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The standard smoking device since voyagers to the New World first brought back the exotic tobacco weed, the pipe was subsequently adapted to be packed with more psychoactive plants. We stock smoking pipes made from every material that can be moulded or carved—metal, glass, wood, acrylic—even the classic meerschaum. “Dr. Watson, I do believe choosing is going to be a two-bowl problem!”

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Pipe Tool

A tamper, a pick and a little spoon - this classic 3-way pipe tool is an indispensable accessory for every pipe smoker and pothead.


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Steel Hanging Spoon Screens

Steel Hanging Spoon Screens by Black Leaf, the masters of glass bongs. And other than the steely mesh screens, these spoon screens are 100% suited for glass bongs. No scratching and higher longevity than mesh screens. 3 per pack. Available sizes: 15mm and 18mm.


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Actitube Activated Charcoal Filter

With the Activated Carbon Filters by Actitube you can significantly improve your smoking experience. Using these filters improves the taste of your blend, makes a pure or harsh smoke (Salvia) smoother and the amount of tar that reaches your lung is reduced. Tune activated carbon filters can be used to roll blunts or in the Smart Smoking Pipe from Actitube. Available in packs of 10, 40 and...


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Screen Brush

This small stiff wire brush is ideal for getting into the metal nooks and crannies of your smoking device and pipe screens.


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Chillum Stones (5 pcs)

The beauty of a chillum is its simplicity, it being essentially just a tapered cone with a hole bored through it. Easy to use, easy to clean. The drawback is your weed can just fall out. That’s unless you have one of these chillum stones that is. Complete your chillum smoking experience with one, or be prepared to chew!


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Pipe Kleaner Concentrate

Reclaim a stainless bong. The "Kulu" pipe cleaner concentrate is a universal cleaner for bongs and other smoking devices made of glass, plastic, aluminum and other materials. Easy to use. Content: 500ml.


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RAW Classic Cone Loader

Filling cones can be a tedious and time-consuming task without the correct tools. The RAW Classic Cone Loader is the solution - it allows for a much faster filling. Simple fill the funnel with your smoking blend, stick it in a cone and let the content slide into it. To make sure it is properly packed, use the packer. Dimensions: 11cm long - 5.5cm wide.


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Black Leaf Stainless Steel Screens Bowl

When you get the fundamental things right, smoking a pipe is a smooth and easy experience. That’s what you get using Bowl Stainless Steel Screens by Black Leaf—a smooth burn and unbeatable filtering that keeps the bowl of your pipe cleaner. Ideal for conical pipe bowls, but suitable for other kinds also.


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Fritted Glass Screens

From Black Leaf comes the fritted glass screen. You may think you've seen it all when it comes to bong screens, but this one is made by melting small glass fragments and binding them together to create a porous surface. This allows your smoke to travel through with ease, but will keep ash out of your bong. Simple.


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Mikro Rocket Pipe (Calumet)

Whoever said "size matters" has obviously never seen the Mikro Rocket Pipe from Calumet. This wood spirit pipe measures about the same length as your thumb and is perfect to use on the go. Suitable for use with filters, this pipe puts smoothness and flavour at the top of its list—experience high-quality hits alongside streamlined natural aesthetics.

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Wapi Pipe (Calumet)

Available in sleek olive wood, the Wapi pipe by Calumet offers a discreet smoke alongside dazzling aesthetics. Compatible with your favourite filters, this pipe provides a nice, smooth pull. Easy to use and maintain, the Wapi has a 3-piece design that will allow you to take it apart and clean with ease. Bring a touch of class to your next smoke with this great pipe.


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Carmma Nebula Pipe (Calumet)

Born from a partnership with EHLE Glass, the Calumet “Carmma Nebula” is a true eye-catcher. Combining the purity of glass with the natural warmth of wood, this elegant spirit pipe offers a whole new way of enjoying your smoking experience. A pipe for smokers who appreciate quality, traditional craftsmanship, and beautiful detail work!


In stock

Mini Rocket Pipe (Calumet)

Available in two styles of wood, the Mini Rocket features everything you could want from a discreet wooden pipe. From its small, portable size to its compatibility with filters, this pipe offers a smooth pull that has to be tried to be believed. Easy to use and with plenty of handy features.


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Glass Spiral Pipe

With a unique spiralled design, this pipe offers up style as well as functionality. Made from durable glass, the pipe features an eye-catching blue design that's easy and fun to use. Simply load the bowl, heat, and inhale. Perfect for a smoke at any time of day. Measuring in at 13cm, this pipe can easily slip into your pocket for that discreet hit on the go.


