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12 Tips For A Great Experience With Truffles

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Psychedelics can be unpredictable - the inner journey that commences once a psychoactive compound has been ingested can be a beautiful, awe-inspiring experience that transforms your soul, but can also be one of the darkest, scariest experiences that you could possibly imagine.

Either way, they allow you to look deeper into yourself - teaching you not only about yourself but also about how you relate to the universe around you.

Every experience is unique. There are so many variables that can affect the experience. Inside the body, your experience can be affected by your diet, medications, and body chemistry - and also, external factors such as your environment and the company you keep, as well as the experiences you've had lately in "normal", sober life.

Here, we have compiled a short guide with some tips to help you to get the most out of your truffle experience.



Make sure you do some online research before embarking on a journey - learn about the chemistry of psilocin and the life cycle of the truffles. Read some "trip reports" online so you have an idea of what to expect. Do your best to understand how they work in the body. However, be aware that no amount of research can prepare you for the trip itself. It is an experience like nothing else, and so, if it's your first time taking truffles, you won't have any reference points to compare it to. The psychedelic experience is broad and indescribable - and so taking one of these compounds is a leap of faith, the first time and every time after that.

As with most psychedelic drugs, there is a wealth of misinformation available about them on the internet. It's very important that you gather your research and purchase your truffles from a known and trusted supplier - like Zamnesia. Make sure you read all the product descriptions carefully before buying, so that you can be sure you have chosen the right type of truffles for your trip. The spectrum of experience contained within psilocybin sclerotia - as well as the potency - can vary widely. Eat the wrong dose or the wrong type, and you could be in for a much deeper journey than you do your research carefully so that you know what to expect.

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Here's some classic advice that has been repeated over and over for years by experienced psychonauts - pay attention to your set and setting. "Set" refers to your mental state at the time of ingestion - are you calm? Are there any external factors contributing stress into your life at the time? It's best not to take a psychedelic during times of stress, bereavement or depression - as psychedelics classically amplify emotions and feelings, and amplifying negative emotions can have obvious drawbacks. 


"Setting" refers to the external environment in which you will be embarking on your journey. Pay attention. It's not just about the physical space in which you ingest the drug but also about the people around you, the music that is playing, and any other environmental variables. This can have a huge impact on a trip experience. If it's your first time, pay particular attention to this. The first psychedelic experience can be an extreme, life-changing experience - the kind of thing you never forget - and so it's good to be prepared and make sure you're doing it in the "right" place.

Natural settings are the best, as psychedelics work wonderfully to point out the beautiful patterns of nature. A secluded beach or a clearing in the forest is perfect. Camping out is nice. It's good to be able to trip on private land - to minimise the chances of bumping into a stranger and also to have a "safe place" to go to if things become uncomfortable for you. If this is impossible for you, or you're nervous about your first time, then perhaps you should choose to trip in somewhere you are already very familiar with and feels safe to you - like your bedroom, with close friends.


Getting Ready For Your Magic Mushroom Journey

Ensure that, wherever you are, you have an ample supply of water nearby, as well as some snacks in case you get hungry. Bear in mind that foods containing sugar will dampen the effects of the truffles. The best thing is to eat lightly and from nature. You may find that you don't have any appetite at all once under the influence, but it's good to have on you just in case. Magic truffles are normally eaten on an empty stomach, so if you start to feel a bit weak halfway through the experience, you'd probably benefit from something to eat. The sensation of eating different things can be very rewarding and pleasurable whilst under the influence of a psychedelic compound.

It's good to keep some creative tools nearby, also - musical instruments, coloured pencils and paper - as psychedelic drugs are commonly known to inspire flashes of creativity. Remember to bring anything you have that might be fun - trippy toys, glow sticks, optical illusions, and assorted objects to play with. If you like yoga, bring your yoga mat along with you on the day of your trip. Like juggling? Bring your balls! Lastly, and this one is a little less exciting - sun cream. It's easy to become distracted whilst tripping and get burned by the sun.

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At some point, your journey will be over, and most likely you will be mentally and physically exhausted. Prepare a comfortable, warm bed for yourself before you start tripping so that you can crash out immediately when the time is right.



Clear any appointments for the day of the trip, as well as the following day, and switch off your phone - nobody likes to receive bad news in the middle of a trip (this can really, REALLY ruin the experience for you), and you never know what could happen - but any calls or messages can wait until you're done tripping. Same thing with computers and portable tablet devices. You won't be in a state to deal with any emergencies anyway. The fewer distractions from the outside world, the better. It's good practice to tell a close, experienced friend that you're taking a psychedelic that day and let them know where you can be found in case of a real emergency.



Never drink alcohol whilst under the influence of a psychedelic, and certainly don't mix any other drugs when taking truffles. For us, there is one exception to this rule - cannabis. Smoking some weed or hashish can often help hugely with counteracting some of the negative side effects associated with truffle intoxication (such as nausea and appetite loss), and also add a nice complementary "flavour" to the trip, like enhanced visuals and a mellow mood.



