Zamnesia Grow Kit 'Mexican'


The ivory, bell-shaped caps are distinct from flat-topped cubensis mushrooms, and the powerful effects distinguish themselves as a unique adventure for the mycelium lover. As one of the first mushrooms to be identified as psychoactive, Mexican delivers a profound experience of strange meets fantastic. 

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Zamnesia - Mexican: The Founding Father Of The Magic Mushrooms

Arguably one of the most well-known magic mushrooms, Mexican’s popularity is, in part, down its role as the "founding father" of psychedelic mushrooms. Mexican bursts open the doors to a realm of possibility—a realm where strange blends harmoniously with the fantastic, and the only limitation in life is your imagination. The dark brown stripe grows thick and pronounced, leading to the bell-shaped cap that changes colour from brown to beige to straw as the mushroom ages.

Ready-to-go, the kit includes everything you need to cultivate your own life-affirming experience. A layer of perlite maintains the correct levels of moisture, while a fully colonised rye cake uses vermiculite as a casing layer. Simple-to-follow instructions are included, with two steps particularly crucial to success. First, your mycelium will need a daily spray of water to maintain the right levels of moisture; then, you just need a little patience as the mycelium develops. After a few short weeks, and several flushes, you too will experience everything the founding father has to offer.

Manual Zamnesia Grow Kit


  • Instructions
  • Perlite
  • Fully colonised rye cake
  • Vermiculite (casing layer)
  • Grow bag

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Reviews (25)

    Missing things
    The package came without any instructions, and its hard to find those in the web. I mistakenly used the guide of another kit instead of the one I got. so I got 3 weeks without nothing, until I found the right one and realized that I was supposed to fill it with water first, I thought I killed the plant. But luckily now they have started growing. only on the edges though and only looks like 5 will come out in the first flush. Hope the next is bigger.


    Long Grow
    20 Days to harvest. But it worth it.

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review


    The box started to produce a yellow thing (mushroom?) the next days after the beginning of the production. It slowly infested all the box... had to throw it


    God levering og gode fordele
    Dejligt at købe noget og så enda også få en fin gave med i købet.


    Le premier flush n'a rien donné donc j'ai remis le tout au frigo pour un nouvel essai, là quelques champignons sont sortis mais ça reste en dessous des kits que j'ai eu dans le passé, peut-être les températures de l'été... Déçu.


    kit meximushroom
    Bon plan par rapport aux truffes puisse que ne pourris pas pendant le trajet...compter un petit mois pour la première récolte, pour mon cas une trentaine de champis, entre 1,5 et 8 gr par champis...le 2ème flush semblerais donner la même chose. Pour un trip léger je mange 3 a 4 CHAMPIS environ 10gr, pour obtenir le genre de trip décrit par zamnésia, moi je mange au moins 20gr... Aprés tout dépend de votre niveau de fatigue, de la quantitée de bouffe que vous digèrez et de votre résistance habituel aux substances...Donc pour avoir un bon trip, ne manger que trés peut , ne dormer pas trop la veille , pour la dose vous ètent senser vous connaître .Un dernier conseil ne rester pas enfermer sortez redécouvrir votre jardin ou la foret du coin, et vous expérimenterais le lever de soleil le plus beau que vous aurait connu... BISOU


    Took 2 weeks to start groving, still growing first flush. Only few shrooms slaughtered, hope that next flush will be better


    how to get a good yeald
    a lot of people are complaining in the comments about insufficient yield, If you want to improve on this there are a few things that are important to Keep in mind. Firstly, the instructions Zamnesia poses are important, Around 20°C consistent temperature, watering when necessary, etc. However it's important to note that these Plants still strive off of light, Direct sunlight kills the plants because of UV rays but if you're able to get a Lamp that produces indirect sunlight you can get Results similar to the image displayed of the product. I myself managed to produce mushrooms twice the size of my own hand (35g) using this method. Excellent strain, thanks Zamnesia.


    the magic gardener
    Yep, they've come up quicker than the Golden Teacher that I had a couple of years ago...about a couple of weeks even though I don't keep such an accurate diary. From noticing a bump in the substrate, tjhey're big and fat and fresh in only 3 days. Probably will begin to harvest in 2 days. Worth noting is that you shouldn't be shy in eating a fairly surprisingly large amount of the Golden Teacher.They're not that strong, you need to eat at least 2 big ones before things get unmistakably trippy, and even then it's not visual like other psilocybin you might be lucky enough to find in your local pastures. I'll let you know what happens when we make our first Mexican Infusion...think I might try brewing them up fresh...

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Zamnesia Grow Kit 'Mexican'
Zamnesia Grow Kit 'Mexican'
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