Lion's Mane Liquid Culture Syringe (fufufungu)


Lion's mane is a strange mushroom that looks quite unlike any other. What's more, these mushrooms have long been prized for their flavour and holistic uses. With this liquid culture syringe, you can grow them easily at home!

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Fufufungu - Lion's Mane Liquid Culture Syringe: Lion's Mane Made Easy

Lion's mane—Hericium erinaceus—mushrooms are curious beings that grow many long tendrils, like a lion's mane. Rather than growing a cap, they develop these drooping, root-like appendages. Growing throughout the deciduous woodlands of Europe and Asia, they have long been used in traditional cuisine and holistic practices, especially in East Asia.

With these liquid cultures, you can now grow your own at home fast, and with ease. Compared to spore solution, liquid cultures come with already-developed mycelium, which makes the colonisation process both faster and more reliable. Once you inoculate your substrate of choice, you can expect to see mushrooms growing within around six weeks.

To grow in bulk, you'll need to create a bulk substrate, which can consist of (bran supplemented) hardwood (poplar, oak, alder, aspen, maple, birch, ash, beech, willow, elm) or a "master's mix", which is a 1:1 mix of hardwood sawdust and soybean hulls. Alternatively, growers can get natural and choose to grow their lion's mane mushrooms outdoors on hardwood logs.

Regardless of how you choose to use lion's mane, growing this mushroom at home is sure to be worth the effort.


  • 1x 20ml liquid culture syringe
  • 2x alcohol wipes
  • 1x sterilised needle

Recommended Use

  • Use within 2 months after delivery. Store in a cool, dark place such as the refrigerator. Protect from UV light.
  • 2–5ml per litre/quart jar of sterilised grain.
  • Shake before use: Lion's mane mycelium tends to clump together, so shake it well before inoculation.
  • Be patient! Lion's mane mycelium grows light and wispy to begin with, and you may not see it growing. If you don't see visible growth for a while, don't despair, it's probably happening.
  • After use, the liquid culture should be stored in the refrigerator. Dry thoroughly before replacing the protective cover to prevent rust from forming on the needle.
  • Additionally, you can heat the needle with a lighter to evaporate residual water, before allowing it to cool. Once cool, replace the protective cover, secure the LC in a ziplock bag, and store it in the refrigerator.

Important Considerations

  • While more LC generally leads to faster colonisation, it’s not recommended to exceed 5ml per litre/quart jar.
  • For grain still moist after hydration/sterilisation, less LC per litre/quart jar is safer, as excess water can lead to bacterial growth.
Lion's Mane Liquid Culture Syringe (fufufungu) data sheet
Mushroom Type Non-psychedelic

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    Working syringe
    Great white bulbs at result, was made on clean grain in bags, all grow perfectly! Thx to shop!!! Zamnezia please add possibility to add pictures of results it will be great opportunity for people to see results of grow order new strains check rewiev soon

    D. S.

    Estoy muy sorprendido
    Crecimiento muy rápido en la viruta de manzana i pino

    O. S.
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Lion's Mane Liquid Culture Syringe (fufufungu)
Lion's Mane Liquid Culture Syringe (fufufungu)
Lion's Mane Liquid Culture Syringe (fufufungu)
Lion's Mane Liquid Culture Syringe (fufufungu)
Lion's Mane Liquid Culture Syringe (fufufungu)
Lion's Mane Liquid Culture Syringe (fufufungu)
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