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Psilocybe Atlantis

 4.5/5 (214)

    Superbe !
    Produit reçu en moins d'1 semaine.. 1 sachet chacun.. voyage impeccable! Ça a durée 3/4h. Je Le recommande au amateur de truffes! ;) Merci zamnesia de nous permettre de voyager ! :) et à très bientôt pour un autre voyage !


    Très beau voyage, pour public averti
    Nous avons pris 15g par personne, très beau voyage, très intense. Si vous débutez, mieux vaut partir sur de plus petites doses. Voyage de plusieurs heures, très profond dans les différents niveaux de conscience. Les effets visuels de début de voyage sont très intenses, après on part loin dans l'univers ! A faire avec des personnes de confiance, un gardien si pas habitués, et dans un moment où vous vous sentez bien avec vous même. Mais ça vaut le coup ! Livraison très rapide, merci zamnesia


    War das erste mal seit einem Jahr, dass ich die Trüffel wieder probiert habe und ich war begeistert. Super Trip mit nicen Visuals (Y) immer wieder gerne


    Top Zamnesia
    I had a really good experience but i only are 7g no visuals only felt very chill and happy then i ate 5g but it was the same so next time all the package ahhaha


    Brilliant product
    Love Atlantis my third trip and took the whole bag which was very generous as I had 17 grams, as usual took me home to our real reality. Great to understand life and for people to overcome traumas and depression such a wonderful gift of nature. Thank you zamnesia


    took them and spent most of the trip giggling, was a lot of fun and would do it again


    Thank you so much Zamnesia. I ordered these and am writing this review a little late but I had an amazing experience. For my first time, me and my friend both took 7.5 grams each and although I didn't really see or hear anything different, I felt amazing, euphoric, happy, I couldn't stop laughing at anything! I also felt as though my anxiety was non existent. My friend felt the same way too. It was great :) I was worried I wouldn't receive the product due to living in the UK so when I saw them in the mail I was ecstatic. Definitely will buy more truffles! thank you, again.


    I had my first high dose of truffles with my bf,I've had 5 grams of Mexicana before but that did not prepare me for the mix of Atlantis and fantasia at 18grams. We were mind blown laughing for about 5hrs at on stage we sat in the bathroom in the dark laughing our heads off at the toilet which for some reason was nicknamed the darklord we were trying not to anger it when throwing tissue in its "mouth"... It was absolutely hilarious and I'd definitely love to repeat the experience. I'd recommend that combination to everyone but make sure you have no plans for the day because there is no way your going to leave the house ;-D we couldn't even make tea,it took us a while to drink water and eat one yogurt between us it was just so much effort ;-D...LOVED IT Thanks zamnesia


    Ces truffes sont visuellement excellentes, chaque fois un voyage surprenant. Cependant à partir de 15gr je vous conseille un bon set and setting et d'être bien dans vos baskets. C'est intense et on ne peut jamais savoir à l'avance ou elles vont nous emmener. Quand tout vos sens hallucinent vous serez contents d'avoir en amont prévu un cadre et une ambiance au top. Je les arrose d'abord de citron avant de les infuser avec un peu de gingembre. Merci Zamnesia


    Zamnesia il TOP!
    Pacco arrivato in 5 giorni lavorativi. Qualità ottima! effetti sentiti in 30 minuti. Sensazione indescrivibile da spiegare! bisogna provare per capirlo, con 9 grammi ho avuto un trip di 3.5 ore Stupendo ed unico! Non vedo l'ora di provare le varie varietà di tartufi che offrite! Continuate così!!!

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