Top 10 Smoking Pipes For Weed
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Top 10 Smoking Pipes For Weed

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From glass to metal and soapstone to wood, there are many factors to consider when choosing your pipe. We have put together a top 10 list of our favourites on the market today—check it out!

With so many different ways to experience weed today, whether you are a seasoned smoker or deep into edibles, your choices are expansive and only limited by your imagination. This is very much the same when it comes to the selection of pipes available.

Weed smokers have long enjoyed pipes for their simplicity and artistic flourishes alike, and for the stoner on the go, pipes forego the hassle associated with rolling joints and blunts. Simply load up and you’re ready to smoke! With numerous factors to consider, such as size, style, and build, let’s take a look at the top 10 smoking pipes for weed.

But before we get into our list, let’s run over some information on the different types of pipes available.



Soapstone, glass, metal, or wood? Where exactly do you start when looking for a pipe? It is not all style over substance when it comes to pipes, as each type has its pros and cons.

Metal pipes are often seen as the sturdiest types available, and they are very often the cheapest too; however, borosilicate glass and one-piece soapstone pipes are arguably just as strong and reliable, but come with that added touch of style. There are, of course, always classic wooden pipes to consider, which bring a refined air to every smoke session.

Not only do pipes differ in material, but design too. Everything from the classic Sherlock pipe to highly expensive decorative pieces and sleek pocket pipes can be found on the worldwide marketplace.

While all the pipes featured on our list are easy to maintain, many smokers favour glass pipes because they are so easy to clean. The clear glass will immediately signal how dirty your device is.

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Now that we have a common understanding of just how wide the world of pipes is, we can take a look at our top 10 favourites available on the Zamnesia store.


Session Goods Glass Pipe

Kicking off our list is this Glass Pipe by Session Goods. Its unique and contemporary tapered design shows off a tinted borosilicate glass body. Borosilicate is a type of glass that is specifically made to withstand high temperatures, allowing you to light the pipe with a match or even a blowtorch. It is also extremely durable compared to regular glass and can withstand the occasional knock. It comes with a silicone sleeve to offer extra protection.

The Glass Pipe is minimal in design and made from one piece of glass with a bowl integrated right into the pipe. It is 96mm long and 38mm wide—perfect for those looking for a discreet hit on the go without drawing any attention.


Glass Spoon Pipe

One from the skilled folks at EHLE, the Glass Spoon Pipe is a neat device. Measuring 10cm, it offers the perfect pocket-size pull. Whether you're at home or on the road, it's effortless to enjoy this one. Simply load your favourite herb in its ample bowl, heat and take a pull. Complete with a carb hole and available in a wide range of colours, the Glass Spoon Pipe offers a stylish solution for those often on the move.

3. Hybrid Glass/Wood Pipe Breeze

Hybrid Glass/Wood Pipe Breeze

Next up on our list of top weed-smoking pipes is the Breeze Hybrid Glass and Wood Pipe. The pipe's main body is made with layers of thin coloured wood pressed together to form an eye-catching, multicoloured composite. The body is then carved and sanded for a smooth texture. Finally, the pipe is equipped with a custom-blown glass bowl, mouthpiece, and smoke path. The result is a simple, inexpensive pipe that offers an elevated smoking experience and a beautiful custom design.

4. Metal Wooden Pipe Refined

Metal Wooden Pipe Refined

Standard one-hitter pipes are great, but they tend to lack a bit of style. Plus, the small size of standard one-hitters can make for hot, harsh hits that can irritate the throat and lead to coughing. That's where this Refined Metal Wooden Pipe comes in. Featuring an all-metal bowl and smoke path with a natural wooden cover, this pipe not only looks stunning, but it smokes great, too. Measuring 23.5cm and equipped with a small bowl and screen, the Refined Metal Wooden Pipe is perfect for enjoying 1–2 cool, smooth hits to instantly elevate the mood.  

