Zamnesia Grow Kit 'B+'


Psilocybe Cubensis "B+" is one of the most popular varieties because of its beautiful fruit-bodies. These grow-kits are capable of producing multiple flushes (treat them correctly and you will see several flushes) and all you need is patience and some water. The grow kit contains vermiculite as casing layer, perlite to retain water and the colonized substrate.

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Zamnesia - Grow Kit B+: Great choice to be positive

Psilocybe Cubensis "B+" is one of the most popular magic mushroom strains because of beautiful fruit-bodies. Some specimen can reach a size of up to 30cm. Another reason for the popularity of this strain is, that the sometimes occurring nausea at the onset of the trip is much less pronounced as with other varieties. The name "B+" perfectly fits, because of the effect of this strain - you will definitely Be Positive for hours.

Zamnesia magic mushroom grow kits are grown by our very own in-house mycological experts and contain extremely healthy mycelium.

This grow-kit contains perlite (to retain water), vermiculite (as a casing layer) and fully colonized substrate. The kit is ready to grow when it arrives at your doorstep.

Manual Zamnesia Grow Kit

Scope of delivery

  • Grow-kit
  • Grow bag

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Volume 1200ML
Brand Zamnesia
Strain B+

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Reviews (38)

    Comme prévu
    La boite de culture est arrivée dans les temps malgré les problèmes de distribution rencontrés ces derniers temps. La montée de la première récolte a mis un peu de temps a cause des conditions climatiques instables des premières semaines mais la récolte fut conséquente lorsque le spot idéal a été trouvé, plus de 170g frais pour la première récolte, et la deuxième qui est en train d'arriver rapidement! Les instructions de culture sont un peu nébuleuses par contre, je vous conseille de chercher sur plusieurs site/forums pour avoir une bonne idée des différentes étapes.


    Zamnesia B+ grow kit
    so far so good they arrived in a very discreet box and seems to have no contamination very happy with my order


    I really enjoyed growing my own mushrooms with this kit. My first batch wasnt perfect because I was struggling to find the right place (out of breezy corridors, with enough indirect sunlight and a temperature of 18*C and up) but once I moved it to the right spot my batch shot up like, .. well, mushrooms. It's a fun little DIY project to keep you busy in these Corona times. The second batch did great and the third batch now has some really big mushrooms on it, they'll be ready for harvest soon. Crushed some from the first batch in to powder and took it as a shot (with lemon juice) and had an amazing afternoon.


    Super satisfied!
    Just follow the instructions, watch out for the light, they need to be in the shade, real shade, almost dark. Had a better 2nd growth when put them in a darker place.


    I like
    First flush about 15g dry so most def recomend. Not the strongest trip but fun anyway.


    Never grown
    They quickly had grown the micellium but never developed the mushroom. They sent me a replacement without any problem but it didn´t grown neither. After the third replacement I thrown the towel and stopped asking for more because I couldn´t see any result. I followed all the instructions and the kit wasn´t infected, they just didn´t grow as expected. Maybe I will try it again soon because I had ordered othe species in this site that had grown correctly


    Super service SAV
    Les kits ont malheureusement été contaminés. Mais ils ont été remplacés par le SAV. Super à l'écoute et bienveillant. Malgré tout j'avais bossé très proprement.peut être dunk avec de l'eau stérile ?


    Leider Betrug die Gesamternte nach 3 Anläufen ca 2 Gramm trocken. Set kam nicht wirklich Kultiviert an... Hier und da weiße Flecken der Sporen ,nicht wie in den Produktbildern zu sehen ist...


    My first growkit seems to be contaminated, but Zamnesia sent me a second one for free. Should be arriving today.


    negative experience
    I bought two kits, one had very little productivity, the other none at all. And they are even very expensive, i'm not going to buy anymore

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Video (1)
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    The Mushroom Heat Mat By Zamnesia

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Zamnesia Grow Kit 'B+'
Zamnesia Grow Kit 'B+'
Zamnesia Grow Kit 'B+'
Zamnesia Grow Kit 'B+'