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Psilocybe Atlantis

 4.5/5 (189)

    I ordered the truffles with the fear of not recive it in my country as I don't love in Nederland. Everything was perfect, it took a week time to get them and my friends and me could enjoy of a fantastic trip in a beautiful beach, full of laughing and fantastic feelings. We bought 3 portions of 15 gr to share between 4 and was the perfect amount. I really recommend it as buying in Zamnesia


    Good stuff
    Was not expecting that, Got them as a free gift with an order, Very strong, Lasted about 3 hours, very high body intence feeling in places, very nice indeed I must say.. Usual brilliant delivery time from Zamnesia.. Hightly recommend trying theses out


    Amazing euphoria
    Have tried Atlantis, Mexicana and Tampenensis. Atlantis is my favourite, very strong euphoric feelings, amazing Visuals (the trees looked as if they came out of a fairytale), I've felt happiest in years. I also have some health problems (esp. obsessive compulsive disorder), had read on internet it can help reduce symptoms and it definitely helped for me. Top product.


    super bien livré une semaine d'attente et bon trip bien sympa !


    Tried them out in dam wicked experience! Now I have now ordered some to my home town ! London ! came no problem (well done team) cant wait to trip ballz! Thanks Again!!


    Wonderfull experience
    Lang geleden dat ik nog paddo's of truffels had gebruikt. Mijn nieuwe vriendin had dit nog nooit gedaan en we wilden wel eens weten wat het samen was. Mooie visuals en lekkere ervaring met emoties die komen en gaan. Elke muziek die we beluisterde gaf een nieuwe wereld die open ging. We werden samen meegezogen op een wolk door het huis. Dank je Zamnesia voor deze prachtige ervaring weeral.


    Très bien
    Effets cools et bien délirant. De plus rien à redire concernant le service de ZAMNESIA. Je repasserai commande.


    first i took 8 gramm and felt it just slightly then about 45-60 minutes later i took another 8 gramm( zamnesia sent me 16 gramm thanks ;) and later i shared another package with a friend. i have to say this event has changed my life, i feel like im a different person now thank you!!!!!! im gonna order some more in a few days :)


    Beautiful soft and safe trip filled with childish wonder and strong sense of belonging/companionship....will shop again for sure


    Champi très satisfaisants, de bon effet aussi bien visuels que philosophiques.

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