Salvia Dried Leaves


Salvia divinorum contains salvinorin A; one of the strongest psychedelics known to mankind today and should not be confused with a party drug. Under its influence you will perceive a completely different "reality" than the one you normally would. Salvia should be used in a comfortable and safe environment and only in company of a sober tripsitter.

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Salvia divinorum - Leaves of the divine sage of the Mazatec

Salvia divinorum has a long history of use to induce a trance. Shamans of the Mazatec tribe used it for centuries to reach a dreamy state of consciousness in order to encounter visions; in lower doses it was used in ceremonies. There are two traditional methods of consuming Salvia: Chewing a quid of leaves for a long time and then swallowing down the leaves and dissolving the crushed leaves in water to make a drinkable concoction.

Salvia is not a party drug! It is one of the strongest psychedelics known to mankind today and has the potential to tear down the curtain to a completely different "reality" than the one you normally perceive. It plays with all your senses as well as memories and thoughts while you wander through a different world and experience the Salvia dimension!

Use Salvia in a comfortable and safe environment and only in company of a sober tripsitter. Have the lights dimmed low and keep distractions to a minimum - switch off the TV set as it will ruin the experience, have some quiet music playing in the background instead.


2-8 grams of dry leaves are enough for a strong experience.

The bitter taste of Salvia leaves is not to everyone's liking - you can flavor your quid with honey, syrup or sugar to make the experience a more sweet one.

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Reviews (354)

    naja, hatte mir mehr erhofft
    meine Bestellung ist schon einige Zeit her und hab nun diverse Möglichkeiten genutzt. Leider hatte ich keinen Effekt oder bzw. nur einen sehr schwach, kurzzeitigen "Rausch" mit der Bong Ich bleib beim Cannabiskraut!


    Aucun effet
    J’ai mâcher 10 g de feuilles pendant 20 minutes après les avoir laisser tremper 15 minutes dans l’eau et j’ai juste ressenti *un peu de fatigue*. C’était vraiment horrible et très amer, franchement ceux qui arrivent à ressentir des effets juste en mâchant des feuilles, soit vous mentez soit vous êtes hypersensible à la molécule alors… 🤔


    Niente solo relax
    Dalla descrizione mi aspettavo un viaggio psichedelico decente però credo si farà solo con gli estratti a questo punto, ho fumato prima un grammo e poi ho fatto un infuso coi restanti 4 grammi, solo testa leggera e relax, niente di che, sicuramente nessuna visione.


    Dried Leaves
    Gave me a short experience with a feeling of losing all knowledge of my surroundings. Can induce laughter as well. However, I also got the 10X and I must say there is an enormous difference between both as the former gives you a light high while the extract can seriously take you to another world. I used a bong and, while the taste can be unpleasant (I thought my couch was coming out of my mouth and I could taste it!), it is an effective way of consumption. Do not think that t he dried leaves prepare you for the extract as there is a huge gap between both experiences.


    Nice and light trip
    Chew them for half an hour and felt light and meditative


    Bien para una primera experiencia
    Era mi primera vez y lo fumé en pipa. Las primeras veces no notava nada, inalaba el humo durante 30 segundos y esperava un par de minutos y entonces volvia a repetir. Después de unas 4 veces empecé a notarlo, me aparecía "tunnelvision" y me empezaba a adentrar en mis pensamientos de forma onírica, y al cerrar los ojos me quedé completamente inmóbil mientras mi mente estaba en otro mundo. Fué un viaje suave, si alguien me hubiera hablado me hubiera podido apartar de ello. Aún así, aunque duró unos 5 minutos de forma más intensa, me sentí ligeramente high durante una hora más o menos, como si hubiera fumado un poquito de marihuanna. La próxima vez voy a probar un extracto de x5 o x10.


    parfait / perfect
    Premiere fois, je ne voulais pas tester dextrait, et franchement je recommande, et sans extrait car pour moi sa ne ser a rien. Je fume dans une pipe a tabac classique (donc gros reservoir a tabac), et je le boure de salvia et vraiment parfait, par contre attention sa calme. Tous sa avec briquet chalumeau/tempete. Rien a redire. En deux taf c'est partie. Trip safe


    Effective but lung-blowing
    Great product, very cheap, but smoking it in a bong just killed my lungs. I need to find another way of using it.


    good product
    quid it its a bit disgusting cause of the taste but it works


    Bien reçue
    Commande au top, ce produit est vraiment degueulasse, comme indiqué dans d autres commentaires. J ai testé de la machouiller comme décrit sur le mode d utilisation. mais n ai pas senti d effet ou alors vraiment pas beaucoup... de la fatigue. Peut être je n ai pas fais ça correctement vu le gout horrible... jai failli vomir 3 fois. Mais je n abandonne pas.. j'en ai commandé suffisamment pour réitérer comme il se doit. Le colis etait discret et le cadeau vraiment cool ! Les cadeaux même! Sympa zamnesia

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Salvia Dried Leaves
Salvia Dried Leaves