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Spiral Glass Pipe DMT

Don't get it twisted! This is a high-quality spiral glass pipe and offers a fun way to enjoy your herb on the move. This pipe is discreet and convenient to take with you anywhere you go. Using the spiral pipe couldn't be easier; simply load your herb in the bowl, heat and enjoy watching the smoke fill the corkscrew chamber. Effortless to clean and maintain, making this pipe suitable for...


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Glass Spoon (K. Haring)

A piece that exhibits the iconic artistry of Keith Haring, The K. Haring Spoon is a true eye-catcher that also provides an extraordinary smoking experience. Crafted from borosilicate glass, this spoon pipe is durable, light, and, aside from looking great, offers great performance and fantastic flavour.

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Eyce Spoon

If you're looking for a pipe that will really make you stand out from the crowd, the Eyce Spoon is your ticket. Featuring a robust silicone body that is nearly indestructible, this is the pipe for those looking for fun, premium smoking experience. Easy to use and even easier to enjoy.


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Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe (Marley Natural)

The search for a reliable and functional spoon pipe can be a long one, filled with plenty of trial and error. Whether you're looking for a new main pipe or want something to take on the move, the Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe by Marley Natural is sure to see you right. Offering a fine smoking experience coupled with a premium look, this is one to check out.


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Faro Concrete Pipe (BRNT Designs)

With pipes that look like they belong in a modern art museum, BRNT Designs boasts a contemporary and minimal style. However, looks aren't everything; fortunately, the Faro Concrete Pipe delivers superb aesthetics alongside a super-enjoyable smoke. Easy to use and ready to go as soon as you take it out of the box, this pipe is sure to impress.

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Bubbler (Marley Natural)

Bubblers have long been a great way to smoke, and they've only gotten better over time. This Bubbler was designed by the good folks at Marley Natural and provides a couple of different ways to enjoy your favourite herbs. Whether used with water for a cooler pull, or without, the choice is down to you with this hybrid pipe.


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Glass Bubbler (K. Haring)

The K. Haring borosilicate glass bubbler features the famous art of Keith Haring, fusing contemporary street art and smoking culture. Boasting a percolator with 8 slits, the bubbler provides a cool and smooth smoke. This masterpiece of a bubbler looks as awesome as it performs!

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Glass Taster (Higher Standards)

Looking for something you can smoke from on the move and without being spotted? The Higher Standards Glass Taster offers a hassle-free and elegant smoking experience. Plus, it looks sleek as hell, so what are you waiting for? Grab and go!

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Cheech & Chong x Eyce Silicone Pipe

As part of an exclusive collaboration between Eyce and the famous comedy stoner duo Cheech & Chong, this silicone pipe has the goods. The laughs won't be far away as soon as you load up. With a huge 13mm bowl that's ready for your favourite strains, using this pipe is effortless and sure to put a smile on the face of you and your buddies.

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Glass Taster (K. Haring)

Known as a pioneer and legend amongst the New York Art Pop scene Keith Haring certainly left his mark on the world during his lifetime. This influence is still felt to this very day, and with the K. Haring Taster, it combines style with intuitive functionality, making for a glass pipe that's durable and provides some hugely flavourful pulls. Bound to turn heads, embrace your arty stoner...

In stock

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Tobacco/Weed Pipes: Metal, Glass, Wood, and More!

Tobacco/Weed Pipes: Metal, Glass, Wood, and More!

At Zamnesia, we stock hundreds of pipes available in a variety of materials and styles. From simple glass models that easily fit in your pocket to long, elegant wooden pipes that are perfect for a session with friends, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for in our online shop.

As with all of our products, we only work with respected manufacturers who take pride in their work. Hence, you can rest assured that all the pipes you’ll find in our store are of the highest quality.

For more information on the origins of pipe smoking, tips on how to clean/smoke a pipe, and details about some of our featured products, keep reading. Otherwise, start browsing our store and place your order today.


Origins Of Pipe Smoking

Pipe smoking has been around for thousands of years, and is often regarded as the oldest form of traditional smoking. While pipes are most commonly used to smoke tobacco, they can also be used to smoke a variety of recreational drugs, such as cannabis.

