Magic Truffles Pajaritos


The meaning of the Spanish term Pajaritos is "little birds" and refers to the small size of the individual sclerotium. But don't get fooled by the cute name - these magic truffles will make those little birds twitter in your brain bowl. 7,5 grams are sufficient for a nice first experience on a philosophical, creative and social trip. With a 3 of 5 rating a mild to medium strong strain.

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Weight: 15 grams€ 13.99
  • Weight: 15 grams € 13.99
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Magic Truffles Pajaritos - Little birds in your brain bowl


Fly little birds - Pajaritos is Spanish for "little birds" ... 7,5 grams of these "little birds" won't teach you to fly, but you will surely notice a change - a change of view and mind. You will feel incredibly alive and elated while gentle shivers rush through your body from time to time. Creative, outside the box thinking and bursts of laughter are almost unavoidable - especially when you are tripping with friends you know and trust 100%.


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Magic truffles are not intended for persons under the age of 18. Don't use magic truffles in combination with other drugs, prescribed or illegal or alcohol. Refrain from tripping if you are in a bad mood, depressed or distraught - magic truffles are NO "happy pills" or party drug! We hope it is needless to say "don't drive on shrooms - enjoy the flight!"

*Can be stored for a maximum of two months in the fridge. After you open the pack they can only be kept for two days.

*Unless requested otherwise these truffles from MushMagic are shipped out without the original tins.

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Reviews (94)

    Zeker goed
    Een fijne truffel voor een niet te gekke trip, ik werd er lekker vrolijk van. Als je al wat ervaring hebt dan zal ik wel de volle portie nemen voor de visuals.


    Me gustaron más las mexicanas
    En cuanto al efecto note más el de las mejicanas.


    tres bon produits
    consommés entre amis et tres bon trip fort euphoriqe


    Ok the taste brrr but the effect after 15 Gramm Ahaa?! Lol


    Comme la mexicana, c'est léger mais agréable. Si on ne veut pas de fortes doses car pesant ou de micro dosing, les pajaritos font passer une bonne demie journée le week end, écouter, faire de la musique, méditer. Toujours respecter le set et setting.


    Not for me
    I took all 15 grams today, I prepared everything “by the book”, myself, a tea (even repeat it), calm ambient (no sitter),... But I had no experience, except two or three vibrations in hands & sound effects in music. Pajaritos are obviously too weak for me. I’ll try Pandora in few weeks..


    Expired ?
    My brother bought one pack and I also bought one. All of them had absolutely no effect. When I compared them to other truffles i've bought later, those pajaritos were really dark coloured and so I think they were expired or something like that. It was really disappointing because I wanted to introduce my brother to truffles with those ones. No luck, nobody get effects.


    Pas déçu du produit.
    Après avoir tester des champi sous forme de cocktail en Thaïlande, des Truffes Valhalla, et bien ces Pajaritos en valent la peine. Pour 3 personne nous avons mixer 2 sachets de 15g qui pesent tjr environ 16-16.5g ce qui représente 10-11g chacun. Un voyage psychedelic assuré nous a transporter aux confins du cosmos pendant 4-5h ! Des sensations d'unité, de compréhension, de tolérance et un bouillonnement intérieur de positivité absolu seront aux RDV! Une forte perte de coordination des geste suivi de blocage quand au fais de prendre des décision simple tel que boire une gorgée ou allumer une cigarette...


    Effet moyens
    Première expérience j'ai pris le paquet entier avec l'estomac vide comme conseiller, effet minim avec quelques vagues de bien être contrairement la Tampa ne sis qui elle, j'ai eu 3 gros trip dans la même journée, effet visuel garanti


    The delivery was very fast and super discreet. It was the first time i ever tried truffles, but I’ve tried shrooms several times before. Super efficient and a very nice trip overall. Namaste

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Magic Truffles Pajaritos
Magic Truffles Pajaritos
Magic Truffles Pajaritos
Magic Truffles Pajaritos
Magic Truffles Pajaritos
Magic Truffles Pajaritos
Magic Truffles Pajaritos
Magic Truffles Pajaritos
Magic Truffles Pajaritos
Magic Truffles Pajaritos