Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'


Godfather of this Psilocybe cubensis strain is the American writer, teacher, researcher and psychonaut Terence McKenna. There is a rumor that this Psilocybe cubensis variety is even more potent than the popular and famous Copelandia cyanescens (also known as the "Hawaiian"). Its highly philosophical trip with a strong visual aspect makes it a treat for the more experienced psychonaut.

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Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii': For experienced psychonauts

Terence McKenna was an American writer, teacher, researcher and psychonaut - and the godfather of this Psilocybe cubensis strain. Word has it that this particular magic mushroom is even more potent than the famous and popular Copelandia cyanescens (which is also known as the "Hawaiian"). The highly philosophical trip with a strong visual aspect it triggers makes it a real treat for the more experienced psychonaut.

This magic mushroom grow kit by Fresh Mushrooms contains 1200ml of 100% colonized rye - you won't find any bulking agents such as vermiculite or perlite in it. The kit is ready to use, all you need to grow a huge batch of fresh mushrooms is a little patience. Within a few weeks the kit will produce several flushes; 4 flushes is the minimum, but some customers reported they were able to tickle 7 out of their kit. Granted, the last few flushes are not as comprehensive as the first, but occasionally you will see some true monsters develop!

Manual Fresh Mushrooms

Scope of delivery:

  • 1200ml cultivation box
  • Grow bag
  • 2 Paper clips

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Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii' data sheet
Volume 1200ML
Brand Fresh Mushrooms
Strain McKennaii

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Reviews (874)

    I received my order in less than a week (live in Sweden). Easy to follow instructions. Didn’t think I would succeed but was much easier than I thought. First harvest after two weeks. Second harvest one week after the first one. Third flush on the way with at least 10 caps. The two first harvests gave me approximately 14-15 g dried. During night time I have the box on my bathroom floor that has heating. Just tried to eat once. 2 grams dried. Had a mild trip with some visuals. Think I’m going to take a bigger dose next time. A dehydrator dried the mushies really fast. I recommend that you buy one. Tried to dry them with a fan first but they still weren’t dry enough for storage after more than a week. Really interesting and satisfying to grow your own shrooms. And you save a lot of money compared to buying shrooms from someone. Thank you Zamnesia!


    2 decent flushes


    So far so good
    Box came very quickly and my first knots have really began to form, 7 days in so far. I had a problem with the heat mat not working but zamnesia being the amazing company they are. Quickly sent out a replacement. I can't speak highly enough of these guys. I will absolutely be buying more and I'm then going to start my own operation love you guys


    Good quality and amount
    Second time ordering this kit, didn't get the best results from the first one, but the second still doesn't disappoint! The effect is good, except that the visuals are not that strong, but I don't eat the mushrooms for them, so for me it's okay. Overall, good product!


    Viel geerntet
    Habe 800g beim ersten Mal geerntet, jetzt kommt die zweite Partie. Habe es noch nicht probiert, im Backofen getrocknet bei 50 Grad für 6 Std. und lagere es getrocknet. Im Sommer könnte man sie sonnentrocknen, im Herbst/Winter nicht. Warte auf einen schönen Tag um sie zu probieren. Lieferung und Anweisungen waren perfekt. Kundenservice muss ich hoch loben. Werde es kochen und wie einen Tee trinken. Bin gespannt. Danke!


    Not lucky but..
    My box was unfortunately contamined when i received the box. Hopefully, Zamnesia gave me an other one for free. I've already ordered here and the last time was good.


    The grow was easy and I harvested the first batch only 3 weeks after receiving the kit. Strong stuff too, Can’t recommend it enough!


    Awesome Product
    I am very happy with magic mushroom !


    Heel goede eerste kit
    Dit is mijn errste kit, kwam na 5 dagen toe. De manual gelezen, enkele goutjes grmaakt. Eerste flush ongeveer 70 gram, de tweede ook,de derde start weldra. Goede, krachtige paddestoelen. Sterke filosofische trip. Ik gebruik een heating mat met piepschuim tussen doos en mat. De zak openen en openlaten als de pins zichtbaar zijn. Enkele dagen, 4 tot 5, heb je je paddestoelen. Enjoy !!


    Brutal trip
    The shrooms grow fine. I have tried them fresh and had mild trips. Yesterday I did a lemon tek with a higher dose of dried shrooms and it was insane. Potent visuals and an absolute emotional rollercoaster. The entire reality around me started glitching, people’s faces became deformed and grotesque, time and distance lost all meaning. Sadly, it turned into a brutal bad trip during the last 2-3 hours of the trip. Had massive panic attacks and strong anxiety. It all got triggered by me watching a YouTube video and the face becoming demonic looking. When you’re tripping your balls out, all of your emotions become amplified to an insane level. It becomes hard to control them. I manage to pull through, but you gotta be careful with shrooms. Some people here say their shrooms were weak or had zero potency. That’s dangerous advice. No psilocybe mushrooms have *zero* potency. If yours do, you did something wrong. It’s also a natural product, not a synthetic drug. Potency can vary between batches but also between shrooms in the same flush.

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Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'