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Psilocybe Atlantis

 4.5/5 (214)

    Délais très correct, reçu en bon état, produit de qualité, trip garanti je conseille !!


    truc de fou ça, j'adore je suis fan


    Spot on!!!
    Order 60gs so 3 of us could have 2 sessions on these! Done 7gs to start with and then then topped up to 10gs once we had come up up stayed on a pritty mental trip for about 5-6 hours and then decided to do another 10g so ended up having the most amazing 12 hour trip in total was on another level visuals and sounds was off the chart! Your in for a treat!! Ordered from the uk aswel came through withen a week!


    Thanks zamnesia !
    Zamnesia client service is amazing ! I reveived 17g of atlantis with my command of utopia and some other thing, I took 10g of atlantis with 15g of utopia and I spent a very pleasant and happy night with my friend, it wasn't too much for me ( which surprised me ) but it was a very nice first experience with little visuals and changes in colors and a lot of laughing and deep conversations. I will try Hollandia next and maybe alone to get more off the experience. 5/5 for everything, client service, shipping, discretion and good products.


    Surrender to the void
    It was my vvery first time with truffles and i have to say, that despite of the taste, it was the best experienced ever. everything looked so amazing, so colorful. Beautiful. I just can't wait to try'em again!


    Una buena experiencia
    Me and my girlfriend ate 10g each and it was fabulous! super funny experience :D


    Super !
    Délai de livraison très correct (1 sem), le trip correspondait exactement à ce dont je m'attendait par rapport à mes précédentes expériences (fou rire, perception altéré du temps et d'un peu tout fait) pour 10g/pers.


    Alice in Wonderland
    Try if you dare! My rabbit was friendly.


    A Great Trip
    Must say these are great trips I had are mad sometimes. I'm starting to take these too often. Atlantis are mad as.


    Very nice trip with mild visual effect. I felt that i needed a bit more intensity or more than 15g. Next time i'll def try hollandia or utopia. Great service as always. Thanks Zamnesia

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