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Best Incense For Relaxation And Sleep

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Here at Zamnesia, we bring you all sorts of herbs. Herbal incense is a safe and cost-effective way to unwind. Discover our best varieties of incense for easing the mind, body and soul.

Incense can open up a whole new space for relaxation in your life. It seems that stress and anxiety are widespread these days, so there's no shame at all in taking time for peace and quiet. Burning some incense as you unwind creates an atmosphere like no other.


The use of incense dates back thousands of years in regions across the globe. It is often featured in the rituals and scripture of the world's major religions. Ever been to a church or temple which had that smoky, yet pleasant aroma in the air? Incense appears to bring the mind’s focus toward the inner spirit, relaxing the body. Scientifically speaking, powerful smells both inhibit and excite certain cells in the olfactory area of the brain. They can trigger happy memories or sensations of calm which can help to boost your immune system. They have also been known to have aphrodisiac qualities. A different kind of fulfillment can be found when using incense for private relaxation.


Sandalwood For Relaxation And Sleep

Sandalwood is one of the most valuable kinds of wood in the world. The Hindu faith considers it sacred, associated with the gods Shiva and Lakshmi. Used as incense, the aroma of sandalwood produces a rich, smooth, creamy scent of warm milk with traces of citrus. This bold scent will enthrall you with its amber, floral and spicy subtleties. It is popular among world religions. This great pleasure for the senses appears in ceremonies associated with numerous faiths, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sufism, Zoroastrianism and faiths of the Chinese and Japanese people. Maybe they were all on to something. Sandalwood comes highly recommended for any time you need to clear the mind.

Top 6 Products To Help You Relax

Whether you prefer to smoke your way to tranquility or simply pop a capsule, this handy guide will help you find a product that suits your needs.


Lavender For Relaxation And Sleep

The beautiful, vivid shades of purple on the lavender plant are matched only by its scent. It is as if the colour purple had a smell and that smell was a flowery pine so fruity that it instantly induces calm. It is widely used in various forms for soothing the body and soul. Let lavender incense immerse you in that unmistakeable aroma so often used in cosmetics. Even the Bible sings lavender's praises in the Song of Solomon. Lavender makes the perfect gift for yourself and for romantic occasions. Try scenting your room with its incense and get in touch with your inner self.


Chamomile For Relaxation And Sleep

Also widely used for its medicinal benefits, chamomile has a delightfully fresh scent which can't help but have a positive impact on the brain. Hints of apple and tea are bound to be pleasurable when chamomile is burned as incense. Rest easy and let your troubles melt away to the fragrance of a gentle spring day. Chamomile's use dates back to the ancient empires of Egypt, Greece and Rome. As a herbal remedy, it has been applied to treat insomnia, nausea and coughing. As incense, the amber balm will make you feel nice and cozy.


Valerian For Relaxation And Sleep

Sleep is so important for your health. Maybe you need a little help to ease the process. Some downtime with valerian incense may help those struggling with insomnia and anxiety to enjoy some tender, loving self-care. Extract of valerian root is commonly used to treat sleeping problems. Its incense produces a pungent balm that delights the nostrils. Find yourself breathing more deeply and on your way toward pleasant dreams. Try it with someone who would like to test its reputation as an aphrodisiac with you. Thank Hertha! The old Germanic goddess with whom the herb is associated.

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