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Psilocybe Hollandia

 4.5/5 (156)

    great product! thanks Zamnesia.


    que du plaisir!!
    merci pour la qualité de la livraison et des truffes!! ça a été superbe en tous points!! Et le lendemain c'était nickel (pour une prise de 15g).Encore merci!! j'y reviendrai!!


    be brave and take 15g to get the full experience, I've tried a few strains from this site and hollandia is my favourite. Great customer service in my opinion, get onboard folks


    Really nice and soft
    Perfect service with Zamnesia, congrat. About the product... We took 1 box (15gr) between two. It was a nice, soft and visual trip of 5 hours. Really good way to start this 2016! And next time we will try with 2 box :)


    15grams nice fun trip. not too intense.
    I took the whole 15grams of Hollandia as I am a very experienced pychonaut, expecting a very strong trip. I definitely didnt trip as hard as expected but that could be due to the fact I had taken magic mushrooms 9 days earlier. I took these truffls at 6am when I woke up and decided to go on a walk through wildlife preservation near my house with a flask of lemon and ginger tea (great way to get rid of an upset stomach). I did not notice many visuals that were close but distances that were far were beautiful, trees dancing like they were made out of some natural undestructive fire). I came back home and noticed my walls and ceiling were breathing abit and a strange descrete fractal pattern had occured. watched Samsara, as you do when on mushrooms and then took some benzos at the point of when visuals had ceased but would enjoy to prolong the body high. all in all I think its great these are legal, not quite liberty caps but what can you do. if they were stronger or cost less than would be 5 star




    Die besten Trüffel
    Ich liebe die Hollandia Trüffel!!! Die bestell ich immer und die haben mich noch nie enttäuscht. Das ist einfach eine unglaubliche Erfahrung die ich jedem nur sehr empfehlen kann!!


    Peut être ...
    Le Par-Don Un Bienfait "Supra-naturel" La sclerote hollandaise est une créature qui a pour elle de " savoir " être, que cela soit utile ou non pour son utilisateur, simplement "ce pour quoi" elle semble conçue. Et personnelement je ne lui en demande rien d'autre et je la remercie du moins mal possible pour son "respect de son propre mode d'emploie" J'ai prit une gifle interstellaire avec un sachet de ces hollandaises...quand elles arrivent bien fraiches et qu'elles sont prisent dans les conditions adequates et oportunes je peux vous assurer que y a de quoi faire un "hit" avec n'importe quel légo qui se prend pour un playmobil...Truffe Zamnesia top qualité comme toutes les autres et c est dejà une grande part du travail de fait...merci à vous.


    Super ervaring. Man wat is het tv scherm scherp, maar ook je zintuigen spelen met je gedachte. Zeker voor herhaling vatbaar.


    Just amazing
    This my favourite so far...I had a high quality and lovely Introspection just by eating the half of it!..was really said after returning back! but very happy to know each other; me, I and hollandia!

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