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Psilocybe Atlantis

 4.5/5 (214)

    Mr mark h
    Excellent service....excellent product!


    Atlantis au top
    Premiere expérience psychedelique avec les truffes atlantis très bon trip avec de bon effets visuels sans trop de déformations pour 7g ingéré mais surtout beaucoup de couleurs je remerci zamnesia pour Le délais de livraison respecter et ces truffes de qualité ayant tester ensuite Les hollandia et Les utopia plus forte ( déconnecter de là réalité d'ailleur ) je considère ces truffes comme une très bonne première expérience allez y Les yeux fermer Les amis sans tout de même dépasser le dosage recommander. merci zamnesia 3 commands et jamais déçu !


    Miro N.
    Fast shipping, and working stuff :)


    Great time
    They arrived in 6 days (I'm in England) and I wasn't disappointed. I've tripped a few times before and this was one of the best. Excellent visuals and giggles. I had some friends who were first timers and they enjoyed it just as much, will definitely be ordering some more from here.


    Ordered the atlantic truffels, was doing them for the 3rd time and wasn't disappointed. A very nice trip and i think ready to go for the Utopia next time. (Also very fast delivery)


    these truffles didn't feel like a drug high. I felt honestly and truly happy, whilst having the most profound and intellectual conversations. Amazing closed eye visuals directed me to the deepest parts of my mind where I unlocked the unexplainable. Life itself has changed for the better. Absolutely amazing experience


    Truffes Atlantis
    Excellent trip, effets visuels de qualité et encore une fois merci à la qualité du service de zamnesia !


    4 stars
    Why 4? Because waiting for Hollandia to arrive and want to see the difference. Shipping was pretty fast and discrete. I love that it is available to ship to Latvia. The experience. I like the creativity and a connection to source. This poem will illustrate the point of experience. There was a young lady named Bright, Whose speed was far faster than light; She started one day In a relative way, And returned on the previous night. A. H. Reginald Buller in Punch (Dec. 19, 1923)


    Awesome service and quick delivery
    Love this shop. Really quick delivery. Magic truffles are perfect. Atlantis is really colourfull trip. Order it definitely agai :)) must say everybody about this page.


    Excellent Stuff
    There is so much I could write about my trip on Atlantis. The visuals were astounding. My mind... several dimensions into hyperspace! A very philosophical trip with great realisations and profound thoughts. I closed my eyes to see motherships far larger than Earth itself. Exquisite colours merging into one another. Glistening and pristine shades of blue dripping into all other colours of the spectrum..twisting and contorting in explicable ways. I take all my shrooms alone. In earlier trips I have had a few "bad moments" where the trip went a little dark.. but my thoughts and realisations here had me humbled and gave me a new sensation and appreciation towards life in general. All shrooms I've tried from Zamnesia have been excellent quality. Hollandia is quite possibly the strongest trip I've had yet. After smoking a little..stuff.. halfway through the trip I felt my conciousness explode across the ether. This got a little scary as boundary dissolving became intense, and all I could think to tell myself is "I've seen enough, I've seen enough.. take me back a little, this is enough, omg I've seen enough, thankyou!!" It showed me the levels of conciousness broken down layer by layer. I know I could have gone further but I had witnessed enough boundary dissolvement. As I returned to my more condensed human form, I was lost in profound deep thought for a few hours after. Certainly a memorable trip!! Wish to thank Zamnesia for the excellent products and excellent service. Super fast shipping to the UK! Peace

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