If you are inexperienced, or if this is your first time taking truffles, perhaps it would be a good idea to recruit a close friend to act as your "trip sitter" during the experience. A trip sitter is a trusted, sober guardian who can watch over you whilst you trip and make sure you stay comfortable for the whole duration. The best trip sitters are very experienced with psychedelics and have a patient, caring nature.

Bear in mind that, for most people, the deepest inner journeys happen when alone, so perhaps if you are more experienced with psychedelics and have a lot of trust in yourself, then this could be an option for you.



It's always best to consume truffles on an empty stomach - that means eating lightly for a day before you consume your dose, and, after your last meal, waiting a few hours before eating the truffles. The fresher the truffles, the better. Drying out truffles reduces the potency, so don't open any seals until you are ready to eat them, and store your truffles in the fridge. Chopping up the truffles into tiny pieces will increase the surface area and therefore increase the bioavailability of the psilocin when it metabolises in your body. Chewing the sclerotia thoroughly when you eat them also works.

In most psychedelic journeys, the entire dose is to be consumed at once. However, if you are nervous and wish to be cautious about your dosage, a good practice is to eat just half your dose at first. Then, if your "come -up" period is comfortable, you feel good about things, and you wish to journey deeper after an hour or so, consider consuming the second half of your dose.



There are exceptions, but most people don't like the bitter, poisonous flavour of truffles. If you are one of these, you might like to try mixing them with food to hide the taste. Try blending your truffles in a smoothie, chopping them into small pieces and sprinkling them on top of a healthy salad, or adding them to a bowl of muesli and enjoying them with yoghurt. Less healthy (but just as popular) options include eating with strong dark chocolate or putting the stones on top of a slice of pizza. Be aware that exposing your truffles to heat will degrade the psilocin contained inside and affect the potency.

Tea is a great way to consume truffles - chop your truffles finely and gently simmer the pieces for 10-12 in hot water, before adding your favourite herbal tea blend and letting it brew. Don't let the water boil - you want it to just gently simmer so as not to affect the potency of the truffles. When you drink the tea, be sure to chew up the little pieces before swallowing them. Liquids absorb into your bloodstream a lot faster than solids are processed, and also most people find that this method helps users to avoid some of the negative side-effects that come with taking truffles (such as nausea).

If you want to get the most out of the materials you have, perhaps try "lemon tekking". Finely chop your truffles and soak the pieces in freshly squeezed lemon juice for 20 minutes, before consuming the juice (with the pieces inside). The acids in the lemon juice help to increase the bioavailability of psilocin, granting a harder and stronger experience. This technique is good when combined with the tea tek above. Simply add the psilocin-soaked lemon juice (with truffle pieces) to a warm cup of your favourite herbal tea.



During the truffle experience, it's important to have no expectations - simply breathe, try to stay comfortable, and don't fight what happens to you. If you feel like doing something, try it. Or, just lie there and "let it happen". The effects of truffles are mindblowing. It can be frightening or overwhelming at times, but just go wherever it takes you and don't try to fight it. The visions can be enigmatic and many different meanings can be gained from the visual metaphors you see.

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Most people find that the visions are more exciting in the darkness. Some people prefer to look at the world during the clear light of day. Some people journey only in absolute silence - however, others often find that listening to some music makes for a hugely enhanced experience whilst under the influence and can really add "flavour" to the trip. It's all about trying different things and finding out what works best for you.



When taking magic truffles with friends, it goes without saying that you should all work together to have a good time, and look out for each other when somebody starts to have a negative experience. Different dosages affect people in different ways, and so what might be quite easy to handle for some might be a very powerful experience for others. It's good to stay calm, positive and sympathetic around those who are having an uncomfortable time.

If things do get a little too much and you start to feel like you can't handle what's happening, try changing your setting. This can be as simple as switching on the light, turning off the music, or moving away from that person who won't stop talking. Walk to a different room, or go outside to get a change of scenery. Breathing exercises also work for centring and grounding, and relieving anxiety. If you're musically inclined, try singing! Singing releases dopamine in your brain, which more often than not can be enough to shift your trip in a positive direction.

Sometimes, at higher doses, things can get really crazy - the tripper can experience what appears to be a temporary psychosis. It's possible to forget who you are and where you are, as the effects of the drug take hold of your consciousness. The most important thing to remember is that the trip is only temporary - you have taken a drug, and eventually the effects will wear off, leaving you at "baseline". No matter how crazy things get, they will eventually end. This knowledge can be very reassuring to somebody experiencing an uncomfortable trip, so be sure to tell them.



Tripping, for most people, can be kind of exhausting, both physically and mentally. That's why it's nice to have absolutely no obligations, so you can spend a lot of time reflecting on what you have learned and comparing notes with your friends. Leave the day after your trip completely open - most likely you'll just want to sit around, smoke some joints, talk and reflect. Insights and wisdom are to be found during these conversations. Some trips are life-changing, transformative experiences, so who knows what you'll want to do?



Do not take magic truffles more than once a week - you will quickly build a tolerance to the effect and the sensation will be much less exciting for you. It's important to take a great deal of time after every journey to understand the lessons you have learned and integrate the experience into your daily life. Keep the use of truffles as a rare treat, and then every time will be special.

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