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There's no denying that pipes play a prominent role in cannabis culture. Available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, and made from various materials, where do you begin when choosing a weed pipe for yourself? Right here, of course! Zamnesia stocks a massive range of pipes bound to suit every preference and budget, as well as accessories to enhance your smoking experience, so be sure to take a look!

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Zamnesia Karma Silicone Pipe (PieceMaker)

The Karma silicone pipe by PieceMaker is a pocket-sized piece crafted from silicone and equipped with a built-in stainless steel screen for clean hits every time. Now branded with an exclusive Zamnesia logo! 

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RAW Double Barrel Joint Holder 2

The RAW Double Barrel Holder is the ultimate accessory for anyone who wants to enjoy their herbal rolls in style. Specially designed to hold and allow the simultaneous enjoyment of two rolls, this wood-carved masterpiece is sure to be the highlight of any gathering. The RAW Double Barrel Holder comes with a soft velvet carry case.

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Pipe Cleaners (Zamnesia)

Maintaining the cleanliness of your smoking accessory is essential for a pleasant and tasteful experience. Whether you're using a hand pipe or a water pipe, these cleaning tools with woven wire bristles are designed to keep your equipment in top condition. Length: 6 inches. Content: 100 pcs.

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RAW Classic Cone Loader

Filling cones can be a challenging and slow process without the right equipment. The RAW Classic Cone Loader is designed to make this task quicker and more efficient. Simply fill the funnel with your herbal blend, place it in a cone, and allow the mixture to slide into it. To ensure it is adequately packed, utilize the included packer. Dimensions: approximately 4.3 inches long and 2.2 inches...

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Popsicle Hand Pipe (Goody Glass)

The Popsicle Hand Pipe by Goody Glass is a handcrafted glass pipe shaped like a vibrant popsicle. With its transparent design, users can enjoy watching the mesmerising swirls of smoke as they indulge in their favourite herbs. A visually captivating and delightful smoking experience.

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Kitty Hand Pipe (Goody Glass)

The Kitty Hand Pipe by Goody Glass is a charming, handcrafted glass pipe shaped like a kitten. Its adorable design is guaranteed to capture attention wherever you go, making it the perfect centrepiece for your smoking sessions.

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Eggplant Hand Pipe (Goody Glass)

The Eggplant Hand Pipe by Goody Glass is a vibrant and playful glass pipe designed and shaped like an eggplant—that's “aubergine” for our British friends. With its colourful appearance and compact length (less than 12cm), it's an ideal companion for festivals and parties, adding a touch of fun to your smoking experience.

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Mushrooms Dry Pipe (Empire Glassworks)

Four bright red mushrooms with white spots growing from a tree trunk adorned by moss and ladybugs. This isn't a scene from a lush forest, but rather the design of Empire Glassworks' Mushrooms Dry Pipe. Crafted by hand from borosilicate glass, this piece showcases intricate design and expert craftsmanship, making it a standout choice for those who appreciate nature and distinctive pieces.

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Freezable Bubble Hand Pipe (KRYO)

There was a time when ice-cold hits were reserved for owners of large, ornate water pipes. This is now an issue of the past, thanks to the Freezable Bubble Hand Pipe from the team at KRYO. That's right, this device can be placed in the freezer, and the infused KRYOGEL will chill the pipe so you can enjoy flavourful, smooth, and cool hits on the move or at home.

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Freezable Sherlock Pipe (KRYO)

From the team at KRYO comes the innovative Freezable Sherlock Pipe. Packed full of KRYOGEL, simply place this device in your freezer before use, and you can enjoy smooth, flavourful, and, most of all, cool pulls every time. And when you're finished, the Freezable Sherlock Pipe slides easily into your pocket or bag with no fuss.

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Shire Pipe The Roscoe (Pulsar)

Embrace the Shire Pipe "The Roscoe" by Pulsar. Crafted from cherry wood in a classic bulldog style, this 5.5-inch pipe offers the perfect way to enjoy some of your favorite herbs. It comes fully equipped with a whole host of accessories to keep your pipe in pristine condition after each use, along with a bag for easy transport. Featuring elegant engraving, this is one eye-catching device for...

