Wooden grinders

There are 6 wooden grinders

Crumble your buds to a more efficient texture for vaporizing or smoking. Just as effective as other materials, wood is the sustainable choice among grinders.

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Wooden Grinder XL (2 Parts)

Made by Indian craftsmen, this 2-piece polished hardwood mill is the biggest grinder we’ve ever seen and will easily handle a few grams of bud at the same time. Brass pins set in the lid and base for the grinding effect. Given its size, it’s more of a desktop model than one for on the road.


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Wooden grinder Large (2 Parts)

Well, it is what it is - it is basic ... This wooden grinder is plain, simple, smoothly polished and completely unadorned, but it does what it is supposed to do - it grinds your buds to tiny bits to prepare them for consumption. Warning! Some natural herbs can cause desired effects in both the body and the brain - use them respectfully!


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Rosewood Grinder Carved

This grinder is carved from rosewood and has a big cannabis leaf on the lid. The stained, dark surface gives the grinder a classy look and it feels very comfortable in the hand. Inside is the grinders heart, the steely milling teeth. Dimensions: 50mm diameter, 30mm height.


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Rosewood/Soapstone Grinder Carved

The Rosewood Herb Grinder is carved from natural rosewood and is beautifully decorated with a big and detailed cannabis leaf made from soapstone and smaller carvings on the rim of the lid, wherein the bottom has a flat, smooth finish. This 2-part grinder has steel pins.


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Rosewood Grinder Classic

The most essential tool for crushing buds en route: a grinder. This grinder is made from rosewood and has a smooth finish. The steel teeth inside grind weed easily.


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Sheesham Grinder Carved Black Leaf

Sheesham or botanically Dalbergia sissoo is native to the Indian Subcontinent and Southern Iran and this grinder by Black Leaf features carvings that could originate from that area as well. The steel pins will crunch through your buds and turn them into tiny snippets. Diameter: 5.5cm


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