5. Glass Pipe (Royal Queen Seeds)

Glass Pipe (Royal Queen Seeds)

Staying on the topic of one-hitters, this glass pipe by Royal Queen Seeds makes a great addition to any smoker's arsenal. Made with high-quality, durable cut glass and extra sturdy plastic, this Glass Pipe boasts a classic design elevated with touches of minimalism and quality components. Measuring roughly 9cm, the pipe has an average-size smoke path that's long enough to cool smoke before you inhale, yet small enough to easily fit into any pocket so you can stay lit wherever you go. 

6. Zamnesia Karma Silicone Pipe (Piecemaker)

Zamnesia Karma Silicone Pipe (Piecemaker)

Sometimes, lugging around glassware can be off-putting, even to the most cautious of smokers. That's where a simple silicone pipe like this one can make all the difference. The Zamnesia Karma Pipe is the result of a unique collaboration between Zamnesia and the bong and pipe experts at Piecemaker. It features an all-silicone body for ultimate transportability, plus a stainless steel bowl that can easily handle the heat of a packed, well-lit bowl. True to Piecemaker and Zamnesia's stance on quality, the Karma Silicone Pipe is made from 100% heat-resistant silicone that won't lose its shape or taint the flavour or aroma of your herb.

7. Bud Bomb

A marvel of modern engineering, the Bud Bomb really has to be seen to be believed. This pipe has a patented 4-piece design made of premium metal parts. All work together to provide a smooth and flavourful smoke. Not only is it easy to load, but it's also effortless to clean. The hardest decision you'll face with the Bud Bomb is choosing which style to go for.

Available in gold plating, regular silver, or the jet black “Predator”, this pipe offers a high-quality smoking experience that's so easy, you'll wonder how you managed without it.

8. Glass Shabong Medium

Glass Shabong Medium

Pipes come in all shapes and sizes, and the Glass Shabong comes with just a touch of stoner flare. Made from a single piece of clear, heat-resistant glass, the Shabong is a simple, no-fuss, shotgun-style portable pipe. Measuring roughly 15cm, the Glass Shabong fits perfectly in any bag or pocket yet still has a long-enough smoke path to significantly cool smoke as you inhale. Plus, its embossed cannabis leaf design is sure to please the out-and-proud stoner. 

9. Soapstone Pipe Smooth

Soapstone Pipe Smooth

For our penultimate pipe, we have chosen the Soapstone Pipe Smooth. Because of its one-piece design, it is basically indestructible. This pipe shows off a sleek soapstone style so impressive that it could easily be mistaken for polished marble.

Ready to go at 9cm, tuck away this pipe in your pocket and enjoy a nice smoke while travelling.

10. RAW Wooden Pipe

RAW Wooden Pipe

Do you like to stay true to the classics? Then this pipe is perfect. Whatever you like to smoke, light it up in the RAW Wooden Pipe for a full-flavoured experience. Made from uncoated, 100% natural wood and a 14cm durable black plastic mouthpiece, the RAW Wooden Pipe boasts unbeatable style. To top things off, the RAW Wooden Pipe features a 9cm activated charcoal filter for a cleaner, smoother smoking experience, as well as the RAW logo laser-etched onto the side of the stem.


How To Smoke A Pipe

Okay, so you’ve found your chosen pipe. Now what? You smoke, of course! Luckily, it’s not rocket science.

In general, it simply involves grinding up your weed, loading the bowl or chamber, then lighting your weed and inhaling from the mouthpiece. Depending on design, the process may vary slightly from piece to piece, but it’s all more or less the same. Certain pipes include carb holes, which allow you to control the size of your hits with more accuracy.

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Some people like to light their bowls with natural hemp wick, while others use matches or a classic lighter. Avoid using a blowtorch unless your specific piece calls for it or that’s all you have, as this can scorch the weed and kill your hits.

It’s also advisable to invest in a screen for your pipe if it doesn't come with one or have one built in. Other than that, the process of smoking a pipe couldn't be easier! Familiarise yourself with our top 10 smoking pipes to find the perfect one for you!

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