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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'Cambodian'

 4.5/5 (95)

    No Flush
    Have it 5 weeks now and it hasn't produced a flush at all, a couple of small pin heads on the sides between the cake and the plastic container but never developed into full bodies. Disappointed

    R. Y.

    Cambodian Supa gro
    Worked well fruited in about 9-10 days not the biggest of flush but still happy with it 2nd flush was small

    C. D.

    one flush but good

    I. B.

    I ordered from Belgium. I think the shipping process might've spoiled the soil a little bit, I'm not sure. The first batch grew fine though, didn't get to taste them yet but am excited!

    K. V.

    machen Spaß!
    superm all fine growing :)

    A. W.

    Hey people Dont go anywhere else i have brought alot of cakes of these guys over the years and never have i had a bad cake or a bad trip Wev laught our faces of time and time again Its been a while uve just placed an order and i can not wait Thanks guys

    A. C.

    Dauert ca 3 Wochen, funktioniert gut

    K. L.

    excellent growing kit big yield and easy to grow I recommend

    B. S.

    kit recu samedi matin parfait commande passer le mardi

    J. D.

    Good product and great customer support
    The first growkit did not give any harvest only some very small mashrooms so I contacted the support and they sent me another one. It worked very well that time and I had big harvest. Support is very helpful, professional and answers all questions. Just do what it says on the instructions and it will all go well.

    M. M.

    Perfekt wie immer
    Wie immer alles perfekt !! Nach 2 Tagen bei mir. 15g Trocken im ersten flush, der 2te verspricht ein ähnliches Ergebnis. Sehr potente Wirkung 🤩

    R. K.

    Für das erste Mal - empfehlenswert
    Unkomplizierte Bestellung – schnelle Lieferung. Pilze nach Anleitung aufgestellt und gleich mit Wasser besprüht. Pilze standen mehrheitlich auf der Heizung und immer mal wieder ins Licht gestellt. Morgens und abends habe wir die Pilze besprüht. Nicht direkt, sondern unter die Folie. Nach einer Woche konnten wir die Pilze sprießen sehen und in der zweiten Woche konnten wir ernten. Dieser Prozess verlief recht einfach. Warum auch immer, vielleicht haben wir die Pilze nicht richtig getrocknet oder doch kurz davor zu viel gegessen. Die Pilze zeigten keine Wirkung. Also starteten wir den Prozess erneut und jetzt konnten wir schon nach einer Woche wieder ernten. Morgens, auf nüchternen Magen zu sich genommen und nach ca. 60 Minuten kam die sehr angenehme Wirkung und das den ganzen Tag über. Nun starten mit dem Kit ein Drittes mal.

    S. Q.

    Meine erste Bestellung war eine andere Sorte und die wollte warum auch immer nicht fruchten. Der Supa Support war klasse und hat mir auf Wunsch dann die Sorte gesendet.14 tage später konnte ich Schluss endlich mich über die erste Ernte freuen.

    O. M.

    Unfortunately stalled and has not pinned
    This is unfortunately my 2nd issue with grow kits and has left me disheartened. I followed all instructions and slowly the white fuzz started to appear. However no pinning and it has now been since the 24th of September since I purchased the grow kit.

    S. M.

    super easy
    hab das kit am 20.10 bekommen und hab meine ersten pins nach ca 12 tagen hab heute morgen mein ersten flush geerntet von knapp 80 g. hab zwar anfangs bisschen was mit dem nötigen licht verkackt hab jetzt paar led´s drübergehängt in der hoffnung das der kuchen dadurch überall fruchtet. alles in allem kann ich das set wirklich empfehlen

    T. S.

    Très bon kit, même si j'ai eu quelques petits soucis au démarrage.

    M. S.

    Content du SAV
    Merci beaucoup de votre réactivité et honnêteté. Car perdre 50€ m aurait vraiment déçu et convaincu d aller m fournir ailleurs. Or je continuerais à commander chez vous . Merci bcp

    M. P.

    Not even got them yet but the service is impeccable, traced and all legit. Besides I've ordered years ago and the product was above expectations cos I got several crops and then used the left over to inoculate another batch. Didn't work because I can't keep things as sterile as these guys obviously do . Superb.

