Actitube Activated Charcoal Filter 'Slim'


With these active carbon filters by actiTube you can reduce the tar intake while indulging the pleasure of smoking a cigarette or blunt. The filters have ceramic caps at both ends, making every puff taste smooth and cool. These 'Slim' filter tips do not fit into the 'Tune In' smoking pipe. Length: 27mm

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actiTube - Activated Charcoal SLIM Filters: Bring Your Smoke to New Levels of Smoothness

As cannabis is slowly but surely accepted worldwide, innovations continue to enhance the marketplace. Some of the brilliant minds in the industry today have come up with a way to make smoking less detrimental to your lungs. This is where actiTube SLIM activated charcoal filters come into play. Not only do they provide a healthier smoking option, but they also improve the flavour of every hit you take.

If you want to know more about what this product is all about, be sure to keep reading.

What Are actiTube SLIM Filters?

You’re probably used to the cardboard filter tips you can purchase from headshops. While these may ultimately do the job, actiTube activated charcoal filters level-up the smoking experience a few notches. ActiTube SLIM filters are made from activated charcoal (also known as activated carbon), which does a better job of keeping out the harmful elements of smoking than conventional filters. They are 7mm in diameter, which makes them an ideal fit for your papers and other smoking devices.

Who Makes actiTube Activated Carbon Filters?

Activated carbon filters by actiTube were first crafted in Germany in 2001, under the name “Tune Smart Smoking”. They changed the name to actiTube 13 years later for trademark purposes. The slogan at the bottom of their website says it all: “Made in Germany - Enjoyed worldwide”.

What Is Activated Charcoal?

First of all, activated charcoal is different from the charcoal you use for grilling. This one is processed at high temperatures, giving it a more porous surface. It is usually produced using petroleum coke, coal, coconut shells, olive pits, and bone char. However, actiTube only uses plant-based raw materials.

Activated charcoal is widely used to manage poisoning and overdose incidents. It works by trapping unwanted toxins and chemicals that enter the body and prevents further absorption. Apart from being a poison treatment agent, activated charcoal has other uses. As studies have investigated, it binds with toxins to help the body flush them out easier. Ultimately, activated charcoal is seen as a reliable medium to keep toxins from wreaking havoc in the body.

How Does Activated Charcoal Improve Your Smoking Experience?

How Does Activated Charcoal Improve Your Smoking Experience?

SLIM activated carbon filter tips from actiTube do a lot to improve both the smoothness and flavour of the smoke. For the former, it does so by blocking both the smoke’s carbonyl and inorganic compounds. As a result, the flavour of the smoke is improved. Because these unwanted compounds are blocked, there is no more of that burnt taste you’d usually get. Instead, you’ll experience the strain’s full terpene profile, which enhances the flavours in your mouth by leaps and bounds.

What Is the Difference Between the actiTube Original Filter and the SLIM Version?

The actiTube original "REGULAR" filter is slightly bigger in size. These bad boys are 8mm in diameter—perfect for those who love to roll larger joints. They also work well for those one-hitter pipes. Other than that, both products do a splendid job of elevating one’s smoking experience.

actiTube SLIM vs Conventional Cotton Or Paper Filters

Overall, actiTube SLIM filters do a much better job of keeping the smoke’s toxins at bay. Regular filters like cotton or paper can effectively reduce temperatures and keep some bits of herb out of your mouth, but that’s about it. ActiTube SLIM filters lessen pollutants and hazardous substances in the airways. At the same time, they greatly improve the taste.

actiTube Filter Tips: Questions & Answers

Now, here are some of the frequently asked questions about the brand, which we’ve provided answers to for your convenience.

♻️ Can You Reuse actiTube Activated Carbon Filters?
Yes, you can. But since their main task is to filter out harmful substances, you won't want to reuse them too much. For actiTube activated charcoal filters, you can use them up to two times in total.
🔒 Why Is My actiTube Activated Charcoal Filter Clogging Up?
Let’s get a bit scientific here. They clog up mainly due to the temperature clash. The smoke brings in heat and mixes with the coldness of the activated charcoal. As a result, the humidity and smoke become condensed before they are filtered.

