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Magic Truffles Pajaritos

Magic Truffles Pajaritos

The meaning of the Spanish term Pajaritos is "little birds" and refers to the small size of the individual sclerotium. But don't get fooled by the cute name - these magic truffles will make those little birds twitter in your brain bowl. 7,5 grams are sufficient for a nice first experience on a philosophical, creative and social trip. With a 3 of 5 rating a mild to medium strong strain.

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Magic Truffles Pajaritos - Little birds in your brain bowl


Fly little birds - Pajaritos is Spanish for "little birds" ... 7,5 grams of these "little birds" won't teach you to fly, but you will surely notice a change - a change of view and mind. You will feel incredibly alive and elated while gentle shivers rush through your body from time to time. Creative, outside the box thinking and bursts of laughter are almost unavoidable - especially when you are tripping with friends you know and trust 100%.


The psilocybe Pajaritos is a mild to medium strong strain. The terms mild and medium are relative - each and every trip is different and the effects depend on many factors, like when you had your last meal, your state of health/mind, BMI, mood. It is recommended to always start with a dose that (normally) equals to a mild trip - in this case 7,5 grams; for a stronger trip 10 grams and 15 grams provide a flight for the more advanced psychonauts. Most people chew and swallow the magic truffles, but if you really can't stand the taste, you can make a tea and add the magic truffles to it. But don't use boiling water - it would destroy the psilocybin and psilocin in the magic truffles. If you chew them, chew them well - this helps the body to absorb the substances much faster and prevents the occasionally occurring nausea.


Magic truffles are not intended for persons under the age of 18. Don't use magic truffles in combination with other drugs, prescribed or illegal or alcohol. Refrain from tripping if you are in a bad mood, depressed or distraught - magic truffles are NO "happy pills" or party drug! We hope it is needless to say "don't drive on shrooms - enjoy the flight!"

*Can be stored for a maximum of two months in the fridge. After you open the pack they can only be kept for two days.

*Unless requested otherwise these truffles from MushMagic are shipped out without the original tins.


    By on 13/Mar/2017 :

    Title : My first time
    Comment : This was the first time I have done this and any kind of hallucinogenic. I was really looking forward to it and boy was it a good trip for me. First I took half the pack waited about 45 minutes not much. I was waiting for my friend while i was sitting in my car so once he came I toke the rest. It didn't have a bad taste was nutty and left a sour taste in the mouth but not a pleasant sour tast but not to bad and unbearable. I got out the car once I came to my friends house as soon as I stepped out of my car I felt so light like I was floating with a slight buzz went upstairs sat down and thought hmm might as well roll up a joint which added to the affect and made my buzz so much heavyer but I was wide awake so waited for another half hour then I started to smile uncontrollably then the giggles came in and I was very talkitive with my friend, he didn't do it cos he was on med so he went to bed and I was sitting on my own just kept thinking and laughing uncontrollabley and a comedy film I watched was soo funny i spent the who'll night laughing and smiling was a great trip and will do it again but this time with something stronger I didn't get no visuals only laughing and smiling a lot with my senses very active and very aware and wide awake over all its was good product but I was expecting visuals but didn't get any so gona try hollandia next going to wait a couple of days before I do it again looking forward to it again definitely a must try but no visuals.

    By on 13/Mar/2017 :

    Title : Great first time experience
    Comment : We took Pajaritos in group of 5 beginners. All of us had great time!

    By on 02/Mar/2017 :

    Title : A sociable and wired up truffle
    Comment : Took 15g one evening and spent most of the time talking to myself and the cats. They made me more sociable than I generally tend to be, but I was alone at the time and actually felt a bit lonely. Never had that before as I tend to be a fairly quiet person. Definitely better to take them in good company with people you like, I think. These really make the brain active and creative, but no real visuals that I noticed, and just the occasional minor shudder. Seems to be a stronger cerebral effect than physical/emotional.

    By :

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    By on 30/Jan/2017 :

    Title : H-BOY
    Comment : Das sind die besten Trüffel im Angebot kann ich nur sagen, nicht ganz so intensiv wie die Atlantis aber zum chillen genau richtig. Euphorie bei 7g stärker ausgeprägt als halluzinogen. Trotzdem eher für erfahrene User.

    By on 10/Jan/2017 :

    Title : Nice chill trip
    Comment : Took them with my housemates, had 7.5 g to myself, no real visuals but they made me pretty chatty, nice body high like a fuzzy feeling, no real head buzz but there was a bit of paranoia, definetly a social high, everything is funnier, some of my housemates are artsy so they made some pretty cool sketches, trip lasted about 4 hours. Tip: keep sugary food near by.

    By on 15/Dec/2016 :

    Title : pas convaincu
    Comment : pas d'effet particulier après la prise, en dehors de la sédation habituelle avec ce type de produit; donc une certaine déception - mais la semaine qui a suivi, voire au-delà de la semaine, un bien-être, un calme, très appréciable, très agréable - au total je suis mitigé sur un avis à donner sur ce produit

    By on 07/Nov/2016 :

    Title : Mild
    Comment : Quite mild but suitable for first time trying. Enjoyable feeling but not much visual stuff.

    By on 24/Oct/2016 :

    Title : Long lasting
    Comment : These ones had me philosophical and euforic, not so much visuals but a pleasant long lasting trip:)

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