    J. H.

    My first grow kit
    This mushrooms got bigger then my hand & up to 20g. In one mushroom I tried to eat em fresh 🤪wow that was awesome & dried different trip but also fantastic!!! I’m used to danish mushrooms & they work different but the Cambodian was easy to grow & fast delivery 5From me

    M. N.

    Fantastic Service
    The growkit arrived at my place earlier than expected, which was a big plus. Unfortunately after 3 weeks of doing everything like said in the manual nothing happened. So I contacted the customer support and they tried to help me with asking questions on how I treated the kit. After that they offered me a new kit or a voucher and answered all of my questions regarding which product will be the right one for me. When I’m back home I will order another kit and try it again! So I can’t say anything to the product, but the service couldnt be better, very pleased with these fine people :)

    D. B.

    Hatte einen guten Ertrag und 3 Schieberlinge liebe es hole ich mir immer wieder gern

    L. F.

    Für Anfänger ein super Grow Set, da es extrem einfach ist dieses zu pflegen. Das war mein erstes Kit und ich kann es nur weiter empfehlen. Die Pilze konnte ich schon nach der 3. Woche ernten, was eigentlich super schnell ist. Wie die Anleitung schon sagt: immer Steril arbeiten, dann klappt es. Von der Stärke her sind die Pilze mittel(kann nach Dosis variieren). SUPER (VOR ALLEM FÜR ANFÄNGER)

    I. B.

    2nd kit with bad results
    no more supa grow kits for me. fresh mushrooms brand way better. the first i bought no results at all, the second one about 20 grams fresh shrooms. really low quality kits.

    G. B.

    Super déçu
    Déçu par les kits supra gros

    E. D.

    supa cambodia
    2 eme kit de la marque supa gro qui ne fonctionne pas !!tres déçu, heureusement zamnesia a été compréhensif et m'a proposé une solution.

    R. D.

    J’ai reçu une première box qui n a rien donné et qui a pourri. La 2 eme n a pas pourrie, cependant, les champignons ne poussent pas..

    E. F.

    trés decu
    livraison ok j'ai eu une infime production et des problèmes de moisissures blanches en surface. j'ai pourtant suivis les instructions scrupuleusement .

    F. B.

    Wirklich einfach
    Super schneller versand und top kundenservice Und der ertrag echt unglaublich Immer wieder

    R. M.

    Slechte start maar goede hulp!
    Het begin begon slecht, kreeg geen paddo's spijtig genoeg. De mycelium verloor zijn witte kleur tijdens het groeien en kleine paddo's in de cacke aan de zij kant stopte met groeien. Maar de dispatching van Zamnesia loste dit wel op door mij een nieuw aan de bieden :-)

    B. B.

    Pas réussi
    Je sais pas si je me suis troué, mais à par des mycélium tomateux en surface je n'ai rien eu. Je baisse pas les bras, voir mon avis sur les mc kennai

    L. D.

    I got a one grow so far with 5 big mushrooms, but they were really potent. I kept it next to my window so I think I botched it because of that. Now trying to get second flush. I would recommend this grow-kit just follow the instructions step by step. Very easy.

    T. M.

    1st time
    Love these mushies all my life but didn't really trust growing them myself: could I be able to maintain a sterile environment to grow them? So one day I bought some truffles in a smartshop and the guy told me , if you follow the instructions and keep your hands and tools really sterile, it's really a piece of cake. So having some free time I ordered some from Zamnesia and it worked wonderfully. After about 3 weeks I had so many , loved seeing them grow also. It is true it is pretty easy, just make sure your hands are really clean every time you spray water on the sides of the plastic bag. Second flush was 2/3 of the volume of the fitst flush. Third flush was 1/3 of the volume of the first flush. Fourth flush is growing : I see a couple of tiny heads appearing. The only worry is: I have so many now I am just giving them away, just too much for me. And yes : they were pretty strong: the journey was a full 6h dive in my subconscious. Loved it, will def grow it again some time

    P. D.

    The customer care team is so nice. They answer super fast and are there to help you out even when your batch is contaminated. Will definitely order again.

    A. V.

    I’m really happy with my kit. Simple and straightforward. My first flush was about 80g fresh. Less than what I expected but it was my first attempt and I didn’t maintain the right temperature. I will get it better next time. Nice one Zamnesia

    O. O.

    Great Service and Great Product
    Firstly, I'd like to say 'Thank You' to the customer service team that helped replace my initial grow kit, as it was faulty and produced only heartache -lol- The second kit was sent out free of charge and WOWZERS, did it PRODUCE!!! I just harvested my 4th flush, and have 2 x 1-litre kilner jars, in the freezer, filled to the rim, awaiting my return . I've sampled one medium sized cap, just to test the waters ;), and can happily say, that I am a very satisfied customer! Thanks guys and gals, keep doing what you're doing. Peace & Respect

    S. V.

    Fast and easy but a sparse harvest
    This is first time I try to grow magic mushrooms. The process of ordering and shipping was excellent and the instructions are really good. However the havest was a bit meager - but most probably due to my own inexperience.