To prevent this, you’ll want to warm up your actiTube SLIM filters slightly before using them. A good trick is to place them on a pre-heated surface like a radiator. You can also take smaller hits to slow down the heat-up of smoke.
🍏 Are actiTube Activated Carbon Filters Suitable for Vegans?
All of actiTube’s activated carbon filters come with ceramic caps and are only made from natural raw materials. The company also assures all actiTube products originate from plant matter.
⚙️ Does Active Carbon Filter Out Any of the Good Stuff, Like Cannabinoids and Terpenes?
There has yet to be a research-based answer to this. However, the company assures its clients that the precious substances that give the plant its aroma, flavour, and effects aren’t lost. And so far, they have not received complaints of such nature from their consumers.
🗑️ How Do I Dispose of Used Activated Carbon Filters?
Another plus for the actiTube team is that their filters are biodegradable. If not used, they can be composted without issue. In terms of disposing them after use, as they contain the harmful elements associated with smoking, they need to be disposed of as residual waste.

Actitube Activated Charcoal Filter 'Slim' data sheet
Brand Actitube
Type Tips and Filters

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Reviews (156)
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    C'est avéré trop épais pour moi , bien pour des cône de grosse taille .

    P. M.

    It reaaallly filters
    Amazing product. It is like you are not even smoking, it filters everything but still gives a great high.

    C. M.

    Macht was es soll
    Angenehm zu benutzen. Filtern gut würde ich sagen. Ich gin nen daumen nach oben!

    M. A.

    au top à recommander

    I. T.

    Excellent filters, I strongly recommend it

    S. T.

    Maakt mijn joint zoveel beter en schoner. Voor mij is 7mm de perfecte maat. Topspul.

    A. G.

    Sehr gut
    Rauch schmeckt besser mir persönlich sind die extra slim lieber.

    U. N.

    Depuis que j’ai découvert ces filtres je n’arrive plus à m’en passé Zamnezia toujours au top livraison super rapide

    F. C.

    Bons filtres tabac.
    Excellent produit pour les fumeurs de tabac et notemment les fumeurs de pipes. Pas conseillés pour le chanvre. Ca gomme une partie de l'effet et le filtre est trop vite ''encrassé''. D.L.D.

    J. R.

    un sur 2 ne fonctionne pas
    un sur 2 filtres ne fonctionne pas, après 3 bouffées sur le joint, il y a une espèce de gelée noir qui sort par tous les trous en aspirant et je n'arrive plus à aspirer la fumée, mon joint est foutu!

    L. D.

    Top FIlter
    Super Filter, jedoch nach mehrfachem Testen zum Schluss gekommen, dass zweimal verwenden nicht gut ist, Sie verstopfen vor Ende und es kommt nur noch klebrige dunkle Masse raus. Einmal Top Zweimal Flop

    A. G.

    Sehr Angenehm
    Filtert das grobste raus und auch der Rauch zu Tips ist weicher und angenehmer.

    A. G.

    Top .. un altra storia

    G. A.

    Tutto un altro fumare! Non posso più farne a meno!

    S. T.

    Top top top
    Als je van je longen houd en niet kunt/wilt stoppen, dan heb je nu de oplossing gevonden om minder schadelijk te roken! Minder teer Geen high verlies Geen smaak verlies, integendeel! Nu kopen.

    T. J.

    Filtri molto validi. Buon prodotto.

    C. N.

    Très bon produit, qui permet d'avoir moins de goût de tabac

    S. S.

    Da quando li ho scoperti, non torno più indietro

    A. C.

    Goede aanwinst
    Goede maat om te rollen en minder last van teer , naar mijn gevoel ook beter effect

    B. V.

    filter top filter

    D. C.

    Keine Probleme bei korrekter Verwendung.. Preis passt auch..

    M. L.

    Filtri molto validi
    I filtri a carbone attivo actitube sono davvero eccezionali. Faccio molta fatica tornare a fumare un joint con il classico filtro di carta. Unica pecca è che qualche filtro, ogni tanto, si intasa e quindi tocca sostituirlo con uno di carta. Bisognerebbe migliorare questo aspetto, per il resto, assolutamente consigliati.

