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LSA mexican tribe

Whilst not as powerful as LSD, LSA can induce light to medium strength psychedelic effects that are reminiscent of LSD, although distinctly more sedative and with more physical side effects. LSA produces most of the common effects known from the class of psychedelic substances. Indigenous Mexican tribes used LSA in sacred ceremonies, providing further evidence for their entheogenic value.
Effects vary largely from person to person.




The range of experience includes:

  • - Psychedelic headspace
  • - Geometrical visions
  • - Euphoria
  • - Sedation
  • - Philosophical introspection
  • - Feelings of unity and connectedness

One common and frequent experience is that of nausea, sometimes leading to vomiting. Due to a number of other alkaloids being present in the various types of LSA seeds, a complete toxicity assessment is to available, to our knowledge. There have been reports of LSA containing cyanogenic glycosides, which also occur in certain types of nuts and beans. It has been speculated that LSA doesn‘t cause nausea by itself, but that the accompanying alkaloids are causing it.

In addition to the hallucinogenic effects of LSA, it is not uncommon to experience feelings of drowsiness and sedation. Some have also reported having mixed results session to session, even though ingesting the same amount of seeds from the same batch as their previous trip. This can be related to whether you have eaten anything before you take LSA. It is generally advised that you have an empty stomach before taking LSA.

Possible negative effects:

      • - Nausea, vomiting
      • - Mental confusion
      • - Muscle cramping
      • - Increased anxiety
  • - LSA can produce a hangover and afterglow that feels somewhat spacey and light headed.

A standard trip on LSA usually tends to last between 6-10 hours on average, but this is anecdotal and can vary person to person.



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