Zamnesia Grow Kit 'McKennaii'


McKennaii is a very welcome addition to the ever growing collection of magic mushroom growkits offered on Zamnesia. What they lack in size the McKennaii compensates with in sheer numbers and strength. This will be a certain favourite with discerning mycelium fans.

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Small in stature but prolific and powerful the McKennaii hits all the right notes for the psilocybin fan

McKennaii, a grow-kit developed by Zamnesia, brings the whole universe to your doorstep. The strength of the compounds in this variety will blow your mind with visual treats and psychic maelstroms. If you are a novice grower and user go easy the first time. If you are an experienced traveller you will be buoyant and well satisfied.

Easy to grow and their fastest developing strain to date the McKennaii are not the biggest of mushroom, but they are prolific. Once consumed the small caps resembling a sea turtle shell will have you navigating the oceans of chaos with aplomb and wide-eyed joviality.

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Volume 1200ML
Brand Zamnesia
Strain McKennaii

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Reviews (92)

    Malgré un suivi scrupuleux des conseils, pas de récolte et pas de compréhension de la raison...


    Very Easy kit
    Good product very Easy grow kit and Grest customer service. Five star for Zamnesia


    De eerste kweekset die ik kocht heb daar heb ik één volle oogst van gehad, ongeveer een 60 gram verse paddo's. Ik heb echter te weinig rekening gehouden met besmettingsgevaar en er is groene schimmel verschenen die de tweede oogst bijna volledig heeft doen mislukken. Ik heb mijn lesje nu wel geleerd en ga nu oogsten voor de derde keer van de tweede kweekset die ik kocht. Ik vind de kweeksets prijs/kwaliteit gezien goed. De paddo's die te zien zijn op de foto's die Zamnesia op de site toont zijn bij mij nog niet zo uitbundig en groot geweest. Maar al bij al ben ik wel tevreden. Bedankt Zamnesia. :-)


    My 2 cents on McKennaii
    Unfortunately, even though by taking extra precaution during the sterilization process and the growing conditions, the yield produced by the first flush was only 45 gr fresh, however the second flush (coming now) seems to be a bit more (roughly I’ll say 50/60 gr). So, still a bit disappointing. With maybe 2 more flushes I expect a total of 150 – 170 gr fresh. Maybe the mycelium did not like the transport. Haven’t tried them yet – can’t report on the potency. Also, keep your FAE (fresh air exchange) high, opening the bag twice a day didn’t cut it for me, and the fruits were quite small, thin and had “flurry feet” on the first flush, when I did increase my FAE on the second flush the fruits started to really get bigger. Have fun.


    Marche bien mais les champi ne ressemble pas à la photo, peut être pas laissé assez maturer mais c'est un detail!


    Good kit worst bags... contaminated kit
    The kit was very good and produced around 19g dried shrooms. However the plastic bag that came with the kit was very bad quality (Atleast my bag). When my shrooms where ready to get harvested i did remove the kit and saw that the bag was leaking water and my desk table has swolled up.. pretty much fcked my whole desk.. i did contact zamnesia and got a new bag and crossed my fingers that it wouldnt get contaminated by the hole in the bag... however now when im on the second flush the shroom cake smells very sour and my kit seems dead by to low RH since thr hole in the bag, its like 1x1mm hole but its the only reason my kit is contaminated since i was in need of a new bag.. so im really sad that i only got one flush from this kit...


    Promesse Mantenute
    Premetto che usavo un kit di questo genere per la prima volta. Ho eseguito le istruzioni alla lettera, e ho avuto 3 flussi completi di funghi Il primo flusso con funghi grandi cresciuti un po male, ho cambiato posizione al kit varie volte e credo che il cambio di luminosità abbia dato fastidio alla crescita, ho comunque ottenuto 10gr in 3 settimane, di funghi essicati. il secondo flusso molto piu veloce e intenso, in 2 settimane ho ottenuto 17 gr. di funghi essicati, lunghi e sottili, molto regolari, questa volta non ho mai mosso il kit dalla stanza. Il terzo flusso, molto veloce, quasi un sequel del secondo, ho fatto vari raccolti gia dalla prima settimana per non rischiare l'apertura della cappella dei funghi piu precoci,in 2 setimane ho raccolto di 14 gr. di funghi essicati.poi ho interrato tutto mentre il kit continuava a produrre......


    Pas convaincu par cette marque
    J'ai eu pas mal de kits avant et j'ai du mal avec cette marque, la moitié de ma première flush a poussé sur les bords de la boite (qui est pourtant posée dans le carton, ça ne m'était jamais arrivé...), et c'était une récolte très bof bof .. Je croise les doigts pour les prochaines flushs et je privilégierai les autres marques la prochaine fois.


    So sweet
    All right, it's not the third but the fourth rush that is growing now, and it's so freaking generous since the the 2nd. I've eaten the fruits 3rd time in 20 days, i'm gonna lay low for some time ahaha. The real visuals come with big meals, like more than the 2,7g recommanded, but it can be tiring physically. A friend of mine literrally wet herself on the rise, they are potent and funny. I strongly advise to stay out of alcohol though, you lose yourself with a beer. In resume : This box is DOPE


    Good growth and powerful fruits

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Zamnesia Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Zamnesia Grow Kit 'McKennaii'