    M. N.

    Fanno paura 10-10

    N. M.

    Testé et approuvé !
    Ça change beaucoup le gout et l'agressivité de la fumée. Je ne sais par contre pas ce que ça change réelement en terme de diminution de la toxicité, cependant ça fait le taff ! Et bien ! Un petit merci à l'équipe Zamnesia qui reste toujours au top du top. (Un peu de lèche ne fait pas de mal) Bonnes fêtes de fin d'années à tous.

    S. O.

    Come gli altri utenti, i filtri di diametro maggiore garantiscono più filtraggio ma questi sono più comodi per tutti i giorni.

    I. R.

    Without this filters i can't smoke
    Without this filters i can't smoke! Love this

    D. M.

    filtri actitube
    Qualità del prodotto ed efficienza nella spedizione e nel tracciamento del pacco. Consigliato.

    D. I.

    Chi prova questi filtri poi non torna più indietro. Consigliatissimi.

    D. S.

    Top !
    First of all, if you feel like you wanna buy this but you are not sure, BUY IT ! definetly worth it ! I just wanna say that this is gonna be the most real review. You should use this filter because: -youre jonko does not taste like tabaco anymore. -easy to take the puff's, works more than fine -keeps the shape and stays clean -you can reuse them, 1filter/2jonko still taste smooth and works fine. -for sure is beter than a regular filter and what i mean with this it is a big diference between.

    A. K.

    hmmm yes
    Not 100% sure about his effectiveness, but nice to give it a try !

    S. B.

    Costosi ma efficaci
    Fumo più pulito

    G. G.

    Da provare!

    D. V.

    Ottimi, non alterano gli aromi. L'unica pecca è che il diametro è leggermente troppo grande per i miei gusti.

    M. V.

    Filtri ottimi acquisto da consigliare

    S. C.

    Preferisco la versione più grande ma anche questi non deludono

    G. G.

    They should be sold in all bookstores
    The reduce the teer and that find my longs a good part.

    F. L.

    nice to have
    Nice smooth tokes, just keep in mind that they work best when they are warm otherwise condensate forms (cold coal hot smoke).

    G. B.

    Una rivoluzione nel modo di fumare
    Consiglio a tutti coloro che voglio godersi ogni fiato del proprio joint!

    F. B.

    Nice and smooth
    I like this a lot, maybe considered unnecessary expensive extra by some, but for me anything that reduces health risks is dope and this product is dope!

    N. K.

    La misura é perfetta ma i regular filtrano molto di più.. Comunque sono molto buoni e ormai fumo solo con questa tipologia di filtri

    S. A.

    Top pour des petits joints ou rouler, je préfère l'autre version plus grande, sinon niveau goût le rendu est très bien

    T. B.


    N. W.

    avendoli riprovati a lungo andare dico che il loro lavoro viene svolto egregiamente ma preferisco usare i jilter mi sembra che fanno a bloccare un po’ il tutto(opinione personale)

    V. S.

    Le top
    Je ne pouvais plu fumer allongé mais maintenant c est possible De plus je ne tousse plu avec ses filtre J adore

    S. P.

    Mai più senza :-)
    Perché ho imparato dell'esistenza di questi filtri da così poco tempo? Eccezionali, ragazzi provateli e non ve ne pentirete. SB

    S. B.

    The best
    I use them everyday and they are so cool!!

    J. B.

    Good filters
    Very good filters, highly recommend!

    S. O.

    Un must!
    Change un peu la façon de rouler au début, mais une fois l'habitude prise, je ne peux plus m'en passer ! La fumée agresse moins la gorge, sans en altérer les effets.

    A. C.

    Ottimo prezzo per una fumata di qualita

    C. C.

    Necessari per un level up nella fumata
    A parere mio Questi filtri permettono di fare un salto di qualità. Super.

    G. M.

    Perfetti e spettacolari top del top

    S. M.

    Produit intéressant, difficile de prendre l’habitude, mais sûrement top pour la santé, on sent une différence !

    M. B.

    Filtri ottimi per migliorare il gusto

    G. C.

    Great product!
    Amazing filters

    M. B.

    Prima filters alleen niet conisch
    Haalt de scherpe kantjes van de rook af. Voordelig.

