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MushMush Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

McKennai Growkit  

Learn how to grow your own batch of magic mushrooms using the MushMush Grow Kits.

The MushMush Magic Mushroom Grow Kits are straightforward and easy to use. They contain everything your mushrooms need to thrive; all you need to provide is some water and patience. The result? High-yielding psilocybin goodness!

Each tub contains a layer of perlite for water retention, a layer of mycelium for mushroom growth, and a thin layer of vermiculite to create a casing layer that both protects the mycelium and provides a micro-environment ideal for growth.

IMPORTANT: Always thoroughly wash your hands before handling the kit or working with its contents in any way. Mushrooms are very vulnerable to contamination; it is important to keep your hands sterile. Under no circumstances should you breathe into the bag. This highly increases the risk of contamination.

For similar reasons, we highly recommend NOT using any aluminum foil to grow your mushrooms.

Product contents: With each MushMush Grow Kit you will receive:

  • 1 Grow Kit filled with everything your mushrooms need to grow
  • 1 Grow Bag
  • 2 Paper Clips

You will additionally need: clean tap water, a warm, bright place out of direct sunlight, and patience. Spraying the inside of the grow bag is not even needed with these grow kits!

We highly recommend NOT using any aluminium foil to grow your mushrooms. This isn't necessary at all.



Carefully remove the lid from the plastic container and gently fill it with cold tap water. The mycelium needs to be fully submerged. If it's difficult to fully submerge the kit, you can pull on the sides of the plastic container a bit to create a gap.



Place the lid back on the plastic container and leave the grow kit to sit for 12 hours. This allows the water to soak in. You can just place the grow kit on your kitchen counter while it's soaking.



After 12 hours, lift up one corner of the lid and gently pour out all excess water. The kit is now ready to start growing.



Take off the lid, clean it, and store for later use. Place the MushMush grow kit in the supplied grow bag. Ensure that the bag is standing upright with the opening at the top.



Close the bag by folding the top twice and securing with the supplied paper clips.



Place the bag with kit in a well-lit area that maintains a consistent temperature of 20-25°C. Do not place the kit in direct sunlight or on top of a radiator! Mushrooms require natural warm temperatures and indirect light (solar or artificial) to thrive.

Note: A grow kit heating mat can support the growing process, but it won’t make up for a room temperature that’s too low.

Keep An Eye On It  


The kit is now completely set up for the first flush. Just keep an eye on it to follow the growing process. It could take up to 14 days before the first pins show up (depending on the growing circumstances). These mushrooms should mature in about 7 days.

IMPORTANT: There's no need to spray and/or open the bag when growing with these kits. Just leave the kit and let the mushrooms grow!

Harvest All Of Your Mushrooms


Harvest all of your mushrooms, big and small, just before the veils under the caps break! When you have completely harvested the kit, soak the kit again, put the lid on it, and let it sit for 12 hours.

Harvest Up To 5 Flushes


After 12 hours, you can set up the kit again, using the steps described above. If done correctly, you should be able to harvest up to 5 flushes.


Magic Mushrooms can take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks to start popping up their heads. Patience is key here; do not continually open the bag to have a look. By doing so, you let warmth and moisture escape while potentially letting contaminants in.

Eventually, the mushroom heads will begin to appear. When this happens, your mushrooms will develop rapidly, usually ready for their first harvest after an additional week of growing. The great majority of these mushrooms will reach maturity at the same time, allowing for one large harvest.


The best time to harvest your magic mushroom from the MushMush Grow Kit is just before the veil under the caps start to tear. The best way to time this is to watch your mushrooms carefully as they grow. When the veils of one or two mushrooms have torn, you can be pretty certain the rest are not far behind, meaning this is the ideal time to harvest.

To harvest, gently grab a mushroom at its base between two fingers, and twist with a soft upwards motion. They will come loose. Once the veils of the first mushrooms have broken, you should harvest the whole kit at once, so you can soak the entire thing again afterwards.

Additional harvests

You have now successfully harvested your first flush of mushrooms, but the mycelium in the kit has more to give. You can repeat this entire process, beginning at step 1, to achieve another harvest, and potentially even a third, fourth, and fifth! However, before you begin the process again, make sure to remove all remaining little mushrooms from the kit that didn’t make it to maturity. You need a clear cake, just like when you first received it.


We strongly advise against storing your kit. They should be used as soon as you receive them; storing increases the risk of contamination. If, for whatever reason, you must store your kit, leave the kit in its original box and put in the fridge at 4-8°C. It should be okay here for 3 to 4 weeks. Once again, we do not recommend doing this; only do it if you have no other choice.



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