'
Mondo Vial 'Psilocybe cubensis Golden Teacher'