    P. B.

    Filter clogs up
    1/2 filters clogs up after few puffs there are way beter alternatives

    T. V.

    Great for blunts
    Great option for a smooth blunt experience

    K. J.

    Non ne potrete star senza
    Prodotto fantastico, migliora nettamente la qualità della fumata

    S. P.

    Ottimi filtri unica pecca il prezzo troppo caro

    G. S.

    Top quality
    Very enjoyable smoking, fresh and clean

    F. C.


    P. F.

    Tosti ma alcuni si tappano
    ottimi filtri ma alcuni si tappanop mentre fumi, facendo uscire un olietto nero dal filtro

    D. D.

    Ohne Produktionsfehler. Mehr kann ich dazu eigentlich nicht sagen. Sie tun, was sie tun sollen.

    M. M.

    You can't find anything better than Actitube. Just try them and see.

    F. P.

    Un prodotto di qualità per fumate pulite
    Miglior rivenditore e miglior filtro al carbone attualmente sul mercato. Il futuro parte dalle piccole cose.

    C. R.

    Ottimo prodotto per essere il primo testato di questo tipo.

    M. N.

    Ottimo prodotto ormai fumo solo con questi filtri.

    C. M.

    Ormai non posso farne a meno. Il top

    C. A.

    Perfetti in tutto non alterano minimamente il sapore e si ha quella sensazione di “ pulito “.

    E. M.

    I love it
    I discovered that in Berlin and was hard to find elsewhere. So happy I finally found them here on Zamnesia!

    F. A.

    rimuovono quasi tutte le impurità ed il catrame in oltre si sente di meno il tabacco, ogni tanto però si attappano.

    V. M.

    Smoking experience top quality with this nice and solid filters 10+++ No throat scratches and clean taste!

    M. M.

    Very good
    Top quality... Non riesco più ad usare altri tipi di filtri

    G. B.

    zalig rookgenot
    Sinds ik de filters gebruik, wil ik niet meer zonder roken. De aroma komt veel meer vrij waardoor je de natuur veel beter proeft de koele rook zorgt voor aangenaam rookgenot, geen prikkels in de keel. Kortom veel beter dan gewone filters

    W. H.

    New filter
    I love this filter slim

    N. T.

    Ormai è un anno che li uso e non riesco a far senza ! Non ho più la tosse e il mal di gola

    F. L.

    Très bon produit
    Je recommence Il fait Bien sortir le De la bu

    C. P.


    M. R.

    Just what I needed
    Very very nice taste!

    B. K.

    can't imagine smoking without them
    these are a must, i just can't imagine smoking without them anymore. Taste is good and less harshness and doesn't affect the potency of the material at all.

    S. Q.

    Ottimo prodotto
    Li consiglio caldamente, sono ottimi e non riesco più ad utilizzare i filtri tradizionali.

    G. B.

    Prodotto top
    Impossibile continuare a fumare senza actiTube dopo averli provati

    A. D.

    Ottimo prodotto. Consiglio

    C. C.

    Very nice feeling.

    F. U.

    Bizarre a tirer dessus mais agréable de ne pas avoir le goût de fumée après

    M. J.

    Ce produit change vraiment la vie... Au tOp

    A. D.

    Ormai introvabili e irrinunciabili
    In sconto o meno che siano, sono sempre garanzia di qualità. Consegna davvero rapida, 4 giorni precisi. Box regalo apprezzatissimo (e a sorpresa). Servizio impeccabile e trasparente, ormai pochi fanno caso a certe finezze. Che dire, grazie e continuate cosí!

    M. P.

    Les tester c'est les adopter
    Acheté un peu par hasard, "pour voir", je ne peux aujourd'hui plus m'en passer. La fumée est bien plus agréable. Certes bien plus onéreux que les classiques cartons, c'est le seul point noir. Personnellement, j'utilise généralement chaque filtre deux fois.

    C. B.

    Depuis que j'ai découvert je ne ne fume plus qu'avec sa (ou presque) Si tu fait une fumée douce et agréable de la première a la dernière latte, tu est au bon endroit

    L. K.

    Ho cominciato ad usarli per provare... ora non riesco ad usare altri filtri. Li consiglio vivamente a tutti coloro che apprezzano sentire gli aromi in maniera più pulita.

