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Supa Gro Kit 100% 'McKennaii'

 4/5 (600)

    Mr t
    Ordered and arrived perfectly, great customer service. Unfortunately product was faulty but was sent a new one no proplems. Will definitely use again


    Ist nie waĂź gewachsen trotz hoher Luftfeuchtigkeit und einer heizmatte


    Came fast
    Legit product


    I made a mistake
    Hello. I made a mistake and did´nt wear handgloves at the beginning. And then some white mold begun to grow. But I never loose the hope... Many greetings, Joao


    Mc kennai grow kit
    rubbish , 3 weeks of misting and fanning, Nothing Avoid at all costs Or do it yourself would give zero stars if I could


    Good service
    Thanks for the customer service that help me


    No ha crecido nada
    Siempre los he usado siguiendo las instrucciones exactas, pero en este kit no ha crecido nada. He pedido una devolución y me han enviado un cheque con el mismo valor del kit para seguir comprando productos. Bastante insatisfecho porque he tenido que esperar más de 1 mes para encontrar solución y no he podido cultivar los hongos que necesitaba.


    Did not grow as i expected
    the first harvest gave me only 3 mushrooms. I don't know if I made a mistake, but I tried to follow all the instructions. Let's see if the next one goes better


    Mi primera vez
    En mi primera compra, un cultivo Fresh Mexican, el empaque salió un poco defectuoso, en ninguna coseña obtuve ni 5 gr, me contacté con atención al cliente y me ayudaron, la verdad, entendieron mi problema y decidieron solucionarlo, enviándome otro kit de cultivo no defectuoso en esta ocasión, siemplemente grandioso, muchas gracias.


    Does work fine
    Working fine with permanent 25-27° 10g dry after the first flush now waiting for the second :)


    Nothing happened
    Fresh Mushroom growkits are much better. stupid that youre not allowed a heating mat with this one


    Top notch
    Super high quality, i was able to Pull 456 grams of mushrooms on 4 flushes, i think i messed up the mycelium oterwise i could have pulled 1 or 2 more flushes.


    Nicht gut
    Hab alles wie immer gemacht warte nun seid 4 Wochen aber nichts ausser Schimmel ausserdem ist die Tütte mit Löchern und nicht mit Filter


    Dont waste your time
    Nothing. Absolutely nothing grew. Dont waste your time on this.


    Livraison pour supa
    7 jours avev week-end et jours feriè !!! Bravo arrivè au petit oignon suite au premier flush jusque là c edt un sans faute ! Thx


    Atm the pack starting growing after 2-4 weeks. Only problem was with 2 version of manual but i think you cant make mistake with Any of these 2 versions.


    Did not grow at all
    Did not grow at all, it was my 1st attempt...


    Very good and easy


    They really do work!!!!
    This is my first time using a grow kit and I am so happy I did, my first flush has come through I got 9 mushys altogether, some nice big juicy one. Waiting on my second flush, I highly recommend buying this grow kit if it’s your first time …just follow the instructions that zamnesia give you and you’ll be good


    Je conseil de faire très attention avc ces kits. Les trous d’aération prévus peuvent créer des contaminations. Il faut dont les boucher! J’ai fais pousser 4 kits et sur les 4, 2 de chez Zamnesia et ceux sont ces 2 la qui ont été contaminés. De la mousse grise et kit foutu! 100€ de perdu! Donc mettez du scotch sur vos kits avant de les démarrer.! Le service client ne fera pas forcément qqch….


    Très bonne qualité mais très peu de champotte... 50g frais en deux champignons en deux flush et quelques petits à côté. Mais rien de foufou alors que les autres boxes de la même marque ont produit plus de 300g frais en 3 flush Elle était à côté des autres donc c'est pas du mauvais traitement, juste pas beaucoup de chance...


    n'a jamais rien donné
    d'habitude plutôt satisfait des produits zamnésia celui ci n'a jamais rien donné pourtant placé dans les mêmes conditions que les précédents. très déçu


    hat bei mir leider nicht funktioniert.obwohl ich mich strikt an die anleitung hielt,ist leider kein einziger pilz gewachsen.ich war enttäuscht


    Musica ai funghi
    PotrĂ  sembrare un consiglio buffo ma nn lo Ă© fate ascoltare musica prima durante e dopo la crescita dei funghi. La musica di mozart stabilisce alle molecole di acqua una corretta forma geometrica che influisce sulla crescita del raccolto


    no ha salido nada, y por lo que se todos los pasos (humedad, temperatura, etc) han sido correctos. Por la superficie no ha salido ningún hongo. Por los laterales si ha salido alguno, pero como está el taper, no crecen, se aplastan y atrofian.


    Im a newbie
    It was my second try, growing the mckennaii myself. I Tried to follow the instructions (Supagro) exactly, within a few weeks, i had an enormous shroom and some smaller up to a few very small healthy shrooms. The second „Flush“ but Without „flushing“ (instruction said it dont Need a flush), grew instantly, after harvesting into some more and bigger shrooms but some small, too . Juicy and healthy. I got a very healthy and nice looking mycelium, Easy to grow and with some nice huge and straight specimen. 5/5


    Jag har bara provat dessa en gång och fått en skörd men hittills så fungerar det över förväntan enklare än de andra odlingsformerna och stora rejäla starka svampar


    Service après vente excellent!! Suite à la contamination d’un de mes kit j’ai fais la demande par e-mails et le renvoie d’un nouveau kit à été effectué sans problème


    Ci ha messo piĂą tempo rispetto agli altri ma ha fatto molti piĂą raccolti addirittura 7!! Prodotto parecchio potente da trattare con cura


    After just 2 weeks opening the bag, I had some tiny pins and are now ready to harvest. easy going 🤙


