Hawaiian Baby Woodrose


The classic ‘natural acid’ seed, used in ancient shamanic practices and by modern psychonauts alike. Reported to have LSD-like effects, but less intense and with fewer visuals. Modern interest was stimulated by a 1972 book claiming Hawaiians used the seeds for a ‘cheap high’.

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Hawaiian baby woodrose (Argyreia nervosa) is a perennial climbing vine with large heart-shaped leaves and white trumpet-shaped flowers. Originally native to India, it now grows around the world, including Hawaii. Its large furry seeds grow in seedpods and contain the psychedelic LSA.

Trip lasts 6-8 hours; tranquil feelings may last additional 12 hours. Sleep is deep and refreshing after trip.

A pack of Hawaiian baby woodrose contains 10 seeds.


The active ingredients in Hawaiian baby woodrose are D-lysergic Acid Amide (LSA) and related compounds.

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Reviews (308)

    Nessun effetto
    Nessun effetto, neppure nausea, né la prima volta con 3 semi né la seconda con 7.


    Nice- not as queasy as I expected
    Took 5 seeds as a tester without preparing at all, and really didn’t get sick at all only mildley queasy. I’ve not taken acid but have tried mushrooms and the effects were similar but without any visuals. I made the mistake of taking with noisy people drinking, this was a bad call. Nature or a quiet space with calm people is a must. I’m looking forward to taking a larger dose next time.


    Stato onirico
    Effetto rilassante e stimolante di un sonno mistico


    Ventre vide
    Plus leger que les graine de Lianes d’argent de Madagascar. C’est plus digeste c’est graigraine à faire en tisane comme le site zamnesia l’explique, et la monter plus rapide que à mâcher .


    El producto cumple perfectamente con lo que dice. Lo malo que mi primera experincia no fue muy buena. NUNCA MASTIQUES LAS SEMILLAS Y LAS COMAS! Recuerda siempre esto ya que te dará mucho dolor de tripa. Para tener un buen viaje, realiza una extracción del LSA ya que ingiriendo las semillas puedes pasar 4-6 horas muy malas ya que no disfrutas el viaje por el malestar. Si realizas una buena extracción de las semillas no tendrás ningun problema y podrás disfrutar del viaje al 100%. Tienes que tener en cuenta que el LSA no es como los hongos (si es lo que esperas), no tendrás esos efectos visuales ni la misma sensación. El efecto de estos es muy sedante y estarás casi sin moverte porque te quedas totalmente sedado. La sensación es muy agradable (siempre que no hayas comido las semillas jaja). Recuerda siempre ingerirlo con el estomago vacío (con hambre) ya que si has comido hace poco, el efecto puede que no lo notes igual, ademas de poder expulsarlo. Mi recomendación es que tengas algo para comer y beber cerca ya que no querrás moverte para nada. Por lo demás es perfecto.


    LSA Seeds
    Taste : ** Nausea : * ( not much nausea ) Effect : **** ( depends on dose ) Decently worth a buy and a try.


    Not very special
    I ate 5 seeds and i was feeling a bit nauseous after it. I got very tired but i couldn't sleep because my mind was still up. Hearing was only a bit changed and almost no hallucinations. Maybe higher dose? Gotta try heavenly blue too.


    Bon, Première prise : 3 graines, rien. Seconde prise : 7 graines, j'étais comme dans un genre d'état second un peu comme quand tu es "bourré" mais avec un bon mal de ventre et une grosse fatigue. Pas d'effets type LSD. Je vous invite plus à vous tournez du côté des truffes c'est bien mieux à mon sens.


    pris 5 graines (60kg, 1m70, jeune)
    J'ai pris 5 graines pour la 2è fois (car la 1r fois j'avais juste l'impression d'être défoncé avec 3 graines), j'ai maché les graines une par une puis les effets sont arrivés 1 heure après, très peu de visu mais très posé ! par contre ne surtout pas prendre en public. Je conseille mais renseigné vous avant d'en prendre. Ne prenez pas plusieurs paquet de plusieurs variété comme j'ai fait, un bon trip m'a suffit pour ne plus en prendre.


    soldi buttati
    io però 50kg e non avevo mai assunto sostanze di questo tipo.fumo solo erba. arrivato il pacco ne ho presi 2 a stomaco vuoto..aspetto quasi 2 ore e niente,ne prendo altri 2 e poi quasi subito un terzo..aspetto e ancora niente.niente nausea,niente sonnolenza,niente di niente.alla fine prendo i restanti 5 tutti insieme e ancora niente. morale,li ho presi tutti e 10 in una giornata e il risultato è stato pari a zero..potrà anche essere soggettivo ma secondo me il prodotto non è top.io ho buttato nel cesso i soldi e sono molto delusa.non li comprerò mai più,o di certo non qui

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Questions (3)
Bastian 2014-07-20 16:33:17

Wie lange sind diese Samen haltbar?


The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose can be stored at least 2 years after purchase

Tom 2014-05-14 15:02:51

How much seeds are in the packet?


A pack of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose contains 10 seeds.

Luca 2013-08-03 11:04:15

Can i plant this seeds?


The intended purpose of this product is not for it to be grown. There is a chance that it may germinate, but we cannot guarantee it.

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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose