This herbal psychedelic from Happy Caps is based on Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (HBW) seeds (Argyreia nervosa), with a shot of cafeine for added buzz.

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HBW is a perennial climbing vine with large heart-shaped leaves and white trumpet-shaped flowers. Originally native to India, it now grows around the world, including Hawaii. Its large furry seeds grow in seedpods and contain the psychedelic LSA.

A pack of Trip-e contains 4 capsules.


Take 1 capsule 45 minutes before the desired effect.


The active ingredients in Trip-E are (amounts per capsule):

  • Hawaiian baby woodrose (150 mg, the active ingredients of which are D-lysergic acid amide and related compounds).
  • Cafeine (20 mg)
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Calcium dioxide
  • Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (vegetarian capsule)
Trip-E data sheet
Number of caps 4
Reviews (282)

    Perhaps the greatest teacher amongst psychedelics. The level of personal introspection is unlike any other psychedelic I've experienced. I first ingested 1 capsule, then decided a single one won't live up to my expectations, so I took another one ~30 mins after. The come-up was rather long, as expected (1-2hrs). The stomach queasiness presented itself in waves, but it was far less intense than I anticipated. Towards the end of the nausea waves, I had second thoughts about ingesting it on that day, but once the deep thought struck me, and I mean it REALLY struck me, I started crying happy tears, out of gratefulness for everything I have in my life, that no matter how often I paint it to myself as being unfitting and imperfect when I'm at my lows, it is, in reality, indeed the most perfect life I could wish for. In comparison to LySergiDe, the visual stimulation is rather unapparent, but it greatly makes up for the relative lack of visuals, in the other aspects. Perhaps the most remarkable part is that it was very comparable to the first time on Rolls, in relation to the amount of pure love for my life I experienced, love for everything in general. In fact, it was so similar to M in some moments, that I questioned if this really wasn't LSA, but rather M. (yeah, it was so similar!) Not to mention the bodily feeling, just feeling your head, your hair, your skin, with your hands, it was purely amazing, far far away from the uncomfortable body high most people describe. Overall, the duration of effects was ~6 hours, which I'm absolutely at peace with, as it isn't too long of a trip. To top it all off, there was an EXTRA capsule in the pack, so for this blessing I thank you very much, Elves! In conclusion, this was amazing. I recommend this to those that find themselves in relatively good mental health. If utilized correctly, this can be a VERY therapeutic experience, far more so than any therapeutic session, as it doesn't guess, it attaches itself to your receptors and it reads you, it KNOWS you. Akin to a running a debugging program on your latest program build, so you can rewrite faulty code.


    I tried them yesterday with my bf (2 caps for each), we had stuff to do in the afternoon so we went outside after a couple hours waiting for the effects to kick in. And they did, right in the middle of the thing! I started looking at the peach fuzz on my hand as it literally started sparkling, that's when my bf looked at me and told me he was getting high too, and from that it was a matter of time until we both freaked out laughing at everything and acting pretty manic (that's what I think we looked like from outside). Side effect, it can give you lots of nausea and anxious feelings in your chest/stomach (I also had to s**t a lot in the evening lol), but I didn't expect it to kick in so strongly and I really think I'll try it again in the future to see if it's better being aware of what follows. 🤓


    De la frappe, magnifique !
    Bonjour, hier j'ai décidé de prendre 2 caps en tout, j'en ai pris une a 22h et une autre a minuit + quelques spliffs, j'ai eu une montée incroyable du début jusqu'à la fin, j'avais l'impression d'être sous taz ! L'effet a commencé en 20-30 min et d'une durée de bien 7h Ça m'a couché j'suis resté allongé totalement def dans mon lit a subir les effets agréables avec des petits sons trippants, j'ai fais de gros trips, visuels a un moment j'avais cru que mon corps était coupé en 2, je sentais les sensations dans tout le corps Aucun effet désagréables, je recommande et j'en recommanderai ! Merci


    Intéressant et rentable
    Bien moins violents que les graines de LSA pures, les effets indésirables sont tout de même bien présents. Attendez vous à quelques nausées (parfois assez désagréables, mais qui passent relativement vite) et des douleurs au niveau des articulations (astuce : prendre une douche froide puis glacée, ça améliore la circulation du sang et c'est que du bonheur). A part ces petits détails, le trip est modéré et très agréable. Euphorie, pas spécialement d'hallu, créativité. Ne vous attendez pas révolutionner votre monde, mais c'est tout de même très rentable pour une soirée chill seul ou bien accompagné. A prendre à jeun, une caps, puis une deuxième quand les effets de la première se dissipent (et éviter de boire trop de café avant, trop de caféine tue la caféine.. et le cœur). Enjoy !


    Vraiment cool !
    La montée est un peu désagréable mais après 2 gélules j’étais plutôt bien avec des effets semblables aux truffes magique en beaucoup moins fort ! Bien pour les débutants !


    War ok.
    Erwarte habe ich mir nicht all zu viel und wurde dann auch nicht enttäuscht. Sehr angenehmes Körper-High und Gefühl der Leichtigkeit. Leider keinerlei Visuals Zum Ausprobieren auf jeden fall mal gönnen.


    I had experience so far with MDMA & Psylocybin but these were on another level. Honestly I firstly thought I wouldn't get any noticeable effects out of the pills after taking 3 Space-E Caps & 2 Trip E Caps & 2 hours of waiting, I didn't feel any changes. I took another 2 Trip-E Caps after these 2 hours and i don't know how LSD feels, but I can imagine that it came very close to a trip that feels like that. The effects came slowly 30 - 60 min after the last take. Things were slightly control able during the trip and I never felt more connected to the universe in my whole life. Everything makes Sense We are on the right path In the end all will be good This is definitely not for people without a strong mindset. I can imagine that if I would have taken this much a few years earlier without me learning about personal development, it could have been easy a bad experience. My stomach felt a little bit full during the trip, but it never felt too bad. I loved it and I will take another trip in the future for sure :)


    Ganz unangenehm
    Ich bin gerade drauf und kann es kaum erwarten wieder nüchtern zu sein. Ich fühle mich seltsam, hilflos, wie betrunken. Ich laufe wie jemand der zu viel gesoffen hat und kann auch gar nicht klar denken das ist viel zu anstrengend. Alles ist anstrengend und ich verstehe die jenigen nicht die sowas feiern. Ich liege seit Beginn des trips im Bett und hoffe dass es so schnell wie möglich endet. Da finde ich einen horrortrip auf Pilzen viel angenehmer als einen schlechten Trip auf diesem Zeug. Leute nehmt keine 2 kapseln.. Liebe Grüße :)


    So much fun!
    Appreciate it a lot!!


    beeing a psychonaut with experience in the field of psychedelics , i absolutly reccomend this product for a lighter and controlable trip and chillout time, but just 1 capsule is not enough, for a more profound experience you need 2-3 caps at a time

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Questions (2)
Stephanie 2013-08-06 14:40:44

Combien de temps dure le trip? Où doit-on conserver le paquet et combien de temps peut-on le conserver?


When consumed, you will start noticing the effect after about 30 minutes. From 45 minutes, you will notice its full effect, which will last for a about 3 hours. From then it will start to lessen, but you will be able to sense it's effects for a total of 5 to 6 hours. Please note though that you will feel a portion of the initial effect for the rest of the day.

didier fillion 2013-04-09 17:17:42

il y a combien de capsule ?


Each packet contains 2,2grams in 4 (vega)capsules.

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