    S. B.

    Super rinfrescanti, un buon prodotto.

    L. B.

    Mai più senza!
    Non riesco più a farne a meno. Rendono la fumata più fresca e pulita, mantenendo invariato il gusto e aroma di ciò che si fuma. Assolutamente consigliati!!!!!

    G. D.

    Niet verkeerd, maar
    Wat een top idee, deze koolstoffilters! Ikzelf rook alleen pure wiet en ben al een tijdje aan het uitproberen wat ik nou het aangenaamste vind om te roken. Deze filters zijn super en zou ze het liefste altijd gebruiken, maar: -Als je in een warme ruimte je jointje draait en dan naar een koudere plek gaat, zoals buiten, slipt het filter dicht. Best wel irritant is dat. -Ik zou juist graag nog 1mm dunner willen, ze zijn voor het kleine rokertje net iets te dik.

    G. S.

    Au top
    Très agréable, on se crame pas la gorge!

    S. M.

    Ottimi filtri
    Consegna puntuale e precisa come sempre

    C. C.

    Filtri Carboni Attivi

    G. G.

    Gut verarbeitet,lassen sich gut verbauen, keinerlei Mängel

    C. S.

    Top filters
    Top Filters

    G. V.

    If you know you know
    Ottimo per ridurre sostanze da taglio, nicotina e catrame. Fumata piacevole, sapori un po alterati ma comunque ottimo prodotto

    J. B.

    Fini de bouffer le "Q" de la vieille !
    Franchement le diamètre est un tou petit peu large, conviens mieux pour les gros pétards à faire tourner Hors Covid ;-) mais fini le bout de weed ou de tabac dans la gorge ! J'adhère totalement !!! Enjoy

    J. V.

    Best filters out there!
    I'm using these ones for a few years now; There's nothing bether than these ones. They smoke just perfectly and it's very easy to roll a joint with them. The taste is much better than a tip paper.

    Z. K.

    Great filters
    I really like to use this filters

    A. D.

    Filtri carboni attivi
    Questi filtri sono una garanzia, consigliati!!

    A. M.

    These filters stop lots of nasties getting into lungs
    Hi, I like these filters, but think they could be improved. There could be a small amount of ceramic dust residue, from the manufacturing process, left in the Acti-tubes, and when the filters are used it ends up in your lungs if you drag too hard. (I don't smoke tobacco these days, I'm smoking Honeyrose products with Weed.) Kind regards, Heath

    H. L.

    Fijne filtertjes
    Erg aangename filtertjes. Toch vind ik de vergelijkbare filters van Mascotte nog net iets beter dan deze, maar die zijn dan ook €0.25 per stuk ipv €0.15.

    D. H.

    Après quelques mois d’utilisation ces filtres sont devenus indispensable pour la consommation régulière. Je le recommande vivement et mon entourage commence à s’y intéresser ! A tester rapidement.

    M. R.

    Il meglio
    Davvero molto utili, li ho presi anche per un amica e anche lei ne è rimasta molto contenta, sicuramente li ricompro, Zamnesia grande nella consegna e soprattutto nei prezzi poi ce di tutto.

    F. S.

    One and only
    The most affordable and economic filters on the market

    V. P.

    Good filters
    Perfect size and smoke is a lot smoother

    S. S.

    Best Filters
    The slim ones have the right size and the price is also really good. Totally recommend these filters!

    F. #.

    ottimi , mai più senza
    li uso da anni e fanno bene alla salute. a volte qualche difficoltà per trovarli , però ne vale la pena.

    W. M.

    Number one
    Actitube TOP slim charcoal filter

    E. M.

    Actitube lover
    Absolutely the best filters. Fast delivery with Zamnesia, I'll be a new costumer of course

    T. P.

    Perforce smoke and trade
    I can't smoke without my actitubes anymore. Thae smoke is far better and I feel the difference on my lungs. I am a trail runner and I am far better of smoking with this filter. The shipping was fast and precise. I am definitely a Zamnesia future customer.

