Zamnesia Grow Kit 'PES Amazonian'


Believed to originate in the Amazon jungle, PES Amazonian delivers a psychedelic experience worthy of shamans and soul searchers. Revered for growing tall and developing an exotic cap with a pronounced nipple, this cubensis offers a lightning-fast colonisation speed.

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Zamnesia - Mexican: The Founding Father Of The Magic Mushrooms

Arguably one of the most well-known magic mushrooms, Mexican’s popularity is, in part, down its role as the "founding father" of psychedelic mushrooms. Mexican bursts open the doors to a realm of possibility—a realm where strange blends harmoniously with the fantastic, and the only limitation in life is your imagination. The dark brown stripe grows thick and pronounced, leading to the bell-shaped cap that changes colour from brown to beige to straw as the mushroom ages.

Ready-to-go, the kit includes everything you need to cultivate your own life-affirming experience. A layer of perlite maintains the correct levels of moisture, while a fully colonised rye cake uses vermiculite as a casing layer. Simple-to-follow instructions are included, with two steps particularly crucial to success. First, your mycelium will need a daily spray of water to maintain the right levels of moisture; then, you just need a little patience as the mycelium develops. After a few short weeks, and several flushes, you too will experience everything the founding father has to offer.

Zamnesia magic mushroom grow kits are grown by our very own in-house mycological experts and contain extremely healthy mycelium.

Manual Zamnesia Grow Kit

Scope of delivery

  • Grow-kit
  • Filter bag

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Volume 1200ML
Brand Zamnesia
Strain PES Amazonian

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Reviews (27)

    No good
    No grow.


    Very good product and fast delivery


    Magnificent Mushrooms with extremely beautiful appearance and good potency.
    Magnificent Mushrooms with extremely beautiful appearance and good potency. As usual, Our dear children - Magic Mushrooms, did not disappoint Us, because They truly Love Us. They, as well as Golden Teacher, showed, that They are not the most quick colonisers, and They require very clean conditions to grow, but as reward, They are able to give very beautiful harvests. In case of unwanted invasion They anyway continue growing, and in time They eventually fully colonising cake. Mushroom in time is taking over all cake and not letting new pathogens to steal His food anymore. We appreciate, that zamnesia delivering to Us very good pre-grown cakes. ~ Goddess Airis and God Raixe.


    No muy satisfecho
    El servicio a cliente muy bien, pero el kit un poco decepcionante. Tardó mucho tiempo en crecer y fueron muy pocas las setas que salieron en la primera cosecha, la mayoría crecieron hacía adentro del contenedor, a pesar de que traté de seguir las instrucciones del manual al pie de la letra, incluso regándole con guantes y mascarilla y dejando que entrara el aire dos o tres veces por día. ahora estoy intentando crecer la segunda tanda pero lleva ya tres semanas y nada.


    Great 1st grow
    I love this kit! I wasn't using a really sterile environment, no stable temperature and still got a decent 1st flush...about 20gr dried, haven't tried them yet but they are all bruising blue...some small ones even dark-blue. Can't wait until 4:20, when i leave from work!


    started pinning very fast, but not many in count


    C'est le premier kit que j'ai fait pousser. Le 1er flush a donné une récolte très satisfaisante et wow, quels effets! Meilleur trip de ma vie pour le moment. Le 3ème flush est en train de pousser, il y en a des gros qui apparaissent. J'ai bien suivi les indications et tout s'est bien passé :) merci zamnesia!


    Good all rounder


    Very dissapointed.
    I bought these a while back and was impressed with how quick I received them, however, that's the only thing that did impress me. I also bought the heat mat and followed instructions and waited and waited. I contacted Zamnesia and to be fair they got back quickly. I was told to get some air into the bag which I did, still nothing. I was told to get back to them with updates, in the end nothing ever happened, nothing grew. I also sent a photo of the batch number. I read a lot of reviews about their great customer service and how they sent new boxes out to people but I never got offered anything, I even ordered a different strain last Monday and wasn't even offered a discount or anything, very poor. If these don't show, I'll never order again. So far €64 in the bin. The one star is just for the quick delivery.


    Be careful
    So I'm giving one less star than usual. I was sent a box delivery is perfect very fast tracking and discreet however after 15 days nothing came up. Zamnesia were quickly to respond with advice and re-sent another box to me. However giving it a soak before the first flush as advised, there was green mold already growing just after one day. I was really disappointed. However Zamnesia were understanding and sending another box. Never hesitate to ask Zamnesia with questions and they'll always help. Sadly I can't say much about these mushrooms. I'll be back to grow them again. However there batch may be off so be very vigilant with hygiene and sterile equipment. Happy growing.

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Zamnesia Grow Kit 'PES Amazonian'
Zamnesia Grow Kit 'PES Amazonian'