Zamnesia Grow Kit 'PES Amazonian'


Believed to originate in the Amazon jungle, PES Amazonian delivers a psychedelic experience worthy of shamans and soul searchers. Revered for growing tall and developing an exotic cap with a pronounced nipple, this cubensis offers a lightning-fast colonisation speed.

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Zamnesia - PES Amazonian: Channel The Spiritual Prowess Of Amazonian Shamans

If you want to tap into the shamanistic abilities of the Amazonians, then this exotic-looking Psilocybe cubensis is the ideal choice. With a tendency to incite feelings of joy and a desire to get up and dance, the body buzz will take you on a spiritual journey like no other. Known for its large, fleshy, nipple-shaped caps, PES Amazonian grows both tall and fast.

These grow kits consist of a layer of perlite (to retain water), colonised rye cake, and vermiculite (casing layer). The kits are ready to grow when they arrive at your doorstep—all you need for the mushrooms to develop is a little patience and a light spray of water every day. Although yields may be low, at least for the first few flushes, the tradeoff is a sprawling collection of PES Amazonian that seems intent on reaching for the sky. After a few weeks and several flushes, you will have harvested 400–600 grams of fresh, fast-fruiting mushrooms.

Zamnesia magic mushroom grow kits are grown by our very own in-house mycological experts and contain extremely healthy mycelium. Each kit provides a minimum of two flushes (maximum of five).

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Zamnesia Grow Kit 'PES Amazonian' data sheet
Volume 1200ML
Brand Zamnesia
Strain PES Amazonian

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Reviews (246)
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    very good assistance
    got a problem with a product. The team asked me about it and then refund it without further question. Now that is good support.

    D. M.

    Leider nicht ordentlich gewachsen
    Ich habe bis jetzt insgesamt 5 Pilz-Growboxen bestellt und muss sagen dass 4 einwandfrei funktioniert haben, diese eine jedoch leider nicht. Ich muss anmerken dass es die erste war die direkt von Marke "Zamnesia" war. Die 4 anderen Growboxen waren von anderen Marken mit anderen Anleitungen. Anfangs schien noch alles ok zu sein, die Primordien haben sich gut zu kleinen Pilzen entwickelt jedoch kam dann ein Stillstand und die Pilze sind einfach nicht fertig ausgereift. Ich konnte keine Kontamination feststellen, außer einen "modrigen" Geruch. Ich war bei der Anleitung von Anfang an skeptisch, da lt dieser 150ml Wasser direkt in den Sack gefüllt werden sollten nachdem die Box ohnehin schon 9-12 Stunden eingewässert wurde. In den anderen Anleitungen ist so ein vorgehen nicht notwendig. Ich habe mich dennoch an die Anleitung gehalten und die Anweisung befolgt. Ich denke dass es dazu geführt hat dass die Pilze zu viel Feuchtigkeit bekommen haben und deswegen nicht weiter gewachsen sind, was ich sehr schade finde. Da mir das NUR bei dieser Zamnesia-Box passiert ist und ich sonst alles weitere genau wie bei den anderen Boxen gemacht habe, führe ich das auf die Anleitung und nicht auf mein Unvermögen zurück. Aufgrund dieser Erfahrung werde ich wohl keine weitere Box der Marke Zamnesia bestellen, sondern mich auf die anderen Marken beschränken.

    R. B.

    I had never grown mushrooms before so this was a completely new experience for me. It was incredibly easy to grow. First pins started showing after a week and in the second and third flush the pins grew in less than a day. I'm gonna try to get a fo

    S. H.

    Super good box
    The 5th flush is growing right now! Really amazing!

    C. R.

    Amazing kit
    I bought two kits this time. One of them was Amazonian (my favorite and most reliable kit so far). The first 3 flashes I was getting around 120 - 130 g fresh. That was very interesting since normally You get a little less each time you make a new flush. At my 4th flush I indeed got half of what I was getting so far, but at this point I had around 440g fresh (almost half a kilo from 4 flushes...that is a personal best so far). I could go for a 5th flush but unfortunately I am moving soon. Easy my favorite and most reliable kit so far. Don't expect to have similar results with every kit. Sometimes It's like this and sometimes It will be half. But the quality was always excellent.

    P. A.

    Unfortunately nothing grows
    It's been more than two weeks since I received the kit and started cultivating it, but nothing has grown.

    Y. T.

    Culture facile et rapide (je suis sur la 3e phase de pousse). Un voyage riche et très intéressant ! Merci énormément :)

    P. C.

    So so easy to grow these! First timer here, but got decent first flush which was ready to harvest in 3 weeks, second flush was like a magic! After soaking them to prep for second flush, little pins could be seen in less than 10 hours and harvest some massive ones after just a week!!! So strong you need a small bite if you are beginner and 100% microdosing! Worth the money and the trip 🫠

    H. Y.

    Changed my life, thank you zamnesia for making possible.

    G. B.

    È la prima volta che li uso,sono da capire ma soprattutto se non esageri con la quantità ti regalano un ottimo trip

    M. F.
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Zamnesia Grow Kit 'PES Amazonian'
Zamnesia Grow Kit 'PES Amazonian'
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