    D. M.

    J'utilise les actitubes depuis deja plusieurs mois et je m'en lasse pas. C'est tout simplement génial. Ca reduits la nicotine ou le gout de tabac, rend les bouché ou taff plus agréable et moins chaud. Je conseil fortement les actitubes.

    A. C.

    Good smoking experience
    I like the actitubes, one time I saw someone using it in a dutch coffeeshop and when I smoked from it myself I noticed a far cleaner smoking experience. I think I get even more stoned than when I used the regular ones, probably it doesn't matter which one you use, because regular paper and carbon both doesn't catch thc or any cannibiod in the filtering proces. two things I know for sure, it's healthier and it smokes nicer without changing the taste (in a bad way).

    T. V.

    Perfect om kleinere joints mee te rollen
    Goed voor een kleinere joint, maar over het algemeen verkies ik de grotere variant.

    P. V.

    Better smoking experience
    Smoother tokes and feels like a cleaner high.

    S. A.

    Love em
    Good product

    B. R.

    Perfectly fine
    Does what it is supposed to. Good airflow and smooth smoke.

    F. T.

    Mes poumons vous remercient
    Ça fait un moment que j'utilise ces filtres, honnêtement j'ai toujours été très satisfait par ceux ci. La fumée est plus douce, je réutilise chaque filtre deux ou trois fois avant de les jeter. Je n'ai pas remarqué une baisse des effets comparé aux cartons classiques, c'est vraiment une bonne alternative surtout quand on fume ses joints avec du tabac.

    A. T.

    good filter but..
    quite sure it filters out thc as well. If you're okay with that then its fine.

    P. V.

    Topproduct, gebruik het al enkele maanden en voelt gewoon aangenamer aan.

    A. E.

    Fast delivery great product
    Totally satisfied keep the good work:)

    E. S.

    Top product
    Does what it supose to do

    A. W.

    Decent and good size.
    The Slim filters are a good size. But not that good value for money, since the larger filters last longer and have more absorption capacity for a fraction of higher price than the Slims.

    J. D.

    Essential if you smoke regularly.
    These filters make the smoke much easier on the lungs, while not reducing the effect of smoking. No more coughing and filling the end of the joint with tobacco because the smoke is now much smoother, can smoke the entirety of a joint quite easily.

    V. I.

    Worth a try
    The filters are quite big so it is better for rolling big joints. The filters produce a smooth toke. I enjoy using them but some of my friends don't. I think its personal preference...

    C. A.

    finde sie toll
    Man spürt den Unterschied und hustet auf jeden Fall weniger, wenn es auch nicht gaanz ausbleibt. Alles in Allem lohnt sich das Geld.

    F. Z.

    top top
    really good smoke sensation!! top del top

    G. S.

    Wat een verschil
    Je merkt echt grote verschil tussen roken met tip en roken met deze filter. Tijdens het roken merk je gewoon dat het veel minder schadelijk en pijnlijk op je keel is met de koolstoffilter. Sinds ik het een keer heb geprobeerd wil ik niets anders meer. Ik rook echt alleen nog maar met dese filters. Echt een aanrader! Probeer het gewoon.

    C. D.

    Testé et approuvé!
    Je suis devenu adepte. Jamais sans ses filtres, je repasse commande très rapidement :>

    N. L.

    Best purchase any regular smoker can make
    This filter makes a big difference when smoking. You can only notice the very smooth and soft flavor of your herbs. No throat burn, no overheating, no weird tastes. Can't recomend this enough.

    F. V.

    Très bien
    Super filtre très agréable niveau tirage, très facile à rouler, super assemblée avec un tube EHLE

    V. B.

    Perfect filters
    When smoking with these filters you notice the don't cough as with normal ones, the effect still there and that tells that your lungs are well preserved from the toxines!Great invention!!

    I. B.

    Pas mal
    Sa filtre vachement bien , fumer beaucoup plus douce et sa enlève pas l'effet du tout.

    M. F.

    Good filters
    The filters work fine and it is different but not worse experience with these filters in your doobie. It's worth to try it!

    P. S.
    You cannot post a review because you have not purchased this product
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Actitube Activated Charcoal Filter 'Slim'
Actitube Activated Charcoal Filter 'Slim'