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Shire Pipe RIVENDELL™ (Pulsar)

The Shire Pipe Rivendell by Pulsar is a 13-inch churchwarden pipe officially licensed from the Lord of the Rings series, designed for fans of the franchise as well as those seeking a great-looking, functional pipe. Crafted from cherry wood, it features intricate engravings along its stem and bowl. This easy-to-use pipe comes with useful accessories, all packaged in a collector's gift box.

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Color Swirl Spoon Pipe

Measuring 3.25 inches, get your hands on the Color Swirl Spoon Pipe and experience an easygoing smoking experience. Effortless to use, clean and care for, this pipe is ideal for newcomers as well as more experienced smokers. Made from borosilicate glass, the Color Swirl Spoon Pipe is not only sturdy, but comes in a randomly selected color.

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Aluminum Hand Pipe

Every smoker needs a simple portable hand pipe to enjoy a quick toke on the go. With this aluminum hand pipe, enjoy your favorite herb anywhere and everywhere without the extra effort of rolling. Measuring just 3", this pipe is super portable and unscrews into five separate pieces for easy cleaning. What more could you want?

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Steamroller Pipe (White Rhino)

Huge clouds? Check. Compatible with large bowls? Check. Durable enough to survive the heaviest sessions? Check. As you can see, this borosilicate glass Steamroller Pipe from White Rhino checks all the boxes. Measuring 4.25in long, it’s more than capable of going the distance whenever and wherever you need. Grab yours from Zamnesia today!

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Bubbler With Tray (Nicky Davis)

Light up in true style with this unique bubbler and travel tray designed by Nicky Davis—famed muralist and leader of The Ghost Gang. This glass bubbler measures 4.25 inches (10.8cm) and comes with a padded metal tray for super-safe transportation. Get yours now while stocks last!

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Clear Glass Taster

Every smoker needs a one-hitter—and it doesn't get much simpler than this. Made in Germany from highly heat-resistant borosilicate Schott glass, this pipe deserves a place in every smoker's bag. Enjoy clean, paper-free, and discreet hits wherever you go with this simple one-hitter.

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Glow in the Dark Glass Spoon Pipe

These spoon-style pipes glow in the dark even before you've lit them up! Made from borosilicate glass, they're tough and perfect for taking big hits of dry herbs. Lighting up when the lights go down, and reacting under UV light too, these pipes are a delight for the mind. Colors vary and cannot be selected.

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Fumed Latticino Spoon Pipe

Regardless of what you're smoking, this simple glass pipe allows you to enjoy full-flavored hits on the go. Made using traditional Italian latticino glass-blowing techniques, this pipe features a stunning design available in various colors (chosen randomly). Plus, each pipe is made from sturdy borosilicate glass that's heat-resistant and perfect for smoking.

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Marble Stone Steamroller Pipe

This beautifully carved marble stone pipe is perfect for those who want to take hits of their herb with distinction. Elegant yet recalling a simpler time, it is the perfect accessory for more spiritual smokers and tokers. Measuring 4.5 inches, it is small enough to carry easily about but big enough to load up with your favorite herbs.

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Metal One Hitter (White Rhino)

These 3-inch matte anodized aluminum one hitters are perfect for quick, effective and potent hits of dry herb. Carry them with you or store them somewhere—or both—and take a hit whenever you fancy!

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Glass Taster (Pulsar)

The Glass Taster by Pulsar is a 100% borosilicate one-hitter pipe. Enjoy clean, clear hits of your favorite dry herb no matter where you go in the blink of an eye, all without attracting any attention—a must-have for any smoker.

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Shire Pipes GANDALF™ (Pulsar)

Tolkien never revealed Gandalf's favorite herb, but judging by the wizard's grin, it had to be top-shelf. And while we can't secure you a bag of Middle Earth's finest, a few hits from the Shire Pipes' GANDALF are sure to evoke a hearty laugh and awaken your inner wizard. Made from Cherry wood and complete with handy accessories, this is a must-have for Tolkien-loving tokers.

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Shire Pipes MY PRECIOUS™ (Pulsar)

Discover the enchanting Shire Pipes MY PRECIOUS™, a premium-quality 5.5-inch bent tomato pipe from Pulsar's exclusive Lord of the Rings collection. Crafted from cherry wood, this pipe features an engraved detail of a hand reaching for the One Ring, accompanied by the iconic quote in Elvish. Perfect for Tolkien fans and pipe enthusiasts alike, it comes in a collector's box with accessories.

