Actitube Activated Charcoal Filter 'Slim'


With these active carbon filters by actiTube you can reduce the tar intake while indulging the pleasure of smoking a cigarette or blunt. The filters have ceramic caps at both ends, making every puff taste smooth and cool. These 'Slim' filter tips do not fit into the 'Tune In' smoking pipe. Length: 27mm

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actiTube - Activated Charcoal SLIM Filters: Bring Your Smoke to New Levels of Smoothness

As cannabis is slowly but surely accepted worldwide, innovations continue to enhance the marketplace. Some of the brilliant minds in the industry today have come up with a way to make smoking less detrimental to your lungs. This is where actiTube SLIM activated charcoal filters come into play. Not only do they provide a healthier smoking option, but they also improve the flavour of every hit you take.

If you want to know more about what this product is all about, be sure to keep reading.

What Are actiTube SLIM Filters?

You’re probably used to the cardboard filter tips you can purchase from headshops. While these may ultimately do the job, actiTube activated charcoal filters level-up the smoking experience a few notches. ActiTube SLIM filters are made from activated charcoal (also known as activated carbon), which does a better job of keeping out the harmful elements of smoking than conventional filters. They are 7mm in diameter, which makes them an ideal fit for your papers and other smoking devices.

Who Makes actiTube Activated Carbon Filters?

Activated carbon filters by actiTube were first crafted in Germany in 2001, under the name “Tune Smart Smoking”. They changed the name to actiTube 13 years later for trademark purposes. The slogan at the bottom of their website says it all: “Made in Germany - Enjoyed worldwide”.

What Is Activated Charcoal?

First of all, activated charcoal is different from the charcoal you use for grilling. This one is processed at high temperatures, giving it a more porous surface. It is usually produced using petroleum coke, coal, coconut shells, olive pits, and bone char. However, actiTube only uses plant-based raw materials.

Activated charcoal is widely used to manage poisoning and overdose incidents. It works by trapping unwanted toxins and chemicals that enter the body and prevents further absorption. Apart from being a poison treatment agent, activated charcoal has other uses. As studies have investigated, it binds with toxins to help the body flush them out easier. Ultimately, activated charcoal is seen as a reliable medium to keep toxins from wreaking havoc in the body.

How Does Activated Charcoal Improve Your Smoking Experience?

How Does Activated Charcoal Improve Your Smoking Experience?

SLIM activated carbon filter tips from actiTube do a lot to improve both the smoothness and flavour of the smoke. For the former, it does so by blocking both the smoke’s carbonyl and inorganic compounds. As a result, the flavour of the smoke is improved. Because these unwanted compounds are blocked, there is no more of that burnt taste you’d usually get. Instead, you’ll experience the strain’s full terpene profile, which enhances the flavours in your mouth by leaps and bounds.

What Is the Difference Between the actiTube Original Filter and the SLIM Version?

The actiTube original "REGULAR" filter is slightly bigger in size. These bad boys are 8mm in diameter—perfect for those who love to roll larger joints. They also work well for those one-hitter pipes. Other than that, both products do a splendid job of elevating one’s smoking experience.

actiTube SLIM vs Conventional Cotton Or Paper Filters

Overall, actiTube SLIM filters do a much better job of keeping the smoke’s toxins at bay. Regular filters like cotton or paper can effectively reduce temperatures and keep some bits of herb out of your mouth, but that’s about it. ActiTube SLIM filters lessen pollutants and hazardous substances in the airways. At the same time, they greatly improve the taste.

actiTube Filter Tips: Questions & Answers

Now, here are some of the frequently asked questions about the brand, which we’ve provided answers to for your convenience.

♻️ Can You Reuse actiTube Activated Carbon Filters?
Yes, you can. But since their main task is to filter out harmful substances, you won't want to reuse them too much. For actiTube activated charcoal filters, you can use them up to two times in total.
🔒 Why Is My actiTube Activated Charcoal Filter Clogging Up?
Let’s get a bit scientific here. They clog up mainly due to the temperature clash. The smoke brings in heat and mixes with the coldness of the activated charcoal. As a result, the humidity and smoke become condensed before they are filtered.

To prevent this, you’ll want to warm up your actiTube SLIM filters slightly before using them. A good trick is to place them on a pre-heated surface like a radiator. You can also take smaller hits to slow down the heat-up of smoke.
🍏 Are actiTube Activated Carbon Filters Suitable for Vegans?
All of actiTube’s activated carbon filters come with ceramic caps and are only made from natural raw materials. The company also assures all actiTube products originate from plant matter.
⚙️ Does Active Carbon Filter Out Any of the Good Stuff, Like Cannabinoids and Terpenes?
There has yet to be a research-based answer to this. However, the company assures its clients that the precious substances that give the plant its aroma, flavour, and effects aren’t lost. And so far, they have not received complaints of such nature from their consumers.
🗑️ How Do I Dispose of Used Activated Carbon Filters?
Another plus for the actiTube team is that their filters are biodegradable. If not used, they can be composted without issue. In terms of disposing them after use, as they contain the harmful elements associated with smoking, they need to be disposed of as residual waste.

Actitube Activated Charcoal Filter 'Slim' data sheet
Brand Actitube
Type Tips and Filters

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    Filtri perfetti
    Ottimo prodotto!

    A. B.

    troppo spessi
    a mio parere sono preferibili i Purize perchè dispongono di più misure e l'effetto filtrante è meno invasivo!

    L. G.

    The airflow is pretty smooth, ofcourse you have to pull a little harder compared to a open filter, it pulls like a vape pulls, great for smoking hasj, allot of the taste remains ALLOT tip easily falls out tho so make sure to roll tightly on the bottom or perhaps leave some paper on the end to fold a bit infront of the tip, otherwise very great choice.

    A. N.

    L. G.

    ,.sehr angenehm und gut zu verbasteln.

    M. W.

    ne vendo a centinaia i clienti sono entusiasti

    I. S.

    sehr zufrieden
    Für mich sind die Filter genau richtig! Ich mag die Grösse und die Filterleistung ist super. Kein unangenehmer Beigeschmack, werde ich wieder bestellen.

    A. K.

    Great filters, but a little too big
    Good quality but prefer 6mm so i use Zamnesia filters now

    A. P.


    A. B.

    Filtro eccellenti!!!

    C. A.
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Actitube Activated Charcoal Filter 'Slim'
Actitube Activated Charcoal Filter 'Slim'
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