    Meilleure box
    Jamais déçu par cette box


    Slow growth
    I got the kit the 24/03. Good colonization. So I introduced the kit to fruiting conditions (FAE, tub, heat control and humidifier) The conditions are - 95-99% humidity, FAE six times an hour for a duration of 1min ea cycle. Temperature 75°f and light = 6300K Everything runs on a 12/12 cycle Six days ago I got the first pin. Now I only got three more pins, seems like the kit is hella slow


    BuenĂ­sima atenciĂłn al cliente
    El primer kit saliĂł mal y tras ponerme en contacto con la atenciĂłn al clientes, fueron muy cordiales y tras evaluar la situaciĂłn me hicieron un nuevo envĂ­o sin coste alguno. Inmejorable, estoy muy contenta con Zamnesia :)


    Ottimo prodotto
    Dopo 28 giorni dall’apertura del kit sono iniziati a uscire i primi funghi, il primo flush mi ha dato 70g, il secondo 90g, il terzo è stato molto scarso, meno di 10g. Il kit è buono, i soldi sono ben spesi, si potrebbe avere di meglio ma anche così va bene! Ho ricomprato il kit per vedere come va al secondo giro


    This is great mushrooms but it’s taking a little longer to grow then Cambodian strain & need a little different kind of growing don’t soak in water b4 growing & don’t cool em down inside your refrigerator!!!!! But shipping is the same about 1week (I live in Denmark ) & the box isn’t broken or stepped on like some shipping company’s.


    Amazing stuff
    I’m absolutely satisfied, didn’t know what to expect. When the first pines came up it went almost too quick


    Copious amount
    I bought this kit with a heat mat, after the first week it produced a copious and continuous amount of fruits for about three week. I got almost 60 grams. Then they stopped. I had also a distancer pad, but the lower side of the grow kit became "crispy".


    Mangez moi
    Ma récolte a été contaminée mais sans rancune ce n'est que partie remise


    Tarda mucho!
    Recibí mi kit el día 9 de febrero. Ese mismo día comenze con el proceso y hoy a día 12 de marzo he cosechado el primer hongo. Solo uno porque los demás, quitando unos 2, son primordios. Eso sí, la seta que coseche era todo un monstruo de casi 40 gramos. Espero que los demás primordios se conviertan pronto en monstruos igual de grandes.


    Supa gro grosse reolte
    Salut les amis , je lis vos retours d’expériences désastreux avec des supa gro kit . Moi perso j'ai toujours eu d'excellent résultats.


    Good stuffy
    Thank you for that


    Great production
    Perfect grow production. I´m absolutely satisfied.


    This is my fourth attempt at using the growkit. 2 years ago with my first attempt, it was amazing, great results and many flushes. Then I failed twice despite taking all the necessary precautions. Now it is a bit early to judge but so far, after 3 weeks, healthy pins are beginning to show. Very much looking forward to it and all the good things I have heard from this McKennaii strain.


    Try a different kit
    This kit was a disaster. I might have done some mistakes, but it wasn't my first kit, but it was the first I had to throw out completely. Waste of money and time.


    They really good.
    I ordered Mckennai and B+. Ones have started to grow really well and others not yet. No contamination and all in all satisfied with the product. :)


    2 shrooms came
    I bought the supa gro kit. The delivery was very fast. It took about 3 weeks for the first pins to appear. Only two shrooms had grown yet, but I don’t think it’s something wrong with the grow kit. Maybe the temperature or something else has something to do with that. Overall great product


    Zamnesia super
    Ho ordinato il kit ma per motivi a me sconosciuti ho avuto un raccolto molto scarso. Ho contattato zamnesia che subito ha provveduto a rimandarmi un secondo kit gratuito. La mia esperienza è stata positiva zamnesia segue i propri clienti in maniera eccellente. Quindi posso garantire che lo staff di zamnesia è sempre pronto e disponibile. Grazie zamnesia


    Terrible Customer Service - Didn't worked at all - Waste of time and money - Avoid
    NO GROWING AND ZERO ANSWERS FROM SUPPORT - TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE AVOID!! Hi there, perhaps you're in my same situation, this is your first time trying to grow mushrooms, you've read all the info online and manuals and decided to purchase a grow kit hopping it would be the best effective way to try your own mushrooms and if you have any issues, get the support of long time experts during the process....well you will be as WRONG as I was purchasing this kit. It never grow, small pins just stalled, send them pictures and mails asking for help and support along the way....NOTHING. Waited for 2 weeks before posting this review, as I was hopping they will get back to me, but nothing. SHAME on my money wasted here. No support, the grow kit is just no working and no one bothered to provide an answer or a solution after weeks of reaching out to them. I'm really sad at the money I wasted here, don't follow my steps...


    Chèrement déçu
    Après 2 semaines de petits dômes blanchâtres se sont formés sur la croûte du substrat. Une semaine plus tard tout était infesté de mini mouchettes et les petits débuts de champignons ont disparu en quelques jours malgré le nettoyage QUOTIDIEN ! J'ai du me résigner à jeter le container d'où sortaient les mouchettes. Je pense que je ne recommanderais plus de kit. Je suis déçu. Les truffes sont un produits que je connais (trop) bien. Je cherchais à trouver un nouveau trip. Les Mckennaii étaient pleins de promesses. Sincèrement je suis soigneux. J'ai toujours désinfecté mes mains jusqu'aux coudes à l'alcool, etc. Éloigné des plantes, ouvert tous les jours et vaporisé à l'eau minérale. Je pense que peut-être il est nécessaire de placer le kit dans un terrarium, dans son propre espace... Bref, bonne chance aux courageux.


    you get what you give
    follow the instructions and you wont be disappointed

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