Hawaiian Baby Woodrose


The classic ‘natural acid’ seed, used in ancient shamanic practices and by modern psychonauts alike. Reported to have LSD-like effects, but less intense and with fewer visuals. Modern interest was stimulated by a 1972 book claiming Hawaiians used the seeds for a ‘cheap high’.

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Hawaiian baby woodrose (Argyreia nervosa) is a perennial climbing vine with large heart-shaped leaves and white trumpet-shaped flowers. Originally native to India, it now grows around the world, including Hawaii. Its large furry seeds grow in seedpods and contain the psychedelic LSA.

Trip lasts 6-8 hours; tranquil feelings may last additional 12 hours. Sleep is deep and refreshing after trip.

A pack of Hawaiian baby woodrose contains 10 seeds.


The active ingredients in Hawaiian baby woodrose are D-lysergic Acid Amide (LSA) and related compounds.

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Reviews (307)

    Pour ceux qui aiment le LSA, les graines de hawaiian baby woodrose sont la méthode la plus simple pour en extraire . Moudre les graines dans un verre,rajoutez de l'eau. Laissez 4-5 minutes en remuant de temps en temps (le liquide est devenu verdâtre), buvez et attendez 30-45 minutes pour en ressentir les effets.


    Interesting first try
    I took only three seeds that I chewed without swallowing until my mouth could not hold any more saliva. I then spit the whole thing. I had to sit for a moment, I thought I was going to be sick. I almost lost consciousness. After a few minutes, I was relaxed and happy. The altered state lasted for a few hours. An interesting first try…


    Déçue :(
    Nous avons infusé des graines broyées pendant plusieurs jours.Comme conseiller nous avons fait 10 graines pour 2 personne.Consommé a jeun le matin 0 effet visuel mise à part des nausées et maux d’estomac pendant plusieurs heures.Autant de continuer avec des truffes.


    Esperienza piacevolissima,estratto a freddo di semi mescolato con succo di frutta. In realtà non riesco a ricordare quanto tempo è durato l'effetto....


    Ya mieux
    J'ai tester plusieur fois c'est graine classic et depuis un moment j'utilise se de Madagascar qui sont très visuel avec 4 graine comparé à 8 de cette souche


    Be careful!
    I follow the cold extraction instructions more times, the first one I was really sick for 3 hours, one of the worst experience I had with a smart drug. The second and the thirds I used less seeds, it went better with nausea (I took dimenhydrinate and I filter better), but with very low effect. Maybe it's not for me or maybe I have done something wrong. I honestly don't recommend anyone to try LSA extractions


    Mauvaise expérience
    J'ai eu des nausées plusieurs heures, et aucun visuels.


    So as not to miss the experience I took the ten seeds at once: no fun, but very interesting


    I give 5 stars for the zamnesia quality service
    but I didn't tested yet. Kind of afraid a bit. but soon, cold water extraction. and someone maybe to share with uh uh


    Le monde d’ipomé est magnifique mais capricieux
    C toujours un délire mais il arrive que l’on passe à côté c comme sa ! Il faut bien faire attention à c ses repas les jours d’avant et rentrer tranquille sans attente car sa jour aussi si le mentale ne lache pas le morceau ipome non plus ! Par contre quand le délire démarre c 12 h de voyage grandiose

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Questions (3)
Bastian 2014-07-20 16:33:17

Wie lange sind diese Samen haltbar?


The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose can be stored at least 2 years after purchase

Tom 2014-05-14 15:02:51

How much seeds are in the packet?


A pack of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose contains 10 seeds.

Luca 2013-08-03 11:04:15

Can i plant this seeds?


The intended purpose of this product is not for it to be grown. There is a chance that it may germinate, but we cannot guarantee it.

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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose
Hawaiian Baby Woodrose