Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'


Godfather of this Psilocybe cubensis strain is the American writer, teacher, researcher and psychonaut Terence McKenna. There is a rumor that this Psilocybe cubensis variety is even more potent than the popular and famous Copelandia cyanescens (also known as the "Hawaiian"). Its highly philosophical trip with a strong visual aspect makes it a treat for the more experienced psychonaut.

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Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii': For experienced psychonauts

Terence McKenna was an American writer, teacher, researcher and psychonaut - and the godfather of this Psilocybe cubensis strain. Word has it that this particular magic mushroom is even more potent than the famous and popular Copelandia cyanescens (which is also known as the "Hawaiian"). The highly philosophical trip with a strong visual aspect it triggers makes it a real treat for the more experienced psychonaut.

This magic mushroom grow kit by Fresh Mushrooms contains 1200ml of 100% colonized rye - you won't find any bulking agents such as vermiculite or perlite in it. The kit is ready to use, all you need to grow a huge batch of fresh mushrooms is a little patience. Within a few weeks the kit will produce several flushes; 4 flushes is the minimum, but some customers reported they were able to tickle 7 out of their kit. Granted, the last few flushes are not as comprehensive as the first, but occasionally you will see some true monsters develop!

Manual Fresh Mushrooms

Scope of delivery:

  • 1200ml cultivation box
  • Grow bag
  • 2 Paper clips

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Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii' data sheet
Volume 1200ML
Brand Fresh Mushrooms
Strain McKennaii

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Reviews (683)

    Kit foiré
    Iere fois que je ne récolte rien après 5 semaines d attente du coup perdu 45 euro. Mais je met 3 étoiles parce que d habitude je suis très satisfait....


    Leider nicht funktioniert
    Hat leider nicht funktioniert bei einem anderem zuchtset war alles gut . Zamnesia trotzdem beste


    total disappointment
    The kit grew quite easily with 3 reasonable flushes (not huge though) but potency is very far from what I expected after reading description and comments . Waste of time and money ...


    super super


    As always zamnesia never disappoints
    Delivery was quite fast as always. As for the kit it took 10 days for the first flash and another 4 for the second. Still growing the third flash. 90+35 grams first and second which is probably not ideal but still it was my first kit so alot could go wrong and may had gone, I am not sure. But still quite happy as always. As for the quality , I haven't tried them yet but just from the touch (on fresh shrooms) I am sure I microdosed (given that Iam quite experienced with LSD micro I can recognize the effects so I believe they are quite potent). I will be updating if I can (zamnesia doesn't let you edit reviews once you post them so I don't know if it's possible , or if they changed it, will try anyway)


    Oltre le aspettative
    Premetto che sono un neofita e anche un po' babbo. Il prodotto era perfetto e sono stato assistito in maniera eccellente. Poi mi sono distratto e i funghi sono cresciuti a dismisura ma questa è colpa mia.


    best customer service ever
    Their product is amazing, and their team is even better. I'm impressed with every little bit of this transaction. Big big fan. The kid works wonderful.


    Easy and powerful
    Just enjoy!


    Hab mir das Set 2 mal gekauft das eine hat angefangen links zu schimmeln grün und sich auf alles über tragen und bei dem anderem Set hat auch paar Tage später auch angefangen zu schimmeln unten links und was mich am meisten wundert das bei dem einem Set wo alles voll bedeckt gewesen ist mit pilz Köpfen wo zu gleich auch die Köpfe schneller kamen und die meisten Köpfe besaß hat auf gehören zu wachsen bei den anderen kamen nur wenig Pilze wurden aber alle größer und haben dan auch aufgehören zu wachsen und dan kam der schimmel wieder aus der Ecke seit 2 3 Wochen schon habe ich die am wachsen obwohl ich Hände bis zum oberarm 4min lange gewaschen und neue handschuhe verwendet konstant 23.1 Grad gehalten und eine Luftfeuchtigkeit im Raum zwischen 25 bis 60 % maximal gehalten und alles beachtet was beachtet werden muss wie zb nicht rein atmen pusten den Kuchen nicht anfassen oder sonstiges aufjedenfall komisch weiß selber nicht was falsch sein könnte das einzige was mir einfallen könnte ist wie viel Licht die brauchen sollten oder bräuchte man eine externe beläuftung vielleicht kein Ahnung?


    I received a kit where I thought it is a bit dried out. But tried it anyway. Like described on the freshmushrooms website I used my heating mat for 48 hours in the beginning then switched it off and waited for the pinning then switched it back on. After 10 days I now have 95 g wet. Yay! Now I prepare it for the second flush. Maximum I had was 5 flushs with this kind of kit. But the last one was just for fun. Really powerful strain. I love it.

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Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'
Fresh Mushrooms Grow Kit 'McKennaii'