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Buy weed pipes for every occasion

Buy weed pipes for every occasion

It's thought that weed pipes have been around for roughly 3,000 years, with some of the earliest examples found in Laos. Since this time, technology, materials, and overall functionality have vastly improved, making for a smoke that's much more flavourful and accessible. And while you can just as easily enjoy your favourite strain in a joint or vaporizer, there's something to be said about the humble pipe. Often seen as the “original” way to enjoy cannabis, weed pipes are still hugely popular to this day, and for some great reasons. Allow us to delve into everything you need to know so you can pick out a weed pipe that offers everything you want it to.

What are weed pipes?

As the name suggests, weed pipes are devices dedicated to smoking herb. Also known as "pure pipes", these pieces are used exclusively to smoke cannabis and other smoking herbs. All that's needed is some finely milled herb and a lighter or match, and you're good to go. Weed pipes offer up a pure, unadulterated smoking experience that really is as easy as it gets.

How to choose the best weed pipe

Now that you're clued in on what weed pipes are, how do you go about choosing one for yourself? Ultimately, it comes down to budget, preference, and experience level. For example, if you're a complete newcomer, you may want to dabble with a cheaper pipe before looking to upgrade to a fancier one. There's certainly no shame in gradually upping your smoking game. But if you're looking to dive straight in, who are we to discourage you? In any case, in order to decide which weed pipe is best for you, it's important to consider the material, size, design, and purpose of the device.

💠 Based on material

Weed pipes are made from a wide variety of materials. Typically, they are made from glass, wood, silicone, ceramic, or metal. Glass is easy to clean and provides the purest flavour when smoking. However, some glass pipes can get hot, and may break if dropped or taken on the move.

Wood pipes are stylish, absorb moisture, and provide a natural scent that can complement your herb. However, some wood pipes can be a little tricky to clean. As a hugely popular material nowadays, silicone makes for a robust pipe that's effortless to care for and won't break even when squashed.

Ceramic is definitely one of the most delicate materials, and therefore prone to breaking, while metal offers a robust option that can withstand basically whatever you subject it to.

💠 Based on size

Another deciding factor is the size of the pipe. Discretion tends to play a massive role in the life of a cannabis enthusiast, so perhaps buying a large, ornate piece might not be the best idea if you're looking to keep things under wraps or regularly take your pipe on the go. However, if discretion is not of great importance to you, you can always opt for a Gandalf-sized pipe to suit your fancy.

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💠 Based on design

There are many, many different weed pipe designs, and this is where you will really have to tap into your personal preferences. It's possible to pick out an understated, simple pipe that does the job perfectly well; or, you can opt for more modern or futuristic designs. And if you want a pipe that's got loud logos and a well-known cartoon character that looks incredibly stoned, you'll find that too. See which pipe speaks to you in terms of design.

💠 Based on purpose

This factor ties into all of the aforementioned factors. For example, if you're looking to smoke on your travels, material and size will influence your final decision; a small silicone or metal pipe might be the best option. But if you're a homebody that enjoys the occasional toke, and has a penchant for art, you might opt for a larger blown glass, ceramic, or sleek wood design.

What else do you need to smoke weed from a pipe?

Alright, you've managed to narrow down the choices on offer, and are ready to purchase your very own weed pipe. But what are some of the other accessories you might need? You'll almost certainly be needing some screens for your pipe's bowl—these will help to stop any wayward ash or weed from entering your mouth, making a big difference to the overall quality of your smoke. Also, you'll find activated carbon filters to improve the filtration of your smoke, for cleaner hits.

Cleaning products are also hugely important to pipe maintenance. While pipe cleaners will be enough to remove some light residue, alcohol wipes and dedicated solutions will keep your pipe gleaming and ready to use for a long time to come.

Get your pick of cannabis pipes today

There you have it; an overview of what you need to know about weed pipes to make an informed purchase decision. Whether you're a complete newcomer or have been smoking for years, there's a device to suit your needs. Fortunately, you don't have to look far to be paired with a quality pipe, as Zamnesia has an extensive range that's ready for you right now.