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Effects of Silene capensis

Silene Capensis dream

The main effect of African dream root is to induce vivid and lucid dreams, as well as enhancing the quality of sleep. Dreams become more intense and memorable, and with practice even fully lucid. Silene capensis enhances lucidity, but this state is easiest achieved by those who already have experience in navigating the dreamworld.

It is worth noting that the effects of African dream root are not always immediate, often the plant has to be taken for a few days to experience the vividness of dreams. However, once it has kicked in, you can expect to enter the bizarre world of dreams on a more conscious level. Also, the root leaves you feeling refreshed upon wakening.

In large singular quantities, African dream root can have a purging quality. Although no harmful effects have ever been recorded, it can cause vomiting – so it is advisable to stick to recommended doses.

African dream root