    K. H.

    Perfect :)

    F. N.

    Easy to grow and good crop
    The first heads started appearing in less than three weeks and I got a good crop from the kit.

    J. M.

    Nice fruits
    The first flush gave me very good fruits. It was very easy to grove - you just have to wait up to 2 weeks until first heads can be seen. I am more than satisfied!

    T. C.

    J'ai pris ces cambodian 2 fois en 1 ans et jamais déçu avec une bonne hygiène et la température conseillé c'est top niveaux quantités la première box était fantastique et facilité a faire pousser ces champis sont vraiment parfait pour les débutants comme pour les plus expérimentés des champiculteurvoyageur. Ma 2iem box de cambodian parcontre a poussé un peut nimporte comment après la 1ier fluch tous pousse sur les côtés et dessous et j'ai eut quelques spécimens vraiment énorme sans doute parceque la box ce trouvais a côtés d'un radiateurs pour cette fois, donc je déconseille de mettre la box a côtes d'un radiateurs ou même a plus de 24 degrés au tapis chauffant qui peut rattraper 1 ou 2 degrés de temperature embiante mais avec des conséquences sur la recolte

    S. U.

    Excellent quality of mushroom easy to grow with no rush trip
    After reading the comment i would to add the alchemical technique . Dont open the box when U receive them but keep them in your bed room for 2 or 3 days . The micelluim will get closer to your personality before growing . Dont add tap water but the cleanest possible that U generally find in bio stores . Recreate a natural environment if your have a heater it would be nice . At the end of the day put the heater on and light a 220 v classsic ampoule or a blue ampoule wich is better to create a sun set effect .Keep the light direct on the box for around 1 hour then undirect to the box for 1 more hour . Spray the water at night . Result is a full flush 10 days after the date of reception . Always listen to the shrooms They will tell U what they need or what is bothering them .Also i let the first flush open and spread their spores If U have an electro magnetique pulse mat it will speed up the growth and the mushrooms are bigger . If U have a heat mat change the temperature according to the periods of the days . And finally after the flush is over dont let the shrooms soak into water in their box for more than one day .

    E. I.

    Très bon
    La variété Cambodgiens sont de très bons champignons Très visuel est très philosophique, bon rendement, je recommande sans Hésitation

    D. D.

    Uma das minhas favoritas
    Já pedi vários destes kits e nunca me desapontaram. Obrigado zamnesia

    A. S.

    Hello i bought a cambodia kit , along with a spray and a filter bag .The mushrooms from the beggining were very slow to grow they took 10 days to appear and the end results was disapointment i got only 4-5 10 cm mushrooms and 3-4 smallers ones around 3-4 cm in height .the rest of the box was empty without mushrooms .the images showing a kit full of mushrooms is not what happened to my kit so be carefull even though you will do everything properly there is no guaranty that the mushrooms will grow in good numbers .unhappy for that and gonna tell my buddies about it also !cheers

    S. P.

    quick , easy and enjoy
    I ordered the grow kit and it was here within two day! I opened it up and it started doing it's thing. Took about a half week for the mushrooms to getting to a good size. The end product was amazing . Some of the mushroom were gain this was the best part . Will be buying another one for Christmas .

    W. R.

    The Mushrooms are Fantastic and Zamnesia Too!! The shipment is very Fast and Great Product

    T. K.


    S. M.

    Thank you so much for your great products
    Thank you so much for your great products and super fast shipping. This was like my 10th time ordering supagrow kits and they have always arrived here in Finland very fast and without any problems whatsoever. They arrived in a week. I have always ordered atleast 4 or more shroomkits and they are super easy to grow. They grow in 2 weeks and i've always got 20-30 gram harvest dried mushrooms 3-4 times per 1 box. Also you seeds are very high quality. Zamnesia is the best, love you guys so much !

    E. M.

    Very easy to grow!
    These shrooms are very easy to grow. I never spray them and yet they keep delivering flush after flush. I am on my third flush now and even thou I don't spray them, the bag is always moist on the inside. I am also very happy with the effect after taking only 1,5 g. :)

    B. B.

    Pretty satisfied
    I'm a newbie grower and this was my very first grow set. It arrived in 4 days, and it took about 3 weeks until the first harvest, after that I’ve had a harvest every 1,5 weeks. I've used a heating mat, and with the first two flushes I got about 100 grams fresh, after that about 60 grams or less. But I’ve had five flushes so far and the mycelium still seems completely healthy. And the trip I had from them was absolutely amazing!

    M. B.
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