A variety of Native American cultures followed pipe smoking traditions long before the arrival of European colonialism. For many of these cultures, smoking tobacco or herbal mixes was a ceremonial process and was often done using special ceremonial pipes. The “peace pipe” is arguably the most well-known ceremonial pipe used by Native Americans, although there were many others.

Some tobacco cultivation sites in Mexico date back to roughly 1400–1000 BCE. When Europeans arrived in the Americas, tobacco was exported back home, where it was smoked in pipes, snuffed, and chewed. At this time, tobacco was also being smoked through water pipes in China, Persia, and along the Silk Road.

By 1700, tobacco had become a major industry in Europe.

However, pipe smoking wasn’t just unique to Native Americans. Archaeological evidence suggests that other ancient cultures also used pipes to smoke psychoactive substances like cannabis and opium.

In 2013, for example, archaeologists excavated a kurgan (an ancient type of burial mound) in Russia created by the Scythians, a fierce group of nomads who inhabited large parts of the central Eurasian steppes between the 9th and 1st century BCE.

The excavations unearthed 2400-year-old water pipes (similar to bongs) used by the Scythians to smoke cannabis and opium.

In China, pipes were also used to smoke madak, a mixture of tobacco and opium in the 19th century.


Why Use A Pipe

People choose to smoke out of pipes for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is for pleasure.

Tobacco pipes are often made to be used with higher-grade tobacco than what is used to make cigarettes. This tobacco boasts complex flavours and aromas, making for an extremely pleasurable smoking experience (much like the tobacco in a cigar).

Some tobacco smokers also claim that smoking through a pipe is healthier than smoking cigarettes, but there is no evidence to support these claims.

If you prefer to smoke other substances, such as cannabis, you may also turn to a pipe for a number of reasons.

Some of the reasons why you may want to consider using a cannabis pipe:

  • Super portable: Most cannabis pipes will easily fit into a pocket, purse, or bag. Some pipes can even be dismantled, making them even easier to transport.
  • Discreet: Small cannabis pipes tend to produce a lot less smoke than joints, blunts, or bongs. In doing so, they also tend to produce less odour, making them ideal for anyone looking to smoke discreetly.
  • Simple to use: Weed pipes are super easy to prepare. Forget about the tedious process of rolling a joint or blunt or preparing a bong. With a pipe, simply pack your bowl, light up, and you’re ready to go.
  • Great in groups or solo: Pipes come in all shapes and sizes. Smaller models are great for smoking on your own, allowing you to use less cannabis and avoid the hassle of having to roll a joint or blunt. Bigger pipes, on the other hand, can be great for group sessions.


Smoking a pipe is super simple. Here are the basic instructions to get you started:

  1. Prepare your smoke. Whether it’s tobacco, cannabis, or an herbal mix, you’ll want to make sure it’s not too dry (as the smoke will be harsher on your throat) and not too fine to avoid any smaller particles from entering the pipe, and subsequently your mouth
  2. Pack your bowl. Similar to when smoking a bong, fill your pipe bowl to just under the brim. Avoid packing it too tight as it may be hard to draw, but also avoid packing it too lightly as some of the particles are more likely to enter the stem of the pipe.
  3. Light up. Use a match or lighter to light your pipe. Be sure to keep the flame from actually touching the substance in your bowl, and make sure to light all parts of the bowl evenly. Take a few puffs while lighting until your substance is bright red. Avoid charring your smoke too much as it’ll lose some of its flavour.



Ever been ready to sit down for a smoke only to find your pipe tastes dirty or is completely clogged? To make your smoking experience as enjoyable as possible, always make sure to regularly clean your pipes. Here some basic instructions for doing so:

  1. Add some cleaning solution to a Ziplock bag. Feel free to use a homemade solution such as a vinegar/baking soda or rubbing alcohol/salt mix.
  2. Put your pipe inside the Ziplock bag and let it sit for a few hours. If your pipe is dismountable, take it apart and ash each piece separately first for best results.
  3. Shake the bag vigorously to remove as much of the built-up resin inside. Depending on how dirty your pipe is, you may want to repeat steps 1 and 2 numerous times.
  4. Use a pipe cleaner to scrape off any remaining resin or particles that weren’t removed in the last step.
  5. Rinse your pipe and let it dry completely before using it.
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At Zamnesia, we stock a wide variety of pipes designed to smoke cannabis, tobacco, smokable herbal mixes, and much more.

We stock everything from everyday pipes made of metal, glass, wood, and acrylic to more sophisticated pipes such as the meerschaum and soapstone models.