Magic Truffles Pajaritos


The meaning of the Spanish term Pajaritos is "little birds" and refers to the small size of the individual sclerotium. But don't get fooled by the cute name - these magic truffles will make those little birds twitter in your brain bowl. 7,5 grams are sufficient for a nice first experience on a philosophical, creative and social trip. With a 3 of 5 rating a mild to medium strong strain.

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Magic Truffles Pajaritos - Little birds in your brain bowl



Fly little birds - Pajaritos is Spanish for "little birds" ... 7,5 grams of these "little birds" won't teach you to fly, but you will surely notice a change - a change of view and mind. You will feel incredibly alive and elated while gentle shivers rush through your body from time to time. Creative, outside the box thinking and bursts of laughter are almost unavoidable - especially when you are tripping with friends you know and trust 100%.


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Note: All of our magic truffles are fresh and can be stored in a fridge for a maximum of two months. Once opened, use within two days.

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Reviews (218)

    The most beautiful experience I've had
    I took 15g of (Pajaritos). For the first hour I chilled at home. And then went outside, (2isham - 6:40am). I just gotta say, nature is something else, it really is. I payed extreme detail to everything. From fallen branches, to the sounds of the wind, random sings, traffic lights, falling leaves, the abyss of a sky above me. At first it was idk, unnatural, but gradually I felt more comfortable until I went down this bike lane, which had trees to the left and right, also on the right there is a river with a lot of flora. I took my hoodie off as the birds, who energeticly, happily reacted to that, flew with me down the lane, chirping in synch as like they were talking to me, maybe explaining something, guiding me, the trees whistled majesticly and drops of water fell from them occasionally, sounds were really amplified after i took off my hoodie, it was such an amazing experience, I just looked at so many things, appreciated them and felt like the nature thanked me for understanding its true beauty, it almost felt like the nature had reactions to my thoughts and actions, insane stuff, at some point i started turning back, there were, a small brown bird which immediately flew away when i saw it, these two little black birds playing with each other, what was left of a really old tree, which was really cool to see, just because of how old it is. And then, then I couldn't believe my fucking eyes. I dont know, I'll research it later, but before me was this majestic big bird. It felt almost alien, but at the same time more human than humans, i guess it's just nature, it felt like we stared at each other for ages, I admired it for so long, until finally it flew away. Then I walked back home, feeling the best I ever did in my life, thinking about stuff in a way I couldn't before. Appreciating this awe of an experience. And here I am finally home reflecting, writing this, probably I've forgotten so many little details which seemed so important and astonishing...ah the sheer elegance of that trip... Um, some interesting things i thought about was how there is this language barrier between us and nature (animals), also some weird things that when you are on psychedelics - animals surround you, show interest and curiousity and are not afraid of you, they allow you to be close but still keep perfect distance. Its so mind-blowing Hm to add when I was slowly becoming more comfortable with nature i gradually just turned the volume of my music down and down until i just turned it off and let the nature be the music, was the best decision of the night after going out :dd I also found out some answers to my personal problems through the increased thinking I had. Thanks for reading. This was such a beautiful experience. I wanna cry. I thank nature and the truffles for letting me experience it and I wish anyone to have a similiar trip. The big majestic bird was a Purple Heron Just realizing Parajitos means little birds and my trip was all around birds, absolutely insane


    J'adore les effets de cette variété que je mélange souvent à d'autres, plus puissantes, pour avoir le bon effet. Les pajaritos provoquent des fourmillements dans le corps, cette sensation est agréable et pas trop forte non plus. 15 à 20 grammes sont bien pour ma part mais j'aime bien mélanger deux ou trois variétés ...


    Super Chill
    Me encantan estas trufas porque no son tan fuerte pero si que te lleva a otra dimensión. Mucha introspección e energía positiva fue para mi.


    un placer de placeres


    Bien pour débuter
    Un peu leger, mais je pense ideal pour des trip leger et particulièrement conseillé pour les débutant. pour ma part pas de folles hallu, pas de fou rire, juste des effets visuels, une sensation de bien être mais très lucide, ce qui peut être un avantage si vous le consommez en exterieur dans la nature et que vous voulez bouger un peu. pour l'expedition, rien a dire c'est du Zamni irréprochable.


    Amazing truffles


    Perfect voor een middagje vrij 🥳
    Uitermate geschikt om gewoon eens n middagje te nietsen, buiten lekker trippy wat "Rick and Morty" te bingen


    Super eerste trip
    Voor de eerste keer truffels geprobeerd. Ze waren snel geleverd en ik heb een ontzettend leuke middag gehad. Vooral heel veel gelachen en een paar visuals.


    Generalmente muy buen producto.
    Generalmente muy buen producto. La empresa respalda cualquier contratiempo de manera satisfactoria.


    tan leve que ni lo notaras
    fue una gran decepcion, esperaba gran cosa, pero fue como tomarte una cerveza. NO LO RECOMIENDO!

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Magic Truffles Pajaritos
Magic Truffles Pajaritos
Magic Truffles Pajaritos
Magic Truffles Pajaritos
Magic Truffles Pajaritos
Magic Truffles Pajaritos
Magic Truffles Pajaritos
Magic Truffles Pajaritos
Magic Truffles Pajaritos
Magic Truffles Pajaritos