Magic Truffles Atlantis


The psilocybe Atlantis was found in Fulton County, Georgia (US) and is closely related to the psilocybe Mexicana, but is much stronger. Taking magic truffles of the psilocybe Atlantis will make your creativity bloom and open your mind for different thinking while your eyes feast on a new reality. Those effects are accompanied with a warm, fuzzy feeling of euphoria. Strength: 4 of 5.

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Magic Truffles Atlantis - Feast your eyes on a new reality

Magic Truffles Atlantis


The psilocybe Atlantis is much more powerful than the Psilocybe Mexicana and is heavy on visuals. After only a few grams (7,5) of the psilocybe Atlantis truffles you feel something scratching on the regular look and feel of reality. Depending on your mood and a wide range of circumstances, you will feel somehow driven and pushed, full of energy and with increased thinking capabilities. Philosophic outpourings and enlightenment (in various ways) can be encountered at higher doses. While the trip approaches (some report this happens throughout the whole trip), one might feel strange waves rushing though the body - don't be afraid, this is normal and only announces the arrival of the new ambassador in your brain bowl. Some report a strong feeling of being linked to their psychedelic comrades (mental communication, reading of mind) or even mother earth - these experiences are limited to the ones taking high doses of magic truffles though.


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Note: All of our magic truffles are fresh and can be stored in a fridge for a maximum of two months. Once opened, use within two days.

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Reviews (1536)

    Very disappointing experience
    Had one bag of Atlantis truffels each with a mate, but all we experienced was the most bland/meh effects of all time. We had really been looking forward to it, consumed them properly, but nothing: no trip, no shifts in perception, not even an original thought. Just the feeling that things were slightly different compared to normal, but just a really disappointing event


    Bien suivre les consignes de conservation ! Malgré tout très belle expérience de symbiose avec la nature et réflexions philosophiques.


    Mixed these with Valhalla.
    I had a great trip, but I can't give 5 stars since I mixed them with another variety. I recommend RYE BREAD to combat the nausia, a bite or 2 completely negates it for me. Stay safe!


    7.5g no effect
    i took 7.5g and my wife also, We get no trip at all, it was the first time that we tried and we get litteraly not any effect..We usually only smoke weed. We also tried another variety of truffles, apparently stronger, and same thing, no effect with 8g without eating anything to get more effect, we just get a small feeling like getting drunk..i tried mexican mushrooms 15years ago and it was really better (half a box, i dont remember the number of grams we've taken).


    Dinero a la basura
    Probamos unos colegas cada uno casi 9g y los efectos fueron casi imperceptibles. Al tiempo después probamos setas alucinógenas que nos consiguió un chaval y alucinamos fuerte, no las recomiendo la verdad. Muy caras y nada satisfechos con el efecto que fué nulo.


    Exceptionally awesome
    I took one bag with me to do a bit of meditation in nature. I started with about 2-3 grams (maybe 20% of the bag), and followed up two hours later with about 6-7 grams (30% of the bag), ending up consuming only half of the bag. The first two hours were filled with calmness (but energetic) and euphoria. The follow-up phase, with the 6-7 grams, lasted -- at full peak -- for around four hours. Words fail to describe this life-changing experience. I know that it's generally not recommended to perform any activity, but I walked around in a natural park for hours, marveling at the beauty of the world, and had transformational thoughts and emotions. WOW. I'm not sure what would have happened if I had taken the other half of the bag :) I have had experiences with Atlantis before, but none this powerful or long-lasting. Maybe this was a stronger-than-usual batch? Either way, it was a lovely experience. As always, the product arrives on time, and in a neutral box, and is of high quality. Thanks guys for this awesome site!


    Perfect for microdosing
    Dry and grind the batch and it's a perfect truffle for microdosing.


    Soft experience
    Me and my partner decided to try taking mushrooms for the first time with Atlantis. We calculate the normal dose for each one afraid of getting overwhelmed by the effects of a higher dose, but eventually we had a very soft experience with few effects: we felt a more intense sense of hearing and my partner had some poor visual effects. However, the laughing was for real; the most part of the time I was with a very high sense of humor that made the experience very funny and worth for it. In conclusion, we had a good time but felt little disappointed, like we didn´t experience even a quarter part of what we should. For the next time we will try with the high dose.




    Saw life and every connection to life

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Questions (1)
jack daniels 2013-08-19 13:41:13

Comment conserver ces champignons plusieurs jours/mois frigo? congélateur? température ambiante? endroit sec ou humide?


All our Magic Truffles are fresh and vacuum packed in quantities of 15 grams. The truffles can be stored 3-4 months (when vacuum packed) in a cool and dark place (e.g. refrigerator). Do not freeze! Freezing the product will damage the produce. Once opened, the truffles can only be kept for a few more days.

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Magic Truffles Atlantis
Magic Truffles Atlantis
Magic Truffles Atlantis
Magic Truffles Atlantis
Magic Truffles Atlantis
Magic Truffles Atlantis
Magic Truffles Atlantis
Magic Truffles Atlantis
Magic Truffles Atlantis
Magic Truffles Atlantis