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Zamnesia Grow Kit 'PES Amazonian'

 4.5/5 (251)

    Wish I had of read the reviews before i decided to lemon tek 5 grames dried .so so strong I was good enjoy the trip but my girlfriend took 3 g aswell was too much for her .alot stronger than albino penis envy which for some reason I was lead to be the strongest. Just be careful with them I'd say 2 g dry is enough to take anyone to another realm. Great service and advice always from the zamnesia team .thanks

    M. G.

    Last time i buy from zamnesia me and all my friends from Lucca Tuscany i grow Mush since 1999.... they want to pass me like dumb. friemds lately had bad growing problems ....

    G. P.

    Bon produit
    Très bon produit, un peu déçu par la faible quantité récoltée mais j'en suis à la première pousse, j'espère que la seconde sera meilleure.

    A. M.

    Testen them yesterday, quasi first time frech and not dryed, unexpected powerful, longlasting and beautyful

    F. Q.

    Efficient service from Zamnesia and a high quality product . The first pins appeared on the 8 day and the first flush was harvested 9 days later. Magical experience .

    N. G.

    very good assistance
    got a problem with a product. The team asked me about it and then refund it without further question. Now that is good support.

    D. M.

    Leider nicht ordentlich gewachsen
    Ich habe bis jetzt insgesamt 5 Pilz-Growboxen bestellt und muss sagen dass 4 einwandfrei funktioniert haben, diese eine jedoch leider nicht. Ich muss anmerken dass es die erste war die direkt von Marke "Zamnesia" war. Die 4 anderen Growboxen waren von anderen Marken mit anderen Anleitungen. Anfangs schien noch alles ok zu sein, die Primordien haben sich gut zu kleinen Pilzen entwickelt jedoch kam dann ein Stillstand und die Pilze sind einfach nicht fertig ausgereift. Ich konnte keine Kontamination feststellen, außer einen "modrigen" Geruch. Ich war bei der Anleitung von Anfang an skeptisch, da lt dieser 150ml Wasser direkt in den Sack gefüllt werden sollten nachdem die Box ohnehin schon 9-12 Stunden eingewässert wurde. In den anderen Anleitungen ist so ein vorgehen nicht notwendig. Ich habe mich dennoch an die Anleitung gehalten und die Anweisung befolgt. Ich denke dass es dazu geführt hat dass die Pilze zu viel Feuchtigkeit bekommen haben und deswegen nicht weiter gewachsen sind, was ich sehr schade finde. Da mir das NUR bei dieser Zamnesia-Box passiert ist und ich sonst alles weitere genau wie bei den anderen Boxen gemacht habe, führe ich das auf die Anleitung und nicht auf mein Unvermögen zurück. Aufgrund dieser Erfahrung werde ich wohl keine weitere Box der Marke Zamnesia bestellen, sondern mich auf die anderen Marken beschränken.

    R. B.

    I had never grown mushrooms before so this was a completely new experience for me. It was incredibly easy to grow. First pins started showing after a week and in the second and third flush the pins grew in less than a day. I'm gonna try to get a fo

    S. H.

    Super good box
    The 5th flush is growing right now! Really amazing!

    C. R.

    Amazing kit
    I bought two kits this time. One of them was Amazonian (my favorite and most reliable kit so far). The first 3 flashes I was getting around 120 - 130 g fresh. That was very interesting since normally You get a little less each time you make a new flush. At my 4th flush I indeed got half of what I was getting so far, but at this point I had around 440g fresh (almost half a kilo from 4 flushes...that is a personal best so far). I could go for a 5th flush but unfortunately I am moving soon. Easy my favorite and most reliable kit so far. Don't expect to have similar results with every kit. Sometimes It's like this and sometimes It will be half. But the quality was always excellent.

    P. A.

    Culture facile et rapide (je suis sur la 3e phase de pousse). Un voyage riche et très intéressant ! Merci énormément :)

    P. C.

    So so easy to grow these! First timer here, but got decent first flush which was ready to harvest in 3 weeks, second flush was like a magic! After soaking them to prep for second flush, little pins could be seen in less than 10 hours and harvest some massive ones after just a week!!! So strong you need a small bite if you are beginner and 100% microdosing! Worth the money and the trip 🫠

    H. Y.

    Changed my life, thank you zamnesia for making possible.

    G. B.

    È la prima volta che li uso,sono da capire ma soprattutto se non esageri con la quantità ti regalano un ottimo trip

    M. F.

    Conforme à la description
    Les champignons ont poussé que de manière parsemée, j'ai testé la technique de tremper le terreau apres une première recolte afin d'avoir une poussée "abondante", mais cela a moisi. Il se trouve qu'il restait des têtes d'epingles entre le pain et le terreau que je n'avais pas vu et donc pas retiré, le problème vient surement de là, à retester ... Niveau effets, c'est très intéressant et puissant, consommé en Lemon Tek. Je recommande

    A. B.

    For beginners
    Easy set-up and growing process. The mushrooms tase similar to normal champignons. I had tried a little of 1.first grooming and they seem to be quite relaxing.

    T. E.

    Pes amazonia
    Really good and strong strain! One of the best strains i have used :)

    J. R.

    Lovely thanks
    Grew fully in about 3 weeks. Definitely worth the money. Cheers

    R. S.

    Tolles Produkt für erfahrene

    M. W.

    Aan te raden, verzorg het goed en je hebt oprecht een buiten wereldse ervaring

    E. S.

    Kit très facile d'utilisation récolte pas mal il faudrait les faire en plus gros

    C. G.

    Beautiful strain colonizes super fast first time ever growing cubensis and it was a blast from within 6 days had my first pins big yield for the first f lush second flush already looking good :) would highly recommend

    D. C.

    J'adore cette variétés, voyage et rigolade assuré

    A. A.

    Super kit, start at 27 november, harvest on the 25 december. I tried 1.2gram dry with a friend one week later. We walked in our sweet home town and lived the moment present, and enjoyed the present moment. We are friend last college, and we understood that that kind of moment are so precious, that we are so lucky to be loved by friends, and to know each other,The universe had put each other on the same way to express creativity and to help each other on our spiritual path. Thank you very much ZAMMI !

    B. P.

    I ordered 2 differant kits and after following instructions, this one didn't grow, after a few days had a blue spot that looked like miceilium bruise. then after another 2 days quickly spread and turnd green. Spoke to Customer service who were very good about it and sent a differant kit. Will review them serparately but this was a dissapointment. Zamnesia staff were very good though.

    C. C.

    Premièrement nous tenons à vous dire que nous sommes si reconnaissant que vous permettiez cela! du plus profond! les Amazonian sont incroyables dans le sens ou l'Amazonie était bien présente dans l'expérience (dessins géométriques shipibo, visuels...) l'expérience était incroyable et difficile à décrire avec des mots. Elle nous a permit de passer comme des "leviers" de conscience. Nous recommandons une plus petite quantité car ils ces "hongos" la sont forts! 1 ère flush remplie! seconde moins! quoiqu'il arrive nous en sommes heureux, merci

    D. B.

    Good job Zamnesia
    Always good jobs from Zamnesia

    U. R.

    Bien reçu.j ai démarré.jz vous tiens au courant.bisous

    L. D.

    Great product
    100% recommend and this website is the best

    M. D.

    Very satisfied
    They grew fast with great results. Zamnesias grow boxes are the best!

    J. S.

    tout est niquel

    G. F.

    Voyage assuré
    Très bon trip

    F. T.

    Nice grow nice mushies
    2nd flush even prettier than the first. Don’t need plastic gloves no problems at all! Thanks

    P. K.

    PES always work for me
    I’ve tried a few and PES are the easiest to grow and are strong. Zamnesia support are awesome too

    N. W.

    Received safe and sound
    Received my order about and hour ago and started it. Happy with the items and packaging now it's just a waiting game and someone that's very impatient this is going to be challenging but enjoyable

    Z. L.

    zamnesiani super disponibili,il prodotto mi e arrivato difettato ma hanno subito mandato una nuova spedizione tutto a carico loro,gentilissimi e bravissimi ,siete i migliori ragazzi

    R. U.

    Just bought another one
    The package arrived damaged, so I didn't expect to have some result. I followed the instructions anyway, and after few weeks I been able to harvest a huge amount of mushrooms. The second harvest was good too, even if some part of the kit showed some contamination. I kept the humidity high, and some more start to grow, but I had to go in holiday, so left the kit alone outside (UK, September) for one month, and the kit was still producing. They was very strong too. Just bought another kit, I hope wasn't just luck with the first.

    A. D.

    Reçu comme d'habitude en temps et dans de bonnes conditions. C'est mon deuxième Kit PES Amazonian, et le 1er flush est entrain de pousser. J'espère que la culture sera aussi bonne que la dernière. Merci Zamnesia

    B. H.

    Love this too

    L. J.

    Superblue shrooms
    I am fairly new to mushroom growing (and I am very bad with keeping my plants healthy, so I was worried), but when I received a kit very nicely covered with mycelium, I knew it would work itself out nicely. I followed the steps thoroughly, and after a week or so, I saw many beautiful small shrooms. Now, they are fully grown, and the blueish color is overwhelming and beautiful. I am looking forward to harvest and quality assurance session with a comparison to shrooms from my previous kit (Golden Teacher).

    Z. P.

    Works great, fast fruiting
    Got this kit a couple weeks ago and after 2 weeks the first pins started to show up. Today (week ~3) there are already some big fruits and many small fruit clusters. Curious how many flushes i will get out of the kit but so far it is working great.

    M. U.

    I bought to grow in london as it was summer but didn’t manage to grow with no hopes or avail as the weather constantly started to change and I didn’t have a thermal matt to keep it in control or maybe the package itself was faulty… thats one things that we will never know. Therefore if it a Gold Teacher it would for sure(saying it from experience) so i would like to say as an advice for those in the UK or that lives in a country with similar weather conditions… even if its summer and it looks all good to go i would recommend you to keep it strictly to the upmost possible that you can… eg: area well cleaned, thermal matt and so on… as in Rio(brazil) i had grown it just by leaving outdoors with a piece of cardboard as a shading and it grew while here in the UK)(London) during summer it didnt… as i said… it could have been faulty, my assumptions due to weather conditions or my lack of carelessness as I thought it would be all fine and didn’t get a harvest. So, all i can say is… if you can afford to grown at home by spending a bit more on tool or have the right conditions to grow go for it. Its the best musshie i had so far and by miles away the best experience as I personally have been using mushrooms for therapy due to ptsd(ex “ar” lad)… so i hope that after this review it can help or inspire those in need to better themselves or get back to their normal lives

    J. C.

    don't know yet
    so there is a little bit of mold visible but no mushrooms growing, probably too hot because of the heat strike and vary variable heat changes in the room

    C. D.

    Loved the wee shrooms, easy no drama just water and wait......

    I. H.

    champignon magique
    très satisfait de vaut produit

    F. D.

    Great mushrooms
    Another great batch of shrooms curtesy of Zamesnia, thank you again guys!

    D. W.

    Poussettes rapides, champis mûr tôt

    A. M.

    Nice strain
    It is a very nice strain, but seems to be a bit sensible

    J. S.

    Amazing Amazonian
    This was a replacement kit. 2 weeks for first pins and harvested 25 grams fresh. Second flush took off rapid and unbelievably 4 days later I harvested 55 grams, they were huge. I did 2.5 grams from first flush, very very potent. Strong trip with incredible visuals. These shrooms are not to be taken lightly, shamanic, spiritual experience. Thx Zamnesia. Will be ordering again soon when my 90 days are up

    J. W.

    Good things come to those who wait!
    It can take a little while to see anything happening with mushroom growing, but with time and patience what a yield! These are some of the better tasting shrooms out there, they give an introspective, happy and lightly trippy visual experience (if you're looking for something a bit more mind blowing and wildly psychedelic I personally recommend McKennaii). I also recommend using the dosage guide when consuming these mushrooms, start with small amounts if you're a novice psychonaut and have a trip sitter close by. Happy trails friends :)

    R. P.
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