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Magic Truffles Hollandia

Magic Truffles Hollandia

The psilocybe Hollandia is one of our most powerful strains. These very strong nodules reach the full score on our 5 finger scale - this is the top of the charts. One pack of 15 grams is enough for two strong trips with - ideal for an experience with your most trusted buddy. You will share an undescribable feeling of euphoria, closeness and solidarity and creative thinking.

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Magic Truffles Hollandia - With love from The Netherlands


The psilocybe Hollandia has a very strong effect - this is one of the two strains that made it to the full score on our 5 finger scale. With the Hollandia variety of magic truffles you will most likely experience hallucinations - if you dare to take enough. But even smaller doses will send waves through your body when the effect starts. Your senses are sharpened (your eyes could be overly sharp actually), creative thinking is at its full potential and a feeling of being one with nature can arise. The occurring effects greatly vary from person to person and can not be compared or predicted because they depend on many personal prepositions and environmental circumstances.


The psilocybe Hollandia should be enjoyed with caution. These powerful lumps score a 5 on our 5 finger scale and only 7,5 grams are enough to show you a different world. As of 10-12 we are talking about a medium to strong effect (again, depending on many factors) and the full load of 15 grams is only recommended for the most experienced users. Most people chew the nodules and swallow them, but some prefer a concoction made with hot water or even add tea to the brew to mask the taste - although the psilocybe Hollandia incidentally tastes a lot better than the average magic truffle.


Don't use magic truffles if you are in a bad mood, depressive, psychotic or otherwise mentally biased. Magic truffles are neither suitable for minors or pregnant women, nor is it wise to drive or operate heavy machinery under the influence of psilocybin. Magic truffles should never be taken in combination with alcohol or other drugs (prescribed or illegal). Start with a small dose and make sure you feel comfortable with your company and environment.

*Can be stored for a maximum of two months in the fridge. After you open the pack they can only be kept for two days.

*MushMagic truffles will not be shipped in the tins unless otherwise requested.


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    By on 24/Mar/2017 :

    Title : Parfait
    Comment : Truffes de bonne qualité, montée très forte suivie d'une bonne dose de visuels et de réflexion.

    By on 24/Mar/2017 :

    Title : Lovely product - Prodotto stupendo
    Comment : Thanks to Zamnesia, great service and professionality! The truffles have not a bad taste, really, and they work. Eat at least 10 grs if you want to go deeper inside yourself and to appreciate visuals and colors. Good physical sensations, no problems coming back to normality. I just ordered other two packs, absolutely suggested! Grazie a Zamnesia, grande servizio e professionalità! I tartufi non hanno un cattivo sapore, anzi, e funzionano. Mangiane almeno 10 grammi se vuoi andare in profondità dentro di te e apprezzare immagini e colori. Ottime sensazioni fisiche, nessun problema per il ritorno alla normalità. Ne ho appena ordinati altre due pacchetti, li consiglio assolutamente.

    By on 20/Mar/2017 :

    Title : Très sympa
    Comment : j'ai pris les 15 grammes en infusion avec un pote, on s'est fait 4 tasses chacun, le goût n'était pas trop mauvais. Mon pote a eu plein de révélations tandis que moi j'étais super euphorique, trop bien dans mon corps, les jambes molles, plus trop le sens de l'équilibre. On a passé une bonne soirée, d'autant plus qu'avec une ampoule à lumière noire et de la peinture fluo c'était grave dar !!!!!

    By :

    The customer has rated the product but has not posted a review

    By on 17/Mar/2017 :

    Title : Great trip
    Comment : I did 8.5g, was an amazing experience. Strong vivid visuals. Natural feeling, not like Lsd.

    By on 08/Mar/2017 :

    Title : wow
    Comment : this stuff is very very VERY good. we took 15grams with my friend. im quite new to psychedelics and i've only had one trip before trying these ones... and boy oh boy.... the best experience i've had in my life.... most of the time i was tripping with closed eyes while music was playing... i was inside my own consciousness (or at least i think it was it) then suddenly i've reached a waterfall of colours, went down the with the stream of colours and appeared in some dark enormous place where ibwas able to feel the cosmic vibration and some godly energy which was coming out of some kind core... very vivid, shapeless, formless thing... cant describe it... its just too difficult... anyway this is a very good trip, i suggest to take it with care if you are affraid of yourself or doubting about all this thing... 7.5g is a good dose for a good trip ;) enjoy and take care

    By on 08/Mar/2017 :

    Title : Brilliant
    Comment : Great trip, had about 10grams and lasted 4-6hours

    By on 02/Mar/2017 :

    Title : de la balle
    Comment : j'ai pris 15 gr graduellement et bu la moitié d'une bouteille de whisky..résultat voyage chamanique surpuissant j'ai pas dormis de la nuit , plein d’alu facinante

    By on 02/Mar/2017 :

    Title : 30 gram trip
    Comment : i'll just start by saying this is a long review with all the trippy details I can recall. started with 10g and waited about an hour, not much happened, just a body rush, things were brighter and things were more in focus ( at this time one of my friends peaked and started saying the walls were moving and stuff but we didnt really believe him)...we were wrong. I took the next ten grams an hour and a half after the first bunch and didn't really notice anything at first, I felt euphoric and had a really nice body and head high. I started getting the giggles and its at this point that it got really intense. I went to the bathroom and the walls started to suddenly move and flow, the textures changed in front of me and I started laughing uncontrollably, when i got back into the room the curtains on our wall were twisting and flowing, the walls were alive and fluid and all my friends had a glowing haze around them. drawings in my friends sketchbook started twisting and moving, I had to throw it away it was so intense. the individual lines bent and flowed on the page like snakes lifting off the page in 3D. Then i had the last ten this point i was watching geometric patterns on the wall move around me, there was nothing static in the room, the ceiling was a mess of dancing shadows and colors that moved in time with the music, I watched sharp figures dance across the ceiling and fucking reindeer, there were reindeer running across the ceiling, the shadows made it look like a shifting landscape with textures becoming grainy then fading out, the world became an animated landscape. one of my friends described the room like an sp4 orbital floating around the universe (it made total sense at the time). I spent an hour looking in a mirror watching my face shift and move bulging and bending, changing color, at one point i looked up and the whole room was like a mirage floating and moving. Honestly it's hard to describe everything that happened but it was an incredibly binding experience that brought me closer to my friends. tips: smoke on the comedown for extra visuals and cool stuff, don't force anything to happen and just enjoy the trip where it takes you and lastly do it somewhere you feel totally comfortable with people you know and trust. get the dose and timing